Dangerous Side Effects on a Medication Commercial

quit smoking with chantix and support talk to your doctor about chantix and a support plan that's right for you some people have had changes in behavior hostility agitation depressed mood and suicidal thoughts or actions while taking or after stopping chantix if you notice agitation hostility depression or changes in behavior thinking or mood that are not typical for you or if you develop suicidal thoughts or actions well taking chantix and call your doctor right away talk to your doctor how the hell we're gonna promote something you're selling with it after name a bunch of bullshit it can do to you it's literally the worst kind of advertising possible and you guys know you saw these type of Commerce's too just like this awesome pillar medicine thingy they're promoting but then at the end they're a bunch of horrible shit and life-threatening side effects that can happen and I'm not an idiot I know it's illegal if they don't put these in it put why make a commercial on something if more than half of it is just the actor walking around while the narrator is now having a bunch of horrible shit he can do to you in my opinion I just think if you're going to promote and advertise something you say good stuff about it and why they should get it which is kind of what they do but not as much stuff as how it can destroy your life and basically be an all-out disaster if any of these things happen to you the commercial is usually about something like an antidepressant or something to help you quit smoking and one of the side effects for an antidepressant couldn't be increasing suicidal thoughts forgive me if I'm wrong but it doesn't really sound like an antidepressant if you ask me so this is basically how the commercials go have you ever been feeling down have you ever just wanted to fucking kill yourself well try out these new things that we came up with that instantly gets rid of your sadness it's called more disease um dude what the that's a fuckin cheerio hey shut the fuck up so more disease is an antidepressant medication designed to get rid of your fucking suicidal thoughts and sadness it'll open your eyes up and help you to see a life as the beautiful picture as it is and ignore all the bad terrorists and destruction but more design isn't for everyone don't take more design if you have a history of panic attacks seizures alcohol abuse Thrun addiction or small erections please call your doctor if you experience increase of depression or suicidal thoughts frequent nosebleeds random ejaculation nipple hardness eye bulging loss of senses hallucinations tongue grows the penis shrinkage loss of appetite to everything addiction to licking walls random outbursts of yelling and growth of an extra limb paralyzation and death but don't worry because more disease will still cure your depression in no time yet more disease today so yeah I know it's not that bad boy you get the point it's just if I'm watching a commercial I want to be persuaded to buy the item over others and telling me that it could make me fucking blind for a side effect yeah it's not gonna win me over these type of commercials are like a roblox advertisement saying oh yeah roblox built your own creations there's no limit but surrounded by a horrible community with a bunch of fucking 10 year olds screaming and whining about everything so it just we've written any of these side effects to you before you decide to try the medication call your fucking doctor so you know what's right for you and it's not gonna make your fucking penis ten times smaller to do that no you can't join more than say now don't ever call me again you piece of shit


  1. Well. Don't take Zoloft(an anti depressant). Especially if you're not an adult because you can go extremely psychotic I mean I kept thinking a heard a voice in my head to saying to kill myself. Luckily, I'm off of it and I'm on another anti depresssant that has a lower profile of psychotic breaks or suicidal thoughts. My doctor was too stupid to give me Zoloft and man I could've done something INSANE.

  2. Ive seen commercials where it says "take this pill to stop having seizures" and don't take it if you have frequent seizures.

  3. Wellll XD that's why you should never do drug commercials like ever. It's not on the shelf, it's over the counter meaning you have to have a prescription. Your doctor should know about these prescriptions to inform YOU. You shouldn't have to ask, "can I take this?" XD

  4. And ROBLOX: ITS FREE!!!! Yeah but if you don't want to look like you got exposed to radiation you have to pay.

  5. My mom always calls me into the living room when these things come on, and we just listen to the side effects. One of them (Toujeo) diabetes meds had a side effect that was "heart failure that can lead to death."

  6. wow…… i………..uh……..idk what to say…………soeone HALP MEEE…..nvm i just watched a commercial like this and uhh it was uhh pretty much what he was talking about so uh yeah uh i like ur channel Dataraven i mean uh Lebreos

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