David Foster Wallace – The Dangers Of Internet & Media Addiction


  1. Seriously You Tube is a fantastic source of brief info that you can then check out. I dispair at the vapidity, selfishness and destructiveness of life in the 21st century. The worm hole that is You Tube leads me to solutions such as 'natural processes', the Loess Plateau, the Great Green Wall of Africa, Permacluture, Myceallium, Meditation, Joe Rogan, Joe Semet, Ayaushka, Rewilding, Graham Hancock, Mate Gabor, Parkour, Eco housing, London Real, RT, Russell Brand, George Carlin et al., and I'm so thankful for that. My self directed world and the one I wish to see manifested in the 'real' world…………. and thanks to You Tube I know it's possible and it's here. Facebook, Netflix, Instagram etc., garbage.

  2. How fucking pathetic can you worthless idiots be to idolize a fucking coward who killed himself. Eat shit and die and I hope you get ass cancer like you deserve for being fucking retarded pussies

  3. Human beings were designed to live life in abundance and have whatever we want. Unfortunately, the wicked cabal running this world prevents that. When you have the Truth behind existence, accessible to EVERYONE, you are really set free. How do I get this "truth" one may ask. There is a book, that holds the key and may assist one in getting the Truth, provided that your heart is in it. It is the most widely translated, widely distributed book in all of mankind's history. Read it.

  4. I got rid of Facebook. Literally at my workplace everyone walks with their head tilted down looking at their phones.

  5. This only makes sense if you use those things to escape reality, otherwise you good fam 👍

  6. Excellent video, sir. Most of us watching this are mostly likely looking for a reason to shut it off. I don’t watch tv, but I do engage in youtube, mostly as a learning outlet. Isn’t it odd how we, the highest thinking creatures, depend on a bright color box to help us imagine what life might be. I think it might just imply we’re cowards, or at the very least bored with ourselves. But how can that be, when we’re caught in a trap. As Russel Crow once said, “are you not entertained”? 🙃 Seriously though, turn it off. Turn it all off. It’s the best thing you’ll ever do. 🙏🏻 Best to all.

  7. Sort of how Nietszche refused to drink alcohol, as it stopped people from facing their problems and demons. Social media and entertainment today have a similar effect, we all have demons in the closet we'd rather not deal with, so what do we do, we look for a way out.

  8. Why is this important? It’s like yelling into a strong wind.

    Let it go. Society is a sick joke and won’t be for long on this earth. Find meaning in your own life and enjoy it.

  9. If you have a purpose in your life, and it's not just chasing pleasure, then mindless media isn't something that interests you. The video was very well explained. kudos

  10. Honestly, there isn't much in the way of mindless entertainment that I find pleasurable anymore. It's boring. How many times can you watch kids compete for a record contract? Or follow a crime drama? Or fantasize about slaying dragons? Sex? Pleeeeze. Over the age of 15, we know what boobs look like and don't get anything from watching young women twerk on stage. . . . But isn't it as much of an addiction to be plugged into YouTube for the latest alternative media? Not to say it isn't great stuff. I confess myself a quality media addict. I'm turning the damn thing off as much as I can stand to. Back to my own life.

  11. Ironic I’m watching this on the internet. It’s like fake news telling you the danger of fake news.

  12. As someone who was beaten depression and anxiety recently. This is 200% true. You cant run from your problems using media. And the longer you do the worse the anxiety will be when you finally break down. It took me two weeks to "reboot" and get over it and now I'm exercising trying to lose weight and spend time doing more things that actually benefit myself.

  13. I hear people complain about Youtube and the Internet in general. I've gotten soooooo much good from these that I can't relate at all. Alan Watts. Ram Dass. Thomas Merton. James Baldwin. David Foster Wallace just to name a few that have complimented my mind and outlook on life.

  14. Everything is an inversion in the modern world. David Foster didnt even have the slighest clue.

    Read Industrial Technology and its future by Ted K.
    And "We Want to Live" By Aajonus Vonderplanitz

  15. Everything you do is an attempt to satisfy yourself in some way. It manifests in various ways. Your TV and YouTube is his writing, painting, whatever. Also hard to heed the "way of life" advice from someone who killed themselves

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