Day 11: Why Do I Need High Protein Powder?

Hi members day 11 of the health and well-being journey So I’ve just been back from the gym. It’s actually late tonight. It’s about 10 o’clock my gym session went from 7:30 to 8:30 and I asked the gym about protein powder and in particular a protein powder that Claudia recommended as a result of talking to her relatives in America and She’s based in Germany and the protein powder that she buys is only distributed in Germany And so we wanted something that was high in protein low in carbs low in sugar and no aspartate added so She got some feedback and recommended this particular protein powder here and I’m so excited because I as soon as the gym session finished 8:30, I could go to what’s called the vitamin shop and they have it there and so I drove over there very quickly before it closed at 9 o’clock and They were having half off the second one, which is incredible. So I then went ahead and purchased a Chocolate one, too so this is going to make a massive difference to the Lack of protein that I’m eating because my diet is now short of protein and it can be a problem like I explained yesterday in the video in that when you’re not eating enough protein, it’s gonna actually Hi rose Yes, it’s quest protein powder So this was the one recommended for here like while I’m in America So it was buy one get half one off so So that was brilliant. So I’ve got two here. That’ll definitely see me out If not, I’ll have stuff left over and the other thing is I might take some home in the suitcase as well. So Very handy, and I’m going to be able to put that into water into almond milk. I Put on my oats So heaps of different choices with that, so I’m really pleased with that. It’s got less than one gram of sugar soy free gluten free and There’s no added a Spartan at all, so Yeah, very good. I think it was $34 which was a lot cheaper. I think than the one that Claudia’s In Germany, I think it was something like 70 euros So that was quite expensive but this was thirty four and then half off the second one $17 So good stuff. So I got that this afternoon. So I’m pleased about that. Today’s been a very busy day First of all, I was up at 4:30 a.m. This morning for an intermediate mastermind call this morning That was really good. I think there was about five of us on the call and it was Grant was there from Australia as well? so he attended the 10 for 10 with me and You know, he’s he’s sort of ahead now with his campaigns he’s been running CPA campaigns now for three months, so it’s great to get on a call with him and We had others that Wanted to sort of get to that place of consistent leads and so, you know, that was a pretty good mastermind. I enjoyed that then What do we have then after that then it was oh then I had two coaching calls. So Greg and Fiona, I actually sat in on Claudia’s coaching call with Greg of Fiona So that was a good thing because I learned from that process and also just got to write notes for Claudia which was really good and Then I had my coaching call with Greg and Fiona as well Which was brilliant because I just wanted to check in with my CPA campaign and make sure Everything was running. Okay, and just to make sure that what are the numbers that I need to look out for and You need to start to see now it’s about conversion so now I’m getting the leads it’s all about Converting and you know a great Dollar figure to aim for is two hundred and fifty dollars per app But that’s super good right two hundred and fifty to four hundred dollars per application That’s what it should be costing you to get an app through the funnel. So It was just good to highlight and just remind me of those numbers, which was really really good So after that, we jumped straight on to JJ. There was a Mastermind call with JJ that went for an hour and a half. I Quickly grabbed a bite to eat. So had my Thai green curry for lunch and Then it was another mastermind. It was another DEA black mastermind I think it was Group B and that went for two hours, I think and By the end of it, I’d had enough I’d sort of I thought that was just too too many masterminds in one day and I’ll be honest. I think by the time I got to the last mastermind, I was actually feeling a lack of confidence I don’t know what had happened. I don’t know what was going on with me It’s it’s all down to me. But for some reason I was feeling a bit insecure and lacked a bit of confidence. And so I sort of got on – I got my video through from Charles from momentum day and It’s a brilliant video of me walking up on stage and being up on stage. And so I sat down and Hi Mitch, great to see you here So I sat down and I just went through and edited that video. What I did is I put Yeah Rose. It might have been overload, I think I don’t know it was really strange, but Feeling a bit out of confidence. I don’t know why and just I think it could have been overload So I just it was just too much in one day And So I just edited that Put some Dominican Republic stuff from the black retreat in that movie because what I want to do is I’m creating What’s called a mind movie to? Retrain my subconscious mind. So it’s a way of putting I put music to it the music that was played on the day. I chopped that video up and I added some Dominican Republic stuff that really connects to me especially of me and my daughter and It’s it goes for about three and a half minutes and it’s something I can play in the morning and it’s something I can play At night time so it’s just about retraining the subconscious getting emotionally involved with my goals and what I want to achieve and So I spent some time doing that. I’ll do something about sharing that when it’s finished, but what I want to do is Also add affirmations to that. I’ve typed a whole page of affirmations and I want to add it to that movie so it becomes a mind movie so that I can watch that on a consistent basis have it on my phone and whenever I come across any doubt, or self-doubt, or confidence issues like today, then I’ll just pull that out and just watch that just to remind myself of how much I’ve achieved and Where I’ve got to and the things that I’ve done which is a lot and I just have to keep reminding myself Sometimes I think we all do we have to just remind ourselves of the wins and the successes I don’t know why I lacked some confidence since afternoon. It’s just silly anyway, we go through those moments just Being authentic and sharing them here on this video. So anyhow, hi Jill great to see you here So it’s 10:30 at night All the meals have been done. I’m well under with the calories calorie counter today Fitness Pal Bought the protein powder. That’s the important piece because I’m low on protein and we can’t have that when you’re starting to Reduce the calories you tend to reduce the meat portions or the amount of meat that you’re eating and I definitely feel breakfast Don’t eat meat perfect alignment so true to move into the shift of Of what you do? True. I don’t know what happened today Jill I was on about three master minds to coaching calls and I had enough by the end of the day I was actually lacked confidence by the end of the day so I Felt insecure and had no confidence. So that was really weird. I don’t know what was going on I just had to snap out of it and Do something else because yeah, I don’t know. I can’t explain it Maybe and I think Rose mentioned earlier on this that it could have been overload. I just think to have two master minds and two coaching calls in one day was Quite a lot and then also the Hangout the black da black hangout as well. So that was my whole day So I think a bit too much in one day anyway other than that still on track with the health and well-being journey day, eleven and It’s still going very strong. I’m exercising. I’ve exercised 10 out of the 11 days now down at the gym and It’s all about The health the fitness just a bump in the road. Yeah Overload is right. I think you’re right ease and flow my friend Yes, I think you’re spot on there ease and flow it’s not weird though, like the campaign’s working the leads I think this is what it comes down to because I was all very excited and happy and I’m back like Here I am saying Yesterday the day before I’m back. Like the leads are in the leads are coming in is awesome 15 leads one day 16 leads another day It was just all so it was like to go from nothing like a trickle to – that was incredible Then your mind jumps to the next step now. My mind’s going ok cost per app cost per app That’s all I was hearing about today cost per app. So you go into this. So, how do you avoid? Going into this state of mind worrying about not worrying but Focusing on The lack of and I think that’s what’s going now It’s all about converse Asians, but you just got to give it time to breathe. Right? You’ve got to give it some space To just settle in a little bit. That’s that’s that’s my understanding of it. Anyway, I just don’t think that Sometimes we get caught up in all the data and all the analytics And all the must dues and the and what needs to happen and you know, you’ve got to be getting you know If you spend a thousand dollars on a campaign, you should have had some apps by now and you know, it’s that pressure now so Anyway, it’s all good. It’ll all work out. I’m sure Plateaus happen when you’re in growth spurt Expectations, yes Expectations bring frustrations, but I shouldn’t be I think it was today that did it I was really really positive like it’s just brilliant like I To get to where I am now, I should be really really proud of that fact that that I am where I am right now, and I’ve got through a lot to get to here and to now and I’m Back when knowing, you know, I know that I can get leads I know that I can do that and it’s just it’s happening now And I’ve just got to appreciate in the moment right now But that’s what’s happening and be grateful for that process and then the next will unfold and then the next will unfold so It’s getting this balance right between the data I Tracey Letting go of the outcome. I set that yesterday Tracy. I know I’ll surrender to the process Yes You’re right, but where do you draw the line? Like, where do you say Okay. Now my focus needs to be on conversions and focus needs to be on cost per app and Present moment wonderful moment. It’s so true. It really is. It’s so true it’s Finding balance also Yeah, I think that’s what it is. It’s finding balance the gratitude because I want to stay in the place of gratitude for the last four days since Thursday’s is Thursday and Achieving those leads Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday Or any Monday 5 days, I shouldn’t put the pressure on the fact I think what it is is when you get into a forum with other people you start to benchmark and you start to compare and you start to think that the next steps and you start to think I Think that’s what it does. So you just have to Because that’s all part of the process. You’ve got a mastermind. You’ve got to find out what’s going on. What’s current what people are doing But I think that how do you do that without? Insighting sort of concern and how about focus on self care? Yes Yes self care rewarding yourself for taking consistent action. It’s true. It’s very true and I have been and what’s been good is this health and well-being journey has really got me out of that attachment, you know, I think that I Think I’ve got to get back into that space because it all started to open up with these leads as soon as I started to Defocus and just focus on this health and well-being I’ve been incredibly disciplined with it and just you know, Claudia and I have had phone calls every day We’re tracking tracking calories tracking nutrients Tracking everything that I’m doing and Creating new food plans and doing all of that. So you’re right Tracy Focus on self-care rewarding yourself for taking consistent action and Getting out of here to actually getting away from here and not working on the business. Let go and trust. Yes I need to get into a different space Thanks guys Man this journey sometimes it’s it’s um I love it. And then there are days where I just think what’s going on with me I’m just lacking confidence all of a sudden yet. You know, I just strong body Is a fearless mind how you do one thing? Yeah, I know I know so it saw its onward and upwards. I’ll be fine in the morning and on some sleep I think I was up at 4:30 a.m. And it was just all go go Go from one mastermind to the next mastermind to the next and I think that that was pretty heavy going today So anyway, that’s my share Facebook live I find we have to babysit us. Yeah, we do we do and speak kindly to ourselves Encourage ourselves be enthusiastic and be as passionate to ourselves as what we are to other people We’re more. I know I am I’m more sort of giving and loving and nurturing and caring for others than I am myself sometimes so Yeah, we have to give ourselves a break sometimes. Anyway, tomorrow’s another day. It’ll be day 12 of the 90-day journey that I’m on and I’m getting results already It’s gonna be exciting to see as a result of this part of my life right now What the result is going to be in 90 days time, so I’m pretty excited I’m so glad Tracy that you came on and Jill that was a good conversation and It’s made me feel a lot better having you both here Love you lady Hang your cape up for the time. I look talking to yes, I’m gonna hang my cape up for the day for sure. I love you both and I’ll check in with you all tomorrow. Bye everyone. Bye Jill. Bye Tracy. Bye for now

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