David Griesemer, M.D. Physician Profile

Most of us who become physicians
have had some exposure to people with
special medical needs. For me, the interest
in neurology began when I lost a
friend in sixth grade due to a brain tumor and then
when I had a favorite biology teacher in ninth grade with
a degenerative neurologic condition. My interest in
medicine has grown throughout my entire life. And I’ve had the opportunity
to help people now over several decades. This is what I believe. Every child deserves
the best care possible. Every detail matters. The nervous system affects
all aspects of a child’s life. Every physician
needs to know all there is to know about a child
and the child’s condition. And every parent needs
to really understand what’s going on with the child’s
condition and how best to help. My interest over
the years has been in solving complex,
difficult problems within the broad spectrum
of pediatric neurology. I do have expertise
in epilepsy, having started the pediatric
epilepsy program here at MUSC a few years back. I also have interest in
brain injury and concussion and problems with movement,
and learning, and behavior, and with metabolic
disorders of energy. MUSC is a community
of professionals with tremendous experience and
a great deal of specialized expertise in all of
the possible areas that may touch on neurology. And it’s the partnership
among all of these providers, whether at the physician,
or the nursing, or the technologist
level that’s really vital to achieving the kind
of outcomes we’re looking for.

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