David Lisle, MD, Orthopedic Sports Medicine Physician – Burlington, VT, The UVM Medical Center

– Hello, I’m Doctor David Lisle, I’m a Non-Operative
Sports Medicine Physician. Hot topics right now
in sports medicine are both concussions and treatment
of challenging tendon issues. And we now have the resources
here for a concussion clinic, and I am taking care of a lot of those concussions in athletes. And I also do some new
treatments for tendon issues, one of which is platelet rich plasma, where you draw blood, we spin that down, and we harvest just that
patient’s platelets. And platelets are very
strong healing factor, so by reinjecting those into the tendon the patient is able to heal themselves a little faster, a little better. In sports medicine you really have to take care of the whole patient. If it’s knee pain it may
not be truly from the knee. It may be actually a
condition from the hip, or how that patient puts their
foot down, the heel strike. So my philosophy of care is taking care of the entire patient, not
just focusing on one part. And I think that’s worked
pretty well over time.

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