Dealing with Anxiety and Panic Attacks

Jane has just left work I was in the supermarket doing her week of shopping she's got a lot of things on her mind and has been rushing around throwing all the items she needs into the shopping cart while checking the price on a can of goods she notices something strange her heart has suddenly began to beat heart so hard in fact that it is pulsating in her throat this startles her and then she notices how her arm begins to shake with a pins and needles sensation this is the first time anything like this has ever happened to her she is confused and starting to get really scared something must be wrong she thinks and begins to mentally list all the possible things it could be is it the start of a heart attack is this an allergic reaction to something she ate her stomach and chest muscles feel really tense and her breathing becomes faster and more shallow she glances around at the people near her and as she does so she feels a light-headed and dizzy the confusion and fear she feels is sending her into a panic the sensations in her body intensify and she's convinced something awful is about to happen she feels a need to get outside and leaves her shopping cart full of goods behind as she walks slowly towards the exit as soon as she is outside in the cool air she feels a slight sense of relief and more in control as the physical sensations are losing momentum although she is calming down she is still in shock and her body is shaking it feels as if someone had just held a gun to her head she has never felt so terrified and out of control in all her life she calls her husband at work and tells him what happened and asks if he would meet her so they can go to the hospital together a few hours later Jane is lying on the hospital bed waiting for the results of the medical tests she has completed the doctor arrives and tells her they cannot find anything physically wrong with her and that it was most likely a panic attack this is relieving yet confusing at the same time a panic attack she thinks she remembers an aunt that experienced panic attacks but never really understood what that meant and certainly never imagined it felt as scary as what she just went through glad that nothing is physically wrong she checks out of the hospital and goes home within minutes of lying on the bed she falls fast asleep on waking the following day Jen immediately begins to already ordeal in her mind it all seems like a surreal dream by lunchtime she is already second-guessing the medical tests and convinces herself that something was missed and that there must be something more serious than anxiety involved days pass and she cannot stop thinking about what happened in the supermarket she stills feels shaken by the experience and lives in fear that it might strike her again at any moment for the first time in her life she does not feel safe leaving her home you


  1. I have a passion of drawing, but there are times that I get panic attacks. It feels like you can’t breath and you don’t want to do whatever you’re doing. The way I stop or calm down from a panic attack is to go outside and get some fresh air. Sometimes I couldn’t so I drink water and and stop doing what I was doing. I would take walks around the room to calm myself down. Sometimes is hard, but you have to learn ways to help you stop this attack. Hope this can help everyone with their panic attacks. Note: They are not fun.

  2. I had my first panic attack in the office, I was hyperventilating, couldnt breathe and was rushed to the ER. Nothing was wrong with the lab exams. Days,even months before, I started to become very anxious. I had nightmares that I was being consumed by the ocean. I already had an experience with almost drowning when I went freediving. I was always thinking about death. And I wasnt able to go to church for a long time now and somehow it made me anxious too. And then I started not getting enough sleep and sometimes would eat only once a day. I was not taking care of my physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health. And then my first panic attack happened. I still get it sometimes but only mild ones.

  3. I remember when i had my first panick was when i was at my godmother bday and after that we where going home and i live in a street where theres a cementery and i was thinking of death and my chest got tight and my parentd where all like "do u want us to take u to the hospital?" and i yelled " NOO" at them and ive never yelled at week later they take me to the doctor and i remember 3 doctors in that room one was takeing notes,the other checking my pulse and the other one was hearing what i told them what haad happen that that time i was going to to go 5 grade and it was the summer,now am in 7 grade and is still get panic attacks but i have friends that try to clam me down when am having one:)

  4. Suddenly i saw everything run faster, it running 10+ minute , for example if i listening a song the song speed increasing . Another example i saw the fan speed increase too much, what type of disease that is?? Please help me
    It suddenly happens in night. When i want to sleep.

  5. I had my first anxiety attack and I had no idea what was wrong. I started feeling really awkward and confused and I was trying to relax and nothing was working. I just started crying not knowing what was wrong.

  6. I experienced the same thing and called the ambulance, but I was not at the grocery store I was in my car driving:/

  7. I have a kinda diff feeling. When i have one i feel like im going to be sick then its hard to breathe then i just start drinking water like crazy. I sometimes start shaking aswell. Like am i the only One?

  8. Panic attacks suck but they aren't as bad as your brain makes it out to be. I suffered from panic attacks and anxiety for two years constantly going over it in my head like: Oh no, what if it happens again?
    Eventually, ofcourse, it happend again because I was running away from it. But as it turns out, the best thing you can do with a panic attack is to just completely and fully accept it. Embrace it, challenge it.

    As soon as I started running towards the panic attack instead of away from it, stuff became so much better for me.
    I accepted it was happening and challenged it to go even further. It was scary at first, but then, as you hit the peak, you realize it isn't as bad as your brain makes it out to be. In the end it will leave you thinking "Was that all?".

    For everyone experiencing Panic Attacks: I genuinly feel you, but don't fear it. Next time it happens, allow it to happen. Embrace it. As you go through it and reach the peak, you will realize it is, in fact, NOTHING to worry about ever again from that point forward. It's nothing more than an emotion, despite what your brain might make you think.

  9. This is so me, like that woman is me but I'm a dude lol. I hate how I don't feel safe with myself and afraid to be in my own head.

  10. Hi Barry
    My name is Christine and I've been suffering from panic attacks for years – particularly while driving. I've recently discovered that bright light during the day or photosensitivity may trigger attacks during the day. I wanted to know what your thoughts are on this? Im curious because I've noticed of I'm driving during the day I'm more prone to atracks than while driving at night. Hope you see this comment also wanted to thank you for your wonderful videos as they have helped me a lot! I was very close to becoming confined to my home but now know that the idea of a safe place is all in my mind as I can have them at my home just as easy but also need to learn to expose myself to them and accept them. A work in progress I am! Thank's again all the way from Windsor Ontario.

  11. I wake up having a panic attack it’s happened 3 times in my life now In one month what should i do please help

  12. I've been having them a little over a year now ….it's the most frightening thing to go through .. and worse yet I keep it to myself and tell tell anyone when it's happening. I get this strange feeling to be alone when it's happening ..and it's so bad that I run and take aspirin because of my fear of having a heart attack.this is exhausting.its been abt 15 mins since my last episode that's how I ended up here so I wouldn't feel alone

  13. I had this before and i was shaking i stayed up all night like this and ohh no i was still with this than i had a talk and i stopped shakeing
    Boom but im have one right now agian

  14. I have panic attack everyday, only guys who have a panic attack can understand this, by knowing panic attack exists i feel better because im not the only one

  15. My panic attacks I have had since I was 7 im 12 right now mine makes my heart go really really fast to where I hear it in my ears and I feel dizzy and sometimes almost threw up it comes from my anxiety because I have never been in control of what I do and I am having probloms with family issues and mom and dad broke up it's really hard 🙁

  16. I got a panic attack for my first time couple weeks ago while i was driving. I was alone and had to pull over into a walmart parking lot and i felt so scared. I was about to call 911 because i thought i was going to pass out. I get them randomly now. at work, laying in bed, at night, in the morning, even if im out with friends. I thought i had an imbalance of my thyroid or something in my blood that was off. But it all came back normal, the test results did. They said i was having a panic attack and gave me some medicine and sent me back home to report for work duty the next morning. I felt so confused and scared and lost because all of this is so new to me and with work sending me to different destinations every day and night for weeks on end, i feel so disconnected from family and friends, especially when all of this is so new to me 💔😢😰😢

  17. This is exactly how my first panic attack was. And I was convinced that there was something wrong with my health. 2 years later I’m still struggling with physical sensations and it’s terrifying sometimes. We who suffer from panic disorder have to be extremely strong to withstand our symptoms

  18. I get anxiety when I have an oral presentation or I have to read out loud. When i know I’m about to do the presentation or knowing the fact that date is coming up, I get scared, when I start the presentation, I tell myself I’m okay and I’ll do just fine, but in the middle of the presentation, my heart beats really fast, my hands sweat, my voice is starting to shack up, I panic, I can’t look up at the class to have eye contact, I just feel like I can’t get through it. Same when I’m reading. I remember one day my teacher was randomly calling out people to read out a bullet-point of some facts of our history lesson. I knew I was going to be called up and my heart was beating and I could hear it, my hands start to sweat. Right when I get called up, I start to panic, my heart beats really fast, my voice is starting to shack up, I feel like I messed up, but I read the line perfectly. And all I had to do was read 5 freakn words. But guess what? Anxiety gets the best of us.

  19. Hello. This is been a lifelong dream of mine. To get my little art objects out to the world to those in need. This is how I overcame crippling Axiety. Thank you for sharing.

  20. If you've experienced it you know it's no joke. This shit is so real you'd wish you could just die and be free.

  21. When I was little, I didn’t under stand a panic attack. It happened to me a lot. I would be looking at anything. Most of the time large ceilings would trigger it. It’s like you have a mini seizure, you lose control, sometimes I would stand up and run somewhere. It feels like you explode with terrible uncontrollable yet painful emotions. Luckily when I was younger they lasted a few seconds to a minute, how ever, today, someone eating chips really loud triggered my misophonia which triggered a huge panic attack that lasted for about 5 minutes until my mom found me balling on the floor and called me down. I’m still shaky and feel vulnerable to it happening again. Super scary.

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