Dartmouth-Hitchcock Nurse Midwife Team

(inspirational music) – I have the best job. I catch babies. – She empowered me. This one moment she came up to me when they told me to push and hold. And I looked at my husband,
I was like, “I can’t do that. “I can’t do that.” And she came around,
grabbed me by the face, and looked me straight in the eye, and she’s like, “You are a woman. “You are strong, you can do this.” And I was like, “Yes, I can.” And then two pushes later my son came out. – The reason that I love being a midwife is the opportunity it
gives me to help women. – The bonds that are shared during a birth and working with babies and
new parents after the birth. – We appreciate what they
have brought to our lives. We also appreciate how
they were able to help us get stronger as a couple to be able to be the best parents that we can be. That is the baby. – Can we go closer? – I have the opportunity
now to support women in all aspects of their lives. – One of things that I enjoy most is watching a woman and a family’s journey from being an individual
to becoming a family. – Harper. – [Jason] Hey, come on. – I chose the midwife program
at Dartmouth-Hitchcock because I really wanted to be with a group that was focused on me as a person that’s never had a child before. – The midwifery model
of care is very fluid, so it’s not one size fits all. – I go what can we do to get this started? I just, I’m done, I want the baby out. She said, “You know, Kate,
I can get it started. “I can break the water
for you, that’s fine, “but I just wanna remind
you that in the beginning “you said to me I wanna do it “with as little intervention as possible.” The internal strength
and the physical strength that the midwives give, it’s powerful. – I specifically sought
out Dartmouth-Hitchcock and the midwives at Dartmouth-Hitchcock for my clinical training when
I was in midwifery school, because I wanted to have an education at an academic medical center. And I feel like my
training here allowed me to really have a robust education, and see the full spectrum
of midwifery care, and learn how to practice
the full spectrum of midwifery care. – One of my true passions, as a midwife, is centering prenatal care. – Nice and strong and steady. – [Jessica] During pregnancy, women crave the company of other women. And they’re all going
through the same things at the same points in their pregnancy, both psychologically and physically. – The other husbands
that are there don’t feel out of the loop and I don’t either. It’s the group setting that
kinda pulls it all together. – [Katherine] I recommend it
to everybody that is going to DH for care, whether it’s
with the midwives or not. – [Midwife] Do you know the– (baby talk) – [Katherine] The moments that I walked into the birthing pavilion
they were just very comforting. They kept me calm. – The best days are when I see
women positively transforming their lives to become the
best parents that they can be. – I would tell the
midwives a big thank you. I’ve never been through this before and so big thank you. – What I’d like to say to
the midwives is thank you. I dreamed of being a mom for so long and they gave me that so. And they gave me it in a
way that I can be proud. So yeah, thank you.

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