Danielle Nelson | Family Medicine

My name is Danielle Nelson I’m a
physician assistant here at North Memorial Health. I do think that the
provider patient relationship is very much a team effort in the fact that
we’re trying to work together to achieve some health goals and me understanding
the patient’s perspective and understanding their family life and
their social life and barriers to their health is really helpful to determine
what strides we can make in improving their health. I do think that helps with
the care. I think it gives patience an understanding that I’m trying to do
what’s best for them. These are the options that we could do that would best
meet your health needs but ultimately it’s up to you to make the decision of
what you would like to do with your health and I really think strongly that
that’s kind of the bottom line of my care. I work at North Memorial Health
because I want to make health care better for patients, I want to make it
more understandable and I want patients to have a better experience when they
come see their provider.

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