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housecoat dustless does games and love add as watches schooling medicine education bedtime hello favorite time of the day all of these form a person into what they later on will be except me I fell off the grid and thank God for YouTube because I don't know what I do but there are some people out there but don't believe in the structure of society that we've set up on our children no no they do their own thing it's called free range and I'm not talking about eggs okay can't even look at all eat your egg since an egg is surpassed to me on Instagram not even a million's follow us on Instagram and I'm a model okay how will Calvin Klein come to me instead of Shawn Mendes if I'm not on a million huh what are you doing guys hey guys we're gonna watch a video suggested by you and it is about a family that raised their children basically out of the principles that they don't want to follow Society no medicine no school no routine they go to bed when they want they do what they want it's just free-range for the children I'm very intrigued I'm very intrigued a lot of people think when the milk teeth come through should stop breastfeeding all it comes down to is the the mother and the child it should be a mutual decision between both of them or when they start paying rent and they got a girlfriend baby they they should stop as well you have to cut that shit off I'm sorry there's a certain age where it's like okay you're too old to have mom's tit in your mouth okay off-grid parenting who's moving towards self sustainability into less institutionalized and less grass in the garden what happened to the grass in the garden you smoked when I fell pregnant I very much felt I didn't want any medical intervention power to you must have hurt though when I saw my daughter being born I wanted an epidural okay I he leave you pain relief just fucking watching latest birth is basically you don't cut the cord so it you need let it naturally fall away and you keep it in a colander next to your bed can you imagine living with that next to your bed Alexa yes how long do I have to live with this crazy bitch who keeps her inside next to the bed a while and kind of wrap it up and what is that that's a placenta that's the center of her placenta why she decorated it what is on that thing drink it was so long keep it clean clean treat it with salt she's trying to seasoning her placenta to slip it over the bed like it's fucking raw come on where's the passion why she put what she sprinkled it repels oh gods no no you can piss off I'm not in the mood for you today oh boy for my birthday took six days to fall away naturally is it in a bag has she given the baby its Okla scented bag it's gonna present a briefcase baby the baby has his so placenta briefcase you don't look happy does he look first of all mum get me a snog that fits okay shit's tight second of all I'm attached to a bag oh god no Adela Matt have decided not to inoculate either of their children I I'm sorry I'm gonna I know each to their own okay it's their kids all right what my children I separate my children from innards okay but I don't understand this this cults all right yeah that's why I'm calling you a cult that don't believe in I can't say the word in nakiye lysing is that like why I'm clapping now on the noise why don't you inoculate your kids I send my daughter to school so she can one day work for Elon Musk okay and hopefully then he'll come and host as watches all right that's my goal in life just go to Mars and do and do research and shit and keep me in my old age I can't do that when I send my daughter to school assholes right it's parents like you okay it's the reason why i follow my daughter around school with a can of air follow my daughter around getting rid of other kids like get away my daughter get away fuck back disease get back stay away oh no we don't we don't inoculate our children we're all about spiritual medication your spiritual medication is giving my daughter the flu then giving me the flu okay it's not fucking helping just stick a syringe in your child once in a while and it occupies them okay stop giving my daughter flu all right just to work for space sex if I had something serious like cancer as such I would definitely take the natural public what's the natural path to cancer death right I'm sorry I'm sorry but if my child was that ill I would get them treatment usually this is based off a religious thing right I can't stand these people that are like oh it's God's plan to put a tumor in my head no no no no let me tell you something if my child is seriously ill and all the things we've been praying for since the Middle Ages kill my son help me please treat my son let my daughter survive all these prayers would be flowing flowing out there okay that are now in the form of like aspirin okay chemo all these things that you could pretty much say might be answered prayers and then say no I'm not going to do it I'm going to do the natural thing you're a dickhead all right you're stupid it's people like this that hold us back why aliens look they're insane ice milk can be used for for conjunctivitis or eye infections you put your titty milk in my eye I sweat much awake it up in the back about you're waking up in the morning be like ah I've got an eye infection I so bad and then your wife runs across the lounge invert it out as I tell her honey I got you squat sweat in your eye you did fall sir it's a it's a sterile substance obviously it's coming right out the body and it's at the perfect temperature of all the living enzymes keep your living enzymes away from me keep them we're gonna make a big box okay a little tub little Tupperware box this we're gonna put all all these nasty things like your placenta was salt alright and and your enzymes they're living we're gonna put them all in this box and we're just gonna burn it and dis space this space as well adèle breastfeeds both of her children Ulysses aged five and a star who's one daddy doesn't go to school these friends would beat the shit out of him five years old but the baby still got that in their DNA from when they used to be a hunter gasps right yeah is he eating the leaves at the park that's not even a hunter-gatherer that's just fucking weird is he eating leaves is that a leaf is he eating a leaf in a subway used to be a hunter-gatherer you know their ancestors and they need to feel safe yeah he's safe on that rickety-ass roof any it's probably nailed look at it but centuries old he's so safe in that tree on that on top of that wooden roof that's about to collapse I was walking with a star outside the shop and she's barefoot and so a gentleman noticed this said you do realize your daughter's not wearing any shoes he's wearing shoes though any greatest way for her to feel life no it's the greatest way for her to get tetanus if she steps on a piece of glass and it slices are for open that's not feeling life as a pain in the ass and stitches and possibly an infection we don't live in the Stone Age anymore there are pavements there are just glass there's the things that you just have to protect your children from Tobey you'll sleep in the same room and it works out quite nice for us cuz that's normal sorry when they get older though they don't I mean everyone wants their own space toys for them to be interacting with the animals in the parks and and let your kids eat in the plants love theirs interacting with life and wildlife then there's just straight-up eating a bush they think their lands okay they're eating shit in the garden well I would be very interested to know your thoughts on this style of parenting I am seeing this more and more I agree with some aspects but then I disagree reverb with others I believe education is important if the world is the way it is and as much as we want to not care about it if you want your child to succeed in this world life doesn't care about what you think it doesn't give a damn I want to walk down the street naked I can't do it it's a decent exposure there's kids about no one's to see that shit you have to respect the rules okay otherwise you're in jail and you get arrested naked and end up on the 6:00 o'clock BBC News guys let me know what do you think about this in in the comments below like love caress my channel and I will see you in the next video stay dazzling


  1. people: god save us from plague
    god: gives vaccines
    people: I will get rid of it thru mint oil and prayer and let nature take its toll
    god: ????????what???????????

  2. Would want my dad to be daz because it would be the funniest thing ever bet she would breast feed him when he is a teenager (no hate)

  3. I got sepsis and nearly died at 4 from a CAT SCRATCH and they’re letting their children run around barefoot AND unvaccinated?? J e s u s

  4. thats crazy. i mean ya know, they're not hurting anybody but still… i wish that i had an epidural with my 3rd daughter but we didnt even get to the hospital in time so she was born in the front seat of my mother in law's car. scariest experience EVER.

  5. I'm watching this video after getting a (cancer) jab. I was feeling bad and watching das rant about inoculation made me feel better

  6. There's a reason we don't live in the past we've evolved there's cars and pollution that can kill you unlike the past so we need that jab. So stick a needle in there!!!!😷😷😷 I'm so worried for their kids tho they didn't have a say in anything

  7. Keeping the placenta on is dangerous, it could get tangled around the baby and possibly strangle them

  8. Daz restores my faith in men 😂

    Almost every male I've met has said a sexist remark. He hasn't!! I'm so greatfull.

  9. I’m gonna be honest, I haven’t had the flu shot in a few years but I also haven’t gotten the flu. Things just come up every year 😂

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