Daria gets a heart attack because of Queenie| Parasite Island (With Eng Subs)

– I’m so tired, Tita.
– I know, right? I brought some water. I’m so tired. Oops! Hey! Oh dear! – It’s fine. Are you okay?
– So stupid. You alright? Just get another pitcher. Please wait. I’m sorry! Tita, are you okay? Are you? – I’m sorry.
– Let me. No, I got this. No, let me. It’s okay! She said she’s got this. Let her do it. I’m sorry. It’s okay Mama dear… When you die, can I
have your jewelry? I’m not dead but you’re already
eyeing my possessions. Don’t put it that way,
Mama dear. Besides, the family meeting
tomorrow is about inheritance. At least I’m just asking for
your jewelry upon your death. Fine, forget it. Let’s just talk about
tomorrow’s topic. Mama dear… Is it okay if you give
Warren my lovey… …your pharmaceutical
company? You’re unbelievable. Mama. You have no manners. You have no respect. What happened? What did you do? Nothing! I was being sweet to her then she suddenly got upset! Are you okay? Son, there’s an earthquake. What was that? It’s an earthquake! Hold, duck, cover! I think it has stopped. Ma, let’s get you seated. Sit down here. Mommy! Mommy! There was an earthquake! Has it stopped?
Did we survive? Ma, your pulse is
a bit fast. I’d better check your
blood pressure. Lia, please get my kit. Calm down. Breathe. Mama dear… I think I’m one of the reasons
your blood pressure went up. I should step out for now. I’ll go sightseeing while
you try to relax. Mama, I’m coming with you. No. You’re not. You should stay here, in case
your grandma needs help. Whitney dear. – Ma’am?
– Trolley! Ma’am, I’m ready! Okay. Mama dear. Let’s go.


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