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My funeral, is gonna be a fucking rave. We’re gonna invite ICP to perform. We’re gonna spray Faygo on each other, and
everyone’s gonna get naked by the end. Welcome to Art Therapy. A show about creating and crafting in order to escape
the horrors that we face everyday. Each episode, we’ll be creating something
that’s gonna help us face our fears. So join me, let’s get crafty. Today we’ll be making our
own tombstone epitaphs. A portable tombstone that we’ll be
able to carry with us wherever we go. And to get over the inevitable. Death.
That’s the reality that we live in, y’all. I mean, I don’t know you could
already be dead right now. Earthquakes, mudslides,
volcanoes, tsunamis. Elon Musk is gonna like
press the wrong button. Drones falling from the sky
hitting us out of nowhere. Infectious disease. Ebola. An actual alien invasion. Robot dogs coming for us in the night. Or feral dogs coming for us in the day. Let me know in the comments how
you think you’re going to die. Let’s make this craft. Let’s get it. [MUSIC] Not that we need any more reasons
to make this tombstone today, but here are some terrifying facts for
you guys. 150,000 people die every
year on your birthday. More people die in New York
from suicide than murder. 600 people die annually in America
just from falling out of bed. [SOUND] Time to make this tombstone. [MUSIC] Foam core. >> Foam core. >> One inch thick. Sharpie
>> Sharpie >> To outline and trace our tombstone. Next, razor blade
>> Razor blade >> To cut it out [SOUND]. Trusty naner, call me. Paint colors. Grey. >> Grey. >> Black.
>> Black. >> Detailed colors. White. >> White. >> And silver. >> Silver. >> And of course, our bedazzles. >> Bedazzles. >> What’s not to celebrate? Trusty paint brush. >> Paint brush. >> And a sponge for texture. >> Sponge. >> Let’s get started. [MUSIC] >> So we’re gonna start with
cutting our tombstone out. Be safe when you’re using a razor
blade because they can kill you. God, that sound. Low key makes me wanna die. Voila! Here we have our tombstone and
feel free to clean up the edges safely. So using gray paint as our base color,
gonna take the paint and just get at it. You can apply it directly
to the tombstone. My funeral is gonna be a fucking rave,
we’re gonna invite ICP to perform. Okay, we’re gonna spray
Faygo on each other and everyone’s gonna get naked by the end. I mean,
that’s the life I’m trying to live and that’s how I want people to remember me. [SOUND] All right, looking good, I think
it’s just about time to add our texture. So we’re gonna grab our detail colors,
black. We’ll mix it with some of
the gray we used as the base. And we’re gonna be using
the sponge to blot it on. And this is really just to
get it to look like stone. Get in there. So now’s the perfect time to think about
what you want your tombstone to say. So we’re looking like we’re
in excellent shape here. While this paint dries, I want to
show you guys my very special place, my comfort zone. Let’s go see. [SOUND] [LAUGH] This is my sacred space that I come to relax and to
escape the horrors of the outside world. Today we’re gonna be practicing yoga. Yoga is important because it’s pretty much
a way to be able to shrink your body up really small so
that you can fit inside of a grave. Let’s go through some poses. One of my least favorite
poses is called Gomukhasana. This hurts like hell. I fucking hate this right now. They say it relieves stress. [SOUND] Down dog. Inhale, exhale. Send it back yeah and you know what? You can really practice shaking that ass,
you know what I’m saying? I hate myself. Guys, thanks for joining me here. Namaste. I feel so much better and
I hope you do too. Paint is dry and
we’re ready to write our epitaph. One of my favorite messages for my friends to remember me by is
going to be, here lies that bitch. So, I’m going to just write that
out with a pencil first to trace. So I’m gonna use my Sharpie to go
back in and trace over my pencil. Even after we’re dead and gone, our Facebook and
Instagram accounts still exists. It’s not a joke, but isn’t it nice that we
get to control what our tombstone says? That we get to choose what
message we want to last forever. Just gonna pour some of these
beautiful glistening gemstones out, gonna grab my hot glue gun, and get to it. This is a mentality I wanna
weave into my everyday life. I hope this was just as cathartic for
you guys as it was for me. I’m starting to feel a lot better
about this whole dying thing and to be honest, I hope it’s aliens
because that would be sick. I hope you guys share
the epitaphs you made. Get weird, get funky. And I lastly wanna say that death and suicide is not a joke if you’re
actually thinking about it, seriously. And if that’s the case, please check the
link below and know that you are supported and you are loved, and thank you so
much, see you guys next time. [SOUND]
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  1. I think I'm gonna eat a new future pill the let's me never hunger again and then I shit myself for 3 days straight because I get to much food beamed into my stomache so I die in my own shit

  2. Falling off an exercise machine at the gym and brokering my neck just trying to lose weight to not die young.

  3. I am going to die a gopher related death on June 12, 2032 in Barcelona, Spain. Should I make my tombstone in English or Spanish? Also is bad form to put a QR code on my tombstone?

  4. Made a account on YouTube just so I could tell you how much I love your videos ❤️ I think we all need some art therapy in our lives

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  8. Well my dad shot me twice with a 38. And I almost died like that. Never saw that coming so I can’t really call it.

  9. I really like Art+Therapy. Or, more specifically, I really enjoy watching Clare Gillen — it truly is therapeutic in an odd, surrealistic sort of way. I hope this series continues.

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  11. Where is my next time, or was this a tomb stone for the series? She's a great actor, and these are entertaining. 👏😦

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  13. this girl seems neat but she looks like the type who would emasculate you in a bathtub full "i spit on your grave" style

  14. Two thin coats is always better than one, use your pallet to get control and a nice sharp point on your brush 🙂
    – Duncan Rhodes Warhammer TV

  15. Can somebody please help me. Is this all just a big joke or is the women actually for real??? Please post me a link to her videos if you can lol 🙂

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