Danish Citizen describes living in a country with free healthcare and college

yeah all right so you want to ask me a question yeah yeah oh yeah just introduce yourself and you know what country you're from and tell us about the healthcare system the education system and and how it works you know in your country my name is wolf I am a Danish citizen that means I'm from Denmark I live in Copenhagen we have one of the probably one of the best working welfare systems on the planet we get free public health care we get free education from what do you call that over here the first grade on until you're done with your masters so that means that every what even bachelor's master's degrees are paid by the state you don't get student loans unless you want to to take care of your utilities and stuff like that in rent but tuition is paid by the government or by the state I should say they even actually give us a stipend while we're in college for five or six years depending on the degree which is actually enough to cover most people's rent but yeah healthcare is completely public you of course we pay for it through our taxes but we don't have deductibles or what is the other thing you call it over here deductible someone else I don't know there's no fee yeah yeah there's no fees everything is just paid by the taxes and it's every single citizen so you don't have to register anywhere it's simply by even if you as an American visit damn Denmark for half a year they're going to take care of you because you're a resident there that's how it works over there so if you get sick nobody's going to evict you nobody's going to do anything else you're basically taken care of from when you're born until the day you die and what would you say what's the result of this like what it forgot to bring that back up yeah continuously since I'm not sure if it's the UN or whoever it is that's doing these polls but it's some program under the UN I believe they've been checking which populations are the happiest on the planet and Denmark has been the happiest like I think seven out of the last ten times or so and I am convinced and I think a lot of Danes are convinced that the welfare system is a big part of that and most Danes we pay a lot of taxes we do pay them happily because we do see the benefits of these taxes because we have an incredibly safe society nobody's you know if they get fired from work and have hi benefits as well and what do you call that when you're jobless what do you follow unemployed unemployed so you get what you call unemployment but it's yeah they're very very high as well back on senior citizens are taken care of by the state everything is just you know nobody's nobody's really threatened in any way if you're living on the street in my country it's basically because you want to yeah and there's of course people over there who thinks we're paying too much in taxes but nobody's really questioning the free public health care or that even college tuition should be paid by by the state and how much like how much are you in debt right now I had cereal debt and I own my own apartment and I'm still in school cool and do you know anyone in the student loan debt in your country no well there is this thing we can we're getting the stipend from the stage so we can get a little extra if we want to have it as a loan but that's for people who for some reason are not working while they're doing college most people are because we also like to drink alcohol back home you know so if you want to hit the bar as you definitely need a bit more money but you can definitely from the stipend if you're not living in Copenhagen where I'm living if you're living in one of the smaller cities it's definitely possible to actually live up your stipend for all five years what some we're brought you out what brought you to the States what brought me to the States right now yeah well I want to get Bernie elected I'm a huge burner as you can see I'm here in the New York or here helping out with the New York primary and yeah huge fan of Burnie and I'm really like that the thing is and that probably shows a bit about what I was saying before like politics back home the major issue is like how much do we actually want to do for the environment we wanted to extremely much for it or a little bit less for it so like you know wind energy and stuff like that it's really huge over there so we're discussing how much money we should spend on that compared to other how do you set sustainable energy sources another thing we're discussing is whether how high or how big the economic incentive for getting off of welfare should be so the economic incentive to actually get a job how high that should be that's like the major issues over here whereas over here you guys politics here about like should people die in the streets if they get sick you know so over here it feels like you're really fighting the big moral battle and that's why I think it's a lot easier to get excited about American politics and what might interest your friends on Facebook is the fact that back home I'm actually voting to the right of the middle but over here I'm still considered a radical leftist so Bernie would be like mainstream mainstream back home but I feel a lot of Dame's a lot of Europeans are very solidarity with its message and for it even to be an issue whether or not people should have free public health care is a question unfathomable to a lot of Europeans I think go in anything else Sigrid good great awesome thanks so much


  1. European countries dont have free healthcare at all they pay about 50% taxes in Germany! if you are not someone who like breaks their bones every month its a lot cheaper in USA in EU they take money from you every month but in USA its just a 1 time thing

  2. hvà hjælper veldfær når perker og Islam dræber vores ytringsfrihed???? stem langt til højre.

  3. Why didn’t he asks him if is so good over there why is he here in America that’s the question the fake reporter should ask

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  5. Hahah!!! The problem is he’s in college for his 8th yr and gets all his life style for free and has a side job. No idea how the real world works. And the population is wayyy smaller. The guy loves wealth fair. Child

  6. I was directed here by a video speaking about the Welfare State. I have been Living / Studying in Danmark for almost 2 years and must say that the majority of what is stated is true on the surface. Pro "FREE EDUCATION" {CON}, unlike the U.S. University system, If you do not pass a final examination you DO NOT have the option of 2 more additional attempts in some cases 3…!

    Pro "LEAST CORRUPTION" {CON} Danske Bank had the BIGGEST Money Laundering scandal in European History and nothing of major consequence was undertaken to really drop the hammer on that financial institution!

    Pro "EQUALITY" {CON} IMMIGRATION MINISTER IS CLEARLY RACIST IN TONE & DISPOSITION, Additionally one of their political parties DO NOT LIKE IMMIGRANTS, (Denmark for DANES). All Immigrants is dropped in one bowl "Asylum Seekers, Refugees, even Professionals"… There most recently passed Immigration Laws are quite Rough and will surely drive many out and away from one of the happiest countries in the world. Oops – Pardon the rant, I forgot to take my happy pills. 😂

  7. BUT, in America a higher percentage of the population goes or tries to go to college. If you score 17 on the ACT, you won't get Free college….

  8. No one gives a fuck. You Danes also take 3 times as much anti depressants and pay a fuck ton in taxes. So how bout I do what I choose with my money?

  9. BEAUTIFUL!! That's the it should be. The most important issues of health and education. Denmark took care of their people. WELL DONE! Denmark we love you.

  10. fool. how often do you go to the hospital????? you pay half of what you make to the government while the rest of us get to keep all of it. lets say you live there for 10 years and you make 1000$ a year over those 10 years you would have made 10000$ but only got to keep 5000$. so what lets say you went to the hospital once all those years you don't pay cool. if you were in the us you would have kept that 9000 (the 1000 went to the hospital) you still get to keep more money tho.

  11. Denmark will fall, someone left the front gate open so theres hordes of Muslims…. and they just claim money and do nothing but voilence, rapes and so on if you read the news headlines and walk around….

  12. He pays fuck all taxes he is working class , not middle class . Why this Moron likes the system because he doesn't pay for free healthcare , he doesn't pay for free university . Middle class slave is paying for his ass like Australia

  13. I think Americans just need to stop thinking that they’re the greatest country in the world and just look to others the main reasons I would never leave my home in Haarlem in the Netherlands is cause of the extremely cheap university I pay just 1500 euros a year to go to university and I’m studying biomedical science and these costs are the same for all eu citizens my other reason is the healthcare we get through taxes which has great quality as well and also I could just never leave Europe I mean I live just a 10 min train ride from Amsterdam and Haarlem is still just a great city anyway I also live very close to cities like Antwerp and Ghent in belgium and I’m just a 2 and half hour train ride from London so life is just great for me and since I’m an eu citizen I have the right to relocate to places like Denmark Sweden Germany etc and have a residential permit

  14. Are people really dumb enough to believe these stories?
    Yes, you pay very high taxes for mediocre systems.
    Imagine paying 13% of your salary just for healthcare.
    If you make $50k that would be $6,500 per year. Even if you never use it!!!
    I'd rather save my money and pay for medical when I need it.

    If you give up all of your money in taxes then you can never save up to create a business or to become wealthy at any time.
    It's impossible to become rich in that society and only the rich have real power so basically you become a slave.
    Give up all of your money to get free healthcare, housing, food, why not!
    Slaves gave up 100% of their earnings and got free services too.
    I'd rather leave the power with the people. Keep your money and we'll make the services affordable so you can pay for things when you need them.
    Then you don't have to waste money paying high taxes and keep your money to do what you want with it.
    If you want to pay $5,600 a year on healthcare or an insurance company you're more than able to!

  15. Also an incredibly homogeneous society….wheres the diversity, cunts? Look at what happened in Sweden…coming soon to a neighborhood near you, Denmark. You weak little cunts, to think these guys were Vikings.😁😂😂😂😁

  16. If you're in an accident and brake your leg it's totally free. But if you break your tooth you have to pay the dentist from your own pocket… Something is very weird…
    The dentist is not free…

  17. Down Syndrome man is told how much he is costing society is a video that tells the truth about free healthcare.

  18. Denmark population- 5.7 million, United States – 375.7 million. You stupid socialists stop comparing these countries

  19. Is your government in debt? what's the quality of healthcare? How's your economy? what's your gdpl. Bet it's not top tier in the world. Also….. do you pay taxes? bet its really really HIGH! Keeping most of you poor.

  20. The fact that we do have "free", public school already (and it's horrible) aside…

    What happens when you're a healthy adult and you don't want to go to college?

  21. Austria bought into the Socialism under Hitler until America and Allies liberated them….Support the Free Market and stock up on ammo.

  22. The EU has a population of 510 million people which is nearly 200 million more than the USA who has a population of around 325 million. In Denmark the government isn’t in charge of the healthcare – that responsibility is handed over to 5 regions. The governments job is to set the budget that the regions can spend on healthcare. The USA could do something similar – do it state by state or break the states up into smaller regions and copy our system. Denmark spends about half on healthcare per capita compared to the USA.

  23. This is a bunch of right wing propaganda why is he wearing a Bernie shirt??? These guys are being so fakey just like Trump….

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