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the future of Medicine we raise threats and serious ethical issues we have to start dealing with now this is Bethel Mexico and you’re watching the channel of the medical futurist future of medicine holds amazing potentials about how we live our lives differently or how we could transform the way we practice medicine but we don’t talk enough about the potential threats because these technology is coming to the market and being implemented into medicine and healthcare will change plenty of elements in your life let’s see some of these while the ivory tower of Medicine is breaking down and now as patients can access any information and even medical devices at home soon measuring blood markers and sequencing DNA at home physicians worried about right now that patients read online articles and they find information in the online world what will physicians think when patients scan themselves at home they gather all the information they need they measure whatever they want to measure at home and they just bring the data to the caregiver I think we should start with basic things like defending your lives or or privacy or private information when downloading our medical records that should be a safe process and that’s not rocket science after all even devices can be hacked these days they say that in less than one year’s time someone would be killed on purpose by hacking into their pacemaker or insulin pump because that might be one method for causing harm to someone else so we have to make sure it’s such medical devices cannot be hacked regarding nanotechnology when very small tiny robots believe in a blood stream that might bring an ero of bioterrorism when patients when health can be controlled from a distance because we have technology in our bodies there is one more story about the ethical background of the future of Medicine Matthew James living in the United Kingdom has a congenital disorder causing deformed limbs he wrote a letter to his favorite Formula One team that if they give him financial support he’s ready to show the Bender’s the logos of the company on his new prosthetic device from now fortunately he received the financial support but he didn’t have to show the banners on the prosthetics after all as you can see there are really important threats and potential ethical considerations about the future of Medicine so we have to initiate public discussions now if you want to join such a global discussion please use the medical future hashtag on Twitter and share what you think about that moreover read more stories about these ethical problems and issues in my new book the guide to the future of medicine and please share what you think on the Facebook page of the medical futures thank you

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  1. scanning patients at home; hacking network medical devices; commercially sponsored prosthetics. #fascinating   #futuretech  

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