Dancing as a medicine for Parkinson Patient | Rafi Eldor | TEDxIDC

hello everybody seven years ago I felt the skies falling on me I walked with a colleague of mine in the university alley and he told me Rafi you look weird your left side is lower than your right side and your left hand doesn’t speak as you go along please go and be checked in the doctor office I told him I felt recently that I’m walking slower as if I am getting old in there one day my steps are smaller my handwriting becomes smaller and I have trouble getting out of my car so I’m going to rush to my neighbor is there a neurologist we checked this evening I went to the neurologist and after a few minutes that he saw me he told me is following Rafi I have good news and bad news for you the good news are that you can have five more years of normal living but afterwards you’ll need some nursing I was shocked what would you do if you will use it you’re even out of five years of normally I would instead of short and I went they call do not tell anybody entertain a period of denial for two years I worked in researched ad frame LC but one day I looked at the mirror and said Rafi you must fight the disease the disease is progressing so no later we’ll be incapacitated I went to the computer – looked in the what can I do besides the medication that I get from Park in Seoul what I tried I tried swimming walking I Chi Chi Kong but in a recall that I like to see dancing people in dancing in the start and maybe a will elute dance and this would be my sporting activity because all the sporting activities so far that I did I was an avid graduate student I went to for statistics game I used to clip my hands I mean life now to be a dancer I told myself rather than being a Parkinson disease patient so I went to a dance class in a song young and old people N Sync cha-cha-cha not intense and I’m trying to follow them but my feet can be lifted from the ground I was sort of freezing and they could not follow them in the guy nearby me named Hui told me Ravi it would take miles and miles of cha-cha-cha we will do it right artis is my middle name I like challenges so settlements if I’m going to be denser rather than greedy patient or the found in dancing is that every requirement from a dancer it’s just the opposite for symptoms of Parkinson’s disease for example in Parkinson disease I used to work like this small steps and bend it over but when you become the Denzel you have to stand tall upright and world wide shoulders and when you move your end you have to fill up the space and be like the king of the dead sea floor everything is just the opposite for example you add small steps before you start dancing and now we can do large one you can do any step that you want you can do the cha-cha and you like one two three cha-cha one the current level before that to touch on one I like to dance as you see I love dancing we’ve got the out of the Parkinson disease that they have and now if you saw like to see me dancing I’d like to invite my best friend and no one else to dance with me she’s been focusing on the star basically – she went and Skyfall since I was notified by the doctor it’s the time but when he’s on disease the sky will falling on me this is the end hold your breath and count to ten feel the earth move and then hear my heart burn again this is the end I’ve tried and read this went away and stole the sky in those games Oh together


  1. I never saw him smile? My husband tried dancing, but he kept falling. We still use music for him, but he will never dance again.

  2. היא עושה את העבודה, הוא רק מחזיק אותה….ועדיין יפה מצידו להתאמץ

  3. Being a ballroom dancer I couldn't stop my tears. Many people use to laugh at dancers (especially male), they don't perceive it as a sport or a necessary activity in life. Dancing is not only a way of movement – it is something that changes you, moves you deeply and transforms your mentality. Prof. Eldor – I'm so proud of you, your progress and how extremely dancing changed your life. Your love for life could be seen in your dancing. Congratulations and keep fighting the disease!

  4. wow, you moved me to tears seeing the joy dancing is bringing to your life. Congratulations on finding a passion which also helps this disease you are burden with.

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