Day 1 of the Energy Medicine Yoga Challenge with Lauren Walker!

hi my name is Lauren Walker and I'm the creator of energy medicine yoga I wanted to do something that has never been done before and that is show you what is happening in your body energetically when you practice eeehm yoga versus traditional yoga so I partnered with my teacher the legendary healer Donna Eden and we created a course with Yoga Journal to do just that I'm so excited for you to join us and before we get started we're gonna have a seven-day e/m yoga challenge to give you just a bit a taste of what iam Yoga can do for you transforming your life and your understanding of yoga after that seven days Donna and I will be on a webinar answering questions and helping you understand what you'll get into when you take this incredible course so we'll start right now with our e/m yoga challenge inhale sweep your arms all the way out and up draw your hands in front of the heart thumbs in the heart center fingers in the hollow at the base of the throat and start to breathe in the nose and out the mouth and then start to thump find your collarbones and drop down about an inch below same breathing pattern in the nose and out the mouth go to the center of the chest waking your energy up turning it on and bringing it into the right direction in the nose and out the mouth come to the side of the ribs right where the bra strap lands in the nose you're stimulating points for your immune system and your digestive and integrative functions shake your hands off and then tap right under the eyes on the cheekbones same breath in the nose and out the mouth helping to ground your energy shake your hands off and march in place same hand to same leg same breath in the nose and out the mouth three or four times this way stop shake it off and then bring the energy to cross over same breath in the nose and out the mouth emphasizing the second most important direction that energy moves in the body and that is crossing over this helps you to heal and to integrate to learn better everything gets better when this energy is crossing over stop shake it off sweep the arms all the way out enough and now you're go to a yogic breath as you Reeve the hands back and forth in front of your body come all the way down full forward bend breathing now in and out the nose and just let yourself hang here soft in the neck you can have a slight Bend behind the knees and we'll start to clear the gates of the hands massaging down between the long bones of the fingers and pinching off in the gullies moving energy off of the head out of the meridian system clearing it so that fresh energy can come in if you've got any pain or soreness spend an extra moment or two here and when you've gone between the fingers you'll go down each finger and pinch off the tip you can let the head be really soft you don't need to look at the hands nice deep breaths here yogic breath in and out the nose and then shake your hands off and drop the hips bend the knees and come into a squat if the heels don't reach the floor bring some padding underneath your heels and just let yourself get situated here really grounded on the feet we're going to clear the gates of the feet because you've got meridians that begin and end on all the toes as well wiggle a finger back and forth between the bones and then press off in the gullies and if you can lift the toes up you can reach in between and give a little pinch to get that energy moving and again if you have any pain you're going to spend some extra time here you're going to go down the toes and press off you can let the head hang here or if that's too much strain on the back of the neck lift the head up nice deep breathing you're in and out the nose shake it off right hand drops between the knees sweep the left arm all the way out and up circle the rest nice full deep breaths other direction and then flick one finger at a time and all the fingers together sparking that energy right down the meridian line and then weave that hand back and forth the left hand comes to drop between and his right arm sweeps all the way out and up Circle the wrist nice deep breaths other direction and then flick again one finger at a time release the hand release the head soften the neck move the padding away let the heels come back to the earth hips up to the sky let yourself hang here for a moment and then bring your hands behind the back interlace the fingers and draw up the arms overhead breathing into the shoulder girdle you can reach the arms up slightly to release and let come back down again and then switch the grip of the hand so the non-dominant finger is on top drop the hands overhead again don't press the arms down just let the weight of the hands and the arms breathe opening to the girl girdle of the shoulder yet bend the elbows now and start to circle on the low back stimulating a point called the C of vitality keep circling here band the knees deeply start to lift the body up coming into a modified chair pose you can change direction that you're circling and then flatten the hands on the back smooth them around to the groins flip them back and forth and then press to stand smooth the hand over the body cup the mouth three audible ex tails hands to the heart close the eyes and then bring both hands in front of the pubic bone and set an intention for yourself for the rest of your day and then inhale draw right up the front of the body exhale open wide into the field two more times inhale exhale inhale the nose here exhale out the mouth bring one finger into the bellybutton one finger into the third eye press it and pull up three breaths here in the nose and out the mouth in the nose and out the mouth last time release sweep the arms up tenth the fingers draw them down in front of the heart thumbs in the heart center fingertips in the hollow at the base of the throat just bow your chin slightly to your chest take a moment to feel gratitude for your day in your life and everything that is to come exhale have a beautiful day and we'll see you soon


  1. What yo do when there is limited mobility of lower body. Still trying to recover walking better again. Thank you.

  2. I loved it and I can feel the energy moving in my toes right now. I love how quick it is too. Thank you

  3. So happy to find you here, have you book n German language since a long time, but find it hard to work along. Now the course is here <3 Thank you, Simone

  4. Love it! I did your course on DailyOm recently, and loved it. In fact I do Donna's 5 min energy routine and some of your poses as part of my daily morning routine. Loving it!

  5. Thank you, I really enjoyed that and felt really energised afterwards. Looking forward to the rest of the week.

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