Daily Indian Home Cleaning Routine! Hindi (English subtitles)

I have read cleaning your home is a blessing
which you shower upon your family. i completely agree with that because when
we give clean environment to our family, that’s what i call i take care of my family Namaste
welcome to food hashtag life and in today’s video I am going to share one daily cleaning
routine i
use divide my cleaning routine in three parts in three parts morning evening and night in this way i am
able to keep my home clean tidy and presentable i have written this daily cleaning routine
in word format if you want you can take printout of it please find the link in the description
box below if your kids are having holiday or if you have guest at you place make sure
to change this routine according to you ease, give you flexibility and for you
it will be bit easy for you to cope with all the household chores there
is nothing new in this routine that you do not know, this routine i am sharing just for motivation and i really hope you will like it and it will be helpful for you Before starting let me tell you for daily dust i use this cleaning basket which i have shared in my Cleaning routine habit video. I will share the link in description box below if you wish you can check it there. for daily kitchen and bathroom cleaning products I use, I will share them in my next video. Let’s start with morning cleaning routine, it takes approx 45 minutes to get things done. I start my day with cleaned kitchen as i cleaned everything at night First I finish any pending work like put back utensils or counter clean, specially what i did not accomplish at night. second work what i do in the morning is to start washing machine. if you want you can put your clothes before night in the machine and simply start in the morning it can save you lots of time. I make sure to do a load everyday, this way your clothes will not be piled up. in my daily routine my third work use to be make beds and tidy up all the rooms. I start with bedroom, make beds, declutter my office space, straighten up vanity etc. then I go to living room most of the time it’s clutter free as i tidy up everything before going to bed. but its not everyday’s scenario, sometimes before going to school my daughter play in the living room like tornado and put toys every where which i put back afterward. after that i de clutter dining table, by this time i tidy up my daughters room too. after that I take out breakfast dishes from dining table and wipe the table quickly. you will need maximum 10-15 minutes to do all these chores. you home will look neat and tidy if you maintain this routine. after having breakfast i went to kitchen to make lunch and do dinner preparation. if you follow clean as you go system, kitchen clean up will be always easy for you. what you are seeing that what i made school lunch and breakfast in the morning I start kitchen clean up after making lunch or dinner. lunch or dinner currently cooking on stove by this time i take out clothes from washing machine and start putting to dry. if you start your laundry in the first hour of morning, it will be nice and dry by the evening. I start daily dusting by this time, only what I do is surface clean not deep cleaning. if you have a big size mirror in your bathroom or in your living room make sure to clean it properly it will make a huge difference and space will look lot more cleaned. as I told you I don’t do any deep cleaning, only simple dusting to remove everyday’s dust If you want to minimize dusting time then you can spread a nice cloth on surface, cotton clothes tends to absorb dust and you will not be able to see much dust. every week you can again wash them for cleaning. if you think that I am able to keep my home like that everyday let me clear it does not happen when we got sick or i have some plans for day outing with my friends then i skip few chores which is not important for me when ever you get opportunity to celebrate happiness, always go for it, cleaning will be there and it will wait for you. my last chore is bathroom cleaning Before bathing I wipe down wash basin and other thing quickly it’s always better to keep cleaning products inside bathroom then everyday cleaning will be stress free for you do a quick floor wipe with wiper, it will keep the bathroom dry for the day. there are two chore I do in the afternoon to do a kitchen cleaning after lunch and to maintain weekly cleaning routine I clean my kitchen after having lunch I always try to do work in kitchen in systematical way so that it doesn’t require cleaning every time only after lunch and after dinner I clean my kitchen I keep all the leftover foods in fridge, like I told you by this time i cook our dinner too. I keep it aside so that it will be cold before putting them inside the fridge my house help clean utensils and do sweep and mop, I no need to do the work. i have asked you in my kitchen pantry organization video why you want organization in your life it’s one of the answer that if you organize your home in simple manner then it helps to reduce your daily cleaning stress. And definitely you will be able to maintain a neat-o-clean home after taking some rest and before pick up my daughter from school i do a weekly cleaning for 20-30 minutes I will definitely share my weekly and monthly cleaning routines in my up coming videos. on that particular day i was doing a living room deep cleaning. if we follow a routine and in systematic way we do little by little then we can spend more time with our family after returning back from school we spend time together, we do some educational activities then i take her to dance class, after that to play in park so I do not have time after evening, that’s why I make dinner in lunch time here meal planning helps me a lot, if you want you can check meal planning series on my channel, you can find the link in description box below. after dinner when she sleeps I usually start my night time cleaning. I usually start from living room tidying up. everything has its own space. every time I realize how organization is important in our life. organized home is not a leisure it’s a need to make you happy and stress free. this routine can be helpful for stay at home woman, those of you are working, for them it will be bit overwhelming to follow this schedule as a work from home mother, sometimes I can not follow everything on daily basis i will try to share a routine which can be suitable for working women in my upcoming videos. This time mostly I give little extra time to wind up the kitchen as I was talking about follow a system while working in the kitchen first i keep all dirt dishes in kitchen sink then start wiping the counter if you use spray bottle to clean your kitchen then it will save your time as well as water. and if you keep all essentials on a tray it will be easy for you to move them and clean surfaces. after that I start put back washed utensils then i take out all leftover foods from dishes and keep it for my house help. and wash few of then which i will be using in the morning like kadhai and lunch boxes. if you have cockroaches in your home then make sure to clean the kitchen sink properly. at last fill the water bottles, soak beans, change kitchen towels, take out garbage all sort of chores I completed by this time at last I fold clothes while watching my favorite show either on tv or youtube I hope few tips will be helpful for you we all love a neat and clean home. to accomplish these boring tasks all we need is simple motivation what kind of a daily routine you follow do let me know in the comment section below. if you liked the video do not forget to like and share it with your loved ones. please subscribe to my channel for more videos. I will see you in the next one, till then take care bbye.


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  2. Jaya you have such a good blog followers….My humble request is make a video on daily garbage separation….Like wet and dry waste…..One step towards make clean environment….

  3. I totally agree with you about what you said at 0:18 to 0:23
    My daily cleaning routine is almost similar to yours except I take bath in the morning before entering kitchen

  4. Hi Jayaji, very useful tips for oranizing schedule and managing time. I also wanted to know where can I buy the plate stand(same as yours, the red one) and clothes drying rack just like yours. Keep up the good work Thanks πŸ™πŸ˜Š

  5. Hi Jaya
    You r really a wonderful organized lady. Super woman.. you say.
    It gives me a pleasure n of course motivation to stay organised by watching your videos. I follow the ideas n tips you have shared. Those are very realistic n easy to follow.
    In my family we r 4 members.. my son, husband, father in law n me.
    Please share a video on men's wardrobe organization. Will be a great help from you.
    Thank you in advance.

  6. You are just perfect.. I like your planning.. also I get nicer ideas to organise Daily working… thank you.

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  12. I just lovvvvveeeee ur videos… I badly want to organise my home but I stay with inlaws πŸ™„ ufff… N it's not at all possible to organise home if stays with inlaws 😣

  13. I'm so in love with you…u have just changed my aspect of cleaning and organizing…life is so much more simpler and beautiful…thank you very much…God bless you always 😊

  14. It's really superb motivational video. I often watch it when I feel low. U haven't shared ur weekly and monthly cleaning routine yet.

  15. I definitely try to follow weekly monthly routine cleaning ….with energy giving videos of our jaya sister love u sis..

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  22. Isn’t it too much of a cleaning on a daily basis????The whole day will go in this only u r organised but it’s too much.
    What do u have in ur spray bottle??

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