Dana Vaccari, MD, Internal Medicine

Dr. Dana Vaccari Bio Video Transcript [begin music] >>Dana Vaccari: My name is Dana Vaccari and
I practice internal medicine. I chose to become a doctor because one of
my biggest role models is my grandfather and he is a retired surgeon. Growing up I was able to see the interactions
he had with his patients and how much joy he got from his practice and that really inspired
my to become a physician. I chose primary care because I wanted to have
long-term relationships with my patients and take care of them through different stages
of their life and health. I enjoy seeing patients that are young and
helping them focus on achieving a good healthy lifestyle, and then working with patients
with chronic disease, and helping patients towards the end of their life maintain independence
and functionality. A lot of the most common diseases in this
country; high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, are at least partially preventable
and I life to take an opportunity during each visit to discus patient’s lifestyles and
screening opportunities so as to benefit their health in the long run. I think the most important thing a patient
can do for their health is to maintain good dietary habits and to participate in regular
exercise, because those two interventions go really a long way towards health throughout
one’s life. I think it’s important for patients to have
regular checkups because even if they’re feeling OK there’s always opportunities
to discuss preventative measures and how we can set the patient up for health down the
line. I think the most important part of the doctor-patient
relationship is open communication and shared decision making. I like to hear what my patients have to say
and I feel like the best outcomes are achieved when we’re able to work together and come
up with a treatment plan. The most satisfying aspect of my job is when
a patient tells me that they’re doing better. Wether they’ve gotten over an acute illness
or that something we talked about in the office they’ve translated over into their day-to-day
life; that it’s helping them, their doing better and enjoying themselves. [end music]


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