hello guys good morning welcome back to
my channel so today’s I was up a not in an acting
update for my melasma treadmill so it’s been one month already so he did Coco I
don’t know aking Larry sucking threatening talking dark spot issues so
if you guys an update Claire – I know if you can see we cannot see anymore but
there’s still pimples on my face just a bit so he’s a shrew cosine you guys come
on Oh unmanned Agena commit go after Nana
inaho like tired of acting mocha so after my treatment Vinnie Jenna da Cunha Creek Manor cream
is liquid anyway so it don’t move in again in a sock in it is sure it’s one
can even be like a sock in yeah okay keaton inoue it shall perish on a no
kanakamma kosher guys at nighttime so on the clinic on an arcing phase Makoto
Naraku tapas young the try and toner in the it acacia to unnecessarily Manito
indicia cream it shall but where you can young I know my Russia
marination commode every single nah the pads ditto
so commit to guys it all never enough kosher Cosima shadows sham melaque the
whole thing the Natasha young-hee Cuccia sacoby that was where Vasa inertia guys
is swept sure so in the column connemara Tito båstad is to UM vindicating Asaf in
sabi nila and the two never had to depart the committee in Co the whole
process so two guys iike committing Cuccia for until the finish so going to
Pannonian you guys come how much is cause this one guys is cost two hundred
and fifty dollars this yeah this one is so expensive so this one so cantina
Kimiko every night for until it’s gone so I suppose he live on long it will
live on kasha for ten minutes so ten minutes then again kahshanna to
christ and in a camel toe I never recommend nigga suckin come on meat
economy by vitamin C so – guys I’m onna congi Nogami in mira la Keiko Asian
serum can learn and I think Imam eaten serum Chi setting face so I’m being
who is overnight recovery serum and guys so my regime I know Mirage young it be
pinned of Malaysia and drop blonde show guys
Yan that was a bummer cells masa in yarmulke it all and then Knicks necrotic
I aku now written all oil kosher guys don’t dangle down
it took eyes on Kimiko Yan retinol untiring girls beauty is oil shock eyes
young oil we are not been up in a Nicosia Mary char combobox Ann Machado
Natasha guys is prima lungphu it’s a nice freedom that was enigma muscles
masa Makka Moo this is for multiple Joon young face
Chaka Mugler lightning Shah magnetite and confliction mukotsu naka
help shot but my maha dark spots a human a mocha adrienne guys uncommit go and
then which is near recommend me Lana come and meet hakuna vitamin C so you
can buy any drugstore store or cosmetic starters
vitamin C oil oil under committee new guys tapas toosha it along acting
vitamin C and two guys is it was vitamin C plus serum young which
is not a comic opponent serum but this one is vitamin C with serum 10 shock ice
so two guys for a mug inertia okay help numb young boglodite know young and dark
spots a yarmulke Shogunate Elisha malarkey
Mitaka Sharma oboes and maracanã Mancha you can buy or you can buy any kind of
vitamin C well Anna man Anna bust a vitamin C a little unsure and parish it
drop Blanca yeah mama cells must say young face to you guys and I think
maintenance since I do my darks but treatment to my face so other than that
guys in the morning the kovash economist in face and then
Homer Strasser in the Cairo post eraser in America is a bahai by TKO and then
Callahan Callum and cogema Magna sunblock in it every time
nano Malabar safranin bhai or rightness aluminum bhai
kuma kimitaka nam san black are you under a the common sake now
dermatologist so into young chemical young son black and sit a failed us and
lack this is nearly recommend and dharma is 50 SPF
so the higher the number is the better so come on come on a sunblock now 50
more are higher that’s the better so two guys on unikom it go every time not
Malabar Coast none behind or Skype NASA Lobo gonna buy so it took guys so and
Myron Dana come on of vitamins but iMac help restore I’m acting you did skin
skeleton familia hold on aking vitamin E vitamin yeah I’m acting my vitamins
yeah it to you Maggie hopped in sir you an antioxidant even for you my god Anna
starting um you hurt her you hurt nothing Chaka muscle cells so you guys
and I know Co Kimiko Amy non-kosher once a day though so once at a collection any
no naka helped Asia mug mug at least non dark spots mocha chocolate even you can
: an acting long skin it advice now people a vanilla cookie are you can buy
anywhere store urban air coaches are a Costco must cheaper so it is a 500
pieces so it’s last long so Indian guys and problem Marco is now
analogous and akamaru Sosa Carosa maraming in a sip a chocolate in oh yeah
so like this is a trabajo so lucky we are
la Luna kiona but Dad well I tell you Machado Auto dog dying
dying at the blogger so yeah two guys been Chrissy since now I know in Larnaca
stand akimbo come on Tina Asha parabolic NASA the
National malakas last like before okay let the taku taku kaczka sipping in a
little cuckoo to my summer shocking enough shocking come I mix a shampoo so
my friends he recommend this product now it todo on be building para mug stop
naman loggers and broke so you guys is inviting yeah you come by any brand of
binding it to guys is a 5,000 milligram so I told em see
gia merry Graham so end by thousand milligrams you can buy at a drugstore or
wherever wherever you can go the others Vitamin Shoppe forever
there’s a lot of kind so this one I bought at cause Costco also so this is 250 tablets so it lasts for almost a
year for me nah like to take an acronym one tablet a
day and my hindi na siya in Oman fashion and topic Cocina digital
channel Mitali check out my last show strawberry
yeah so lion guys and I can walk is Nicole crow partner okay kita oh yeah
mara nationally if not not doable casino on guys Telecom de taco is McHale guna
so I recommend Samana bye-bye la Luna meet you my birthday plus it took a
scale on an inhuman take none buy it in to help to prepare the young volunteer a
portion in skin the gun or enchanted restore no no you miss Kim na hindi time
you’re not wearing tails non-metallic a chuckle for Samarco knocking someone
else na opposite go guys before a knocking
our skin is a UNESCO additional control nagi-chan Nepal Bhutan Cassie you
nothing work landowner fuck hard worker cut chocolatey Kanako focused no kamae
mu and I think Morocco is no me nanny piece so since a taking taking these
vitamins my nails is growing in stronger a ticket on you guys and I think o
mahabhava yeah Cassio typical Spanish the matific asthma Christina to me in on
a Cornetto so guys you know guys and acting update for
my melasma dark spot treatment so gonna haka help it – mocking video share to
any I’m buddy son a hot number I know notes again thank you very much and
don’t forget to subscribe my channel likes and hit that notification I can so
you guys notify I have if I have new video uploaded so you guys thank you
very much for watching my video thank you Baboosh


  1. Wow! You look so pretty and glowing po. So worth it. Kung gustong gumanda, kailangan gumastos talaga. Kitang kita naman po ang result.

  2. ang dami ko din ung blackspots sa mujha… hala sooo expensive naman sis huhuhuhu… ang dami pala nyan sis pero super ganda ng skin mo kasi ako malaking pores ko huhuhu.. ahhhh so biotin maka prevent ng lagas ng buhok at yung kuko tama madali maputol.. ako din kasi try ko din yan..thanks for this info po!

  3. Mukhang effective nga kasi ganda ng skin mo sis. NEW FRIEND HERE! Sana makapasyal ka rin saakin, iniwan ko na. Lam na.

  4. yan din problem ko may unti ako dark spot nakuha nung gumamit ako ng olay regenerist
    kaya naghahanap ng hiyang sakin

  5. ganda mo sis andami pang paganda tinapos ko lahat pati mga patalastas dami sis kya congrats balik nlng sis salamat

  6. Ang dami mo serum sis ang mamahal pa ata yan hehehe hndi ko afford ang mahal nga yan ng cetaphil sis

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