good morning guys so I just arrived at work and then even get out the car yet but I'm like mentally preparing myself you got a doodad when you work with people because you never know what you're gonna you're gonna run into for the day so I'm gonna go inside clock and of course get report on my patience and then start my day after I get report I will talk to you guys again and kind of let you know how I'm gonna set up my day what I'm gonna do first I'm gonna see first you know that good stuff and get might see I have to have my green tea before I start work itself let me go and do that and clock into the form leave I'll see you guys soon I'll show you guys my favorite yes I got a lot of favorite this is my favorite Filipino nurse she's got identifiers on right now so I have to get her later and Zipporah but this is my this is my nurse mom Carol don't don't tell my real mom amen she went kitchen she might get angry this is my favorite nurse so I'm gonna get reborn I carried you for nine months especially oh that's overrated I'm gonna give my favorite nurse mom care are you guys in and out so see you later so I pretty much got report for the day and I assess my patients I had my cup of tea so now I'm just gonna pull their morning meds they're 9 a.m. it's and then I'll find a spot where I can sit down and talk to you about you know what going on so far like my day so it is now 9:25 and I have rounded on my patients I have medicated them for the morning and now I'm having breakfast it's not always a chill day like it is today but it is a weekend and it's low senses so knock on wood looks like it's gonna be a great day so far this morning I got pretty much most of the documentation a charting that I like to do by certain time so I keep ahead of schedule but I have two patients today and I'm open for an admin because I can go up to three since I don't have fresh post-op fresh hearts I actually have one pre-op which is pretty easy like she they're just a workup until they go in for surgery and then I have one IDI with chest pain one from the ad last night with chest pain so pretty much another workup may go in for calf I guess see what's going on but to workup patient so that opens me up for one more but so far so good so now I'm gonna have some breakfast I've decided to show you guys the glamorous side of Nursing where we actually get to sit down and take breaks but this is in real time guys I actually eat this fast because there's no such thing as an uninterrupted break but all jokes aside I really think is important that we get our breaks in and know it's not always realistic but we have to take care of ourselves before we can take care of anymore so when someone eating an icon our refuel I try to get someone charting diet I picked like certain time frames throughout my day spending office a weekend or a weekday to get some Charlie done it for the morning before I have to like get back on the floor and see patients but I like to get all the nonsense charting done not nonsense but if you're a nurse you know what I mean by nonsense charting hourly roundings and all that nonsense we have to put in there but I like to get all of that done with vitals on all of my patients in the morning and I try really hard to get one assessment in like one full assessment on a patient in but today was a pretty chill laid-back day so that was easy to do today so today I got a little bit interesting we got a couple of discharges I got ended up getting a patient from on the charge nurse because she had a patient today so I took her patient on so she could be free charge and we've got a couple of discharger so we're gonna work on our discharges the patient that I got in from the ER with the chest pain last night all of his labs and blood work and EKGs look good so they're gonna do outpatient follow-ups for him so he's gonna get discharged I have another patient the patient that I picked up from charges getting discharged that's it for my group so I'll be down to one patient so we'll see if the ER brings anybody in I am in the supply room getting some stuff to remove some IVs for these discharged patients and we are gonna work on the paperwork and get them out of here and then I'll just put all my assessments in or finish up my assessments from this morning this is not a typical weekend guys I am enjoying this weekend I got a teeny tiny bit busy there for a second but I'm enjoying this weekend it's about noon now so a little bit after twelve o'clock now so I'm really enjoying this weekend because some weekend's these last couple of weekends have been feeling like Mondays so this is a nice a nice cool chill Saturday let me knock on some wood before I drink myself but so far so good Oh another thing I wanted to say you know so this is not like the true picture of what a CT ICU nurse does but you know we don't really do procedures on the weekend here at this facility unless it's an emergency and everyone that was here was like post-op day four or five by that time they're pretty much pchew or you know step-down IMC you so we don't have any actual critical patients and like I told you otherwise it's just pre-ops who will be going for surgery early next week between Monday and Tuesday so we don't really have any post-op patients or fresh hearts this weekend which is great a lot of times when there's a lot of cases on Fridays your Saturday is gonna be busy because everyone's post-op day one or they're not even fully 24 hours yet so it's kind of crazy but today it's chill and I'm so excited excited because if I got to work a weekend I prefer to work a weekend with us a little bit more laid-back you know if I got to be here on a weekend at least let it be a chill weekend but I'm not gonna complain because I'm getting weak and if as well so yeah so there's been a change of plans one of the patients that I thought I was sending home there's now not going wrong blood dropping them for laughs and we'll see what happens from there and just like that my day is done so that was harder than I expected yeah I wanted to kind of give you guys a day in the life but that is tough to do with trying to respect HIPAA laws and you know girl not get fired and all that good stuff but pretty much that was my day in a nutshell now I almost kind of laughed at the situation because that is not a typical day for me that's not even a typical weekend I really enjoy this weekend because it was so smooth but that is not a typical weekend you guys our census was very low today we discharged with the low sentences we ended up discharging two patients so that made our senses even lighter I didn't end up discharging all the patients that I thought was going to go I had a chf'er that was supposed to go you know on diuretics but so this is like a CT ICU a KUB unit like so we we keep our patients as that was very different from me from where I came from when I worked strictly and a CT ICU only type four we would discharge our patients to step down on med surgeon and they would discharge home from there but because this is a small like a community hospital and we do open-heart surgeries here we keep our patients throughout the whole process and we discharge them ourselves so that's why you'll hear you know we have this we have that a lot of times after surgery they're well from the surgery but they're cheated they're treating other things you know they go they get overloaded so now we're treating their CHF they ended up with kidney issues and now we're treating their renal failure you know whatever the case may be but we keep the same patient until the discharge for you know constantly the continuity of care and they called it like a cub model lots of places are doing it I don't know how I feel about it sometimes sometimes it's cool sometimes it's not as just like everything else in nursing but for the most part my day was smooth completed my patient care finished on my charting gave on my meds and okay for for and I was out of it today this is like the earliest I've ever kind of gotten off and I'm heading home to enjoy the rest of my evening just to do it again tomorrow now I will not be recording tomorrow because it's kind of difficult I saw a lot of people kind of recording their day at work and I thought that would be cool but it's kind of hard because I really want to respect people's privacy so I don't want to report in areas that will expose anyone or give any information as personal like I'll talk about diagnoses but I'm not going to talk about obviously the patient and you know I got kids defeat so I can't get fired but I hope this was like interesting for a person who nursing experience to kind of get a small teeny-tiny idea of what a day is like in a 12-hour shift a cool day a smooth day I should show you guys what I think like I should close the window so you can hear me but I should show you guys what I look like after a rough 12 hours if I can do that I'm gonna do a day in the life after a 12-hour shift a rough day so you can get a real view because I don't like to give people false images now it's not always all bad but there are some rough days we work for every dollar we make but anyway I hope you guys enjoyed the video if you like my content guys subscribe and comment down below like the video give it a thumbs up let's chat you guys know our response at every comment because you guys are my internet friends so I will see you in the next one bye guys


  1. I think doing this video jinx my weekend because my day today was SO busy. And to top it off, we ending the day with a RRT smh. Hope you enjoyed the video.

  2. I am an RN also! I always eat popcorn at work for my snacks. Thanks for this great video and giving us an insight into your work.

  3. Good job Kerima! And yes, you should and would want ro take advantage of the chill time!! It do NOT happen often on any unit in the nursing world!! Those 12 hour shifts..take some getting used to..rather day/night..I start June 24th as an RN…night shift..I am a nighttime girl, but that is most for leisure fun..LOL..but at least my sleep pattern for work will NOT be thrown off!!🤣..
    You give really good tips..I remember back when you did your NCLEX review, and when you landed your 1st position..So, what I would like a refresher on would be the NCLEX..for example, I plan on using Hurst in combo with U school will have us using Kaplan 3 day live review this week..I am not a fan of Kaplan..but will not discard some helpful tips.
    Keep up the great job Kerima!! I enjoy your input, tips, and real life, family input..Because let's face it every day is NOT sunshine in life, work, kids, relationships, etc.

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