Dealing with Narcissism


  1. Thank you love your talks.I believe my hardships with a bipolar man taught me my greatest truths and put me on my spiritual path.I had to otherwise i would stay in hell.Thanks so much for your time and wisdom.

  2. The only thing that's ever worked for me was No Contact with my narcissistic family. I wish them well but have decided that they're far too toxic to be around. If someone insists on remaining in such a relationship, they may be endangering their health and develop a disease like cancer or multiple sclerosis. It doesn't matter if it's a parent or a sibling–if they have this disorder and are abusive, get out and love them from afar.

  3. My son has these issues. I was told also, and tend to believe it now, that in this lifetime he did not commit to love me. This is a very diabolical situation I have been dealing with. It has changed me. It has been very detrimental to me physically and emotionally. I am moving out of the victim mentality though and working hard to stay in my space of gratitude and boundaries. It’s very saddening though. My other child is so pure of heart and has so much empathy- total opposite. His father had some sort of psychological issue(s). We never married and don’t communicate. The father and son are also both very ANGRY and manipulative.
    The only things I have resorted to are Reiki sessions and my own meditations and prayers. I also try to use obsidian to help, lol.
    I weigh about a hundred pounds and this has had a negative impact on my appetite as well. Very difficult to deal with.
    Any advice you can give is very much appreciated. 🙏

  4. And yes! I practice forgiveness in my meditations constantly because he has no awareness- he is oblivious.

    lots of “I”s in my sentences, yes. But no, I have always come from a place of compassion and service to others… pretty sure that’s why I am always so blown away by this behavior.

    Much love~

  5. Now I’m towards the end of your video-
    THANK YOU! I have bashed my self worth quite a bit throughout this lifetime. I AM in the process of “remembering “ who I really am. Trying everyday, to simply love myself…
    Thanks so much, again!

  6. When you know you're with a narcissist, there will come a time when you have no choice but to go and try to cut all contact… no amount of love and acceptance will make your life with them easier. And when they feel you're now centred and standing your ground… they're already looking to disengage from you and find another source of supply

  7. Thank you for clarifying this topic in such depth, explaining the mythology.
    Your description of hell and our need for punishment was bang on, so was the role we play in a narcissistic relationship,.
    You really do excel in what you do, thanks for sharing so generously your knowledge and expertise.

  8. You're right on target asking us to figure out what we have or don't have that gets us hooked up with ppl who have personality disorders. Low self worth, clinical lack of self love, feeling unworthy to set boundaries and enforce them for our own protection (believing) we don't deserve to have them, or that nobody will ever love us if we do (lack of self value ==> disregard for our safety or even believing we deserve mistreatment and misfortune… This is a partial list of attitudes that we hold that allow, indeed _encourage us to set ourselves up for deep and lasting pain. _Setting boundaries helps us clarify issues and identify attitudes that somehow – someday HAVE to be fixed shows us how wonderful it feels to be OK, despite the loneliness.
    Fine tuning, repair, reestablishing & maintaining boundaries helps us feel deserving of honest and healthy love … and respect. It's a helix: If we maintain boundaries we'll become more appreciative, loving, and understanding of ourselves, and DEMAND that we be treated with love and respect… If we don't do this for ourselves; it won't work in our future or even. In our _present…
    Maybe we're all crazy… Who knows?

  9. Hi Michael, happy holy days… hope you read this, and can perhaps help clear something up for me. I have recently just had things thrown into the air with understanding (what George Simon calls) character disturbance and all the spectrum of the different dysfunctions… Simon speaks about how the last 50 years of pop psychology has really had it backwards in understanding a lot of these kinds of personality malfunctions. In the victorian era (freud etc) it was very repressive obviously, and it was really understood that all these neuroses stem from repression, shame, judgment, unconscious wounding etc. This is still true in some cases. But what he has found is that for the extreme cases of personality dysfunction (heavier narcissists, psychopaths, etc.) its not that these people have unconscious wounding and that their personalities are defence mechanisms… its just literally that they think they ARE God, they ARE the centre of the universe, they are actually CONSCIOUS of their manipulative tactics (rather than unconsciously creating scenarios with a LACK OF awareness), and that their problem isn't the unconscious wounding… their problem is that they are just aggressive and will take advantage of everyone and everything to have their way… and we see some of these imbalanced behaviours encouraged in society, things like entitlement and "just DO IT" kinds of things. And the idea that all kids who are bullies are shame based wounded kids… not always true. Some are just aggressive, they have been given what the wanted all the time, they don't take responsibility, and they become the manipulators…

    So it used to be in psychology "never judge", never attack character, because we need to hold space for people to feel safe to explore their wounding… but this does NOT WORK with the deeper narcissistic types. Their character NEEDS to be confronted in a DIRECT and no-nonsense way. The only thing that really works is… the creation of self awareness (or less egocentric awareness, perhaps) through CHANGING BEHAVIOUR, and to have really hardcore tough love boundaries with them. Its a completely different therapeutic methodology, which is why this problem is so rampant now too in the way that MOST therapists CANNOT deal with this problem because they have the COMPLETELY WRONG MINDSET; these assumptions about neurosis being the cause of all dysfunction (NOT true), carried over from the times of the Victorian age, where it was much more true. (And still true for some especially the more codependent types.)

    Im really trying to rectify the problem from a metaphysical standpoint with this… I can see in myself when I have had dysfunctional patterns… for me it is definitely true that I was neurotic and had defence mechanisms and poor patterns as a consequence of deep wounding, abandonment, isolation etc… in THIS way, I can see the philosophy of "forgetting who you are [divine being]", developing healthy shame i.e. HUMILITY, etc…. Can you help me figure out how this 'forgetting' occurs within these more hardcore dysfunctional characters? The problem isn't their shame… its their LACK OF shame, or LACK OF humility. I used to think that of course they are just so ashamed that they have this compensation ego complex, but now it seems this is not the Truth about these really dark beings. I thought that only self doubt and toxic shame creates these egocentric shadows… can only ideas such as past life karma explain this? Organic portals? Ugh, such a minefield 🙁
    Many thanks, Risa.

  10. please do a video for the narcissist! how can a narcisist heal and change and learn to not feel so insecure!

  11. Thanks so much for this, it popped up in my feed at the perfect time. Helped me alot. Subscribed! 🙂 cant wait to go through your other videos to learn more from ya

  12. Thankyou for all your work for humanity – I’m so happy that I tuned in, now I can’t tune out,! Bravo. 😎

  13. All the women in my family would get really offended by weird things I did as a child and I just excepted it and it made me insecure and I would try to talk to them in different ways so they wouldn’t get mad I would try to talk differently to be excepted by the ones I loved to not be a bad child scared to be un loved. Nothing made me happy as a child I always wanted more things because nothing satisfied me. Later in life I feel as if Im not really here

  14. Shark 🦈 = Narc
    Heal oneself – beyond a bleeding victim so as not to attract the shark 🦈- narc to you. Great 👍 analogy !! Bravo 👏

  15. My narc used silent treatment.
    In that way i learned i to speak.
    I learned how to go back to myself.
    In that way i found out who i am, what is my purpose and i get the answer to my questions.
    Some teachers say cut off but i do reverse. Because i found out that to run away are not the solution.
    Thats why i try it in the way that bring fair justice for both of us. I listen to my guidance inside me.
    It works very well. And i found out that the hard things to do gets much better result.
    I listen to all the teachers either positive or negative because i learned how to decide.
    The highness in me knows about Everything in me. Then i start to trust the decision that cames up in me. I treasured no fear, win or lose i treasured something amazingly and beautiful inside me. I know that im still i process but its really works.
    Im so happy that i found this instruction of my life. Im thankful to all the teachers that i heard. And ofcourse im thankful to my faith.
    My faith is my Everything.
    So thats why i understand what ever faith people have, that is our strength and our EVERYTHING.

  16. Narcissistic men hate women, yes they need to deal with mother issues.
    Very angry souls and disconnected .
    Most narcs end up in jail as their self distractive.

  17. Morw men are sociopaths , females are narcs. The entitlement and superiority is overlap the rest it depends.. but that is in Both.

  18. On spot on boundary thing… they do not think you have a right to have them.. at all.. that is overlapping through all type 2. As far as appearing Tense only narcs, sociopaths do not, those appear very put together and have no affect.
    And they will always blame others, will never ever consider consciously looking at themselves. Warning: Sociopaths do not talk about themselves, especially at the beginning , they seem very interested in you ( but to know how to manipulate you), then they morph into all that they know you like and want. You never ever really know them , they are chameleons and honestly thats why i fell for a sociopath after a felt like a breeze of fresh air … boundaries, are the key to keep them away , they get mad over them try to make you guilty for having them, and eventually disappear from your life, its like a holy water to a satan.

  19. IAs I see more about toxic relationships, it's a little disturbing how many folks are pointing the finger and blaming a failed relationship on a "narcissist" . It may be true I don't know and certainly we all get hurt by others deeply but does that mean they are a narcissistic personality or perhaps just incompatible. It's confusing .

  20. Although the topic is serious i have to say your way of explaining is very funny. I finally see my pattern and why I attract narcissistic people and are working on loving and respecting myself. Thank you for the time you put into the videos. 🙏

  21. . WOW Development of Spiritual Self-Awareness for our advancement…. and for breaking the loop of insanity… cos weve called him selfish then ive learned we are selfish if we label others as such then ive learned gas-lighting and that says, manipulation of people and their environment into believing the loving people have a problem… then ive learned codependency, where it was detailed how many of us have not received healthy validation and thus we look for it outside of ourselves that in a weird way now i understand can came across pushy and abusive too… interestingly it makes me think if we carry wounds and keep receive wounds from "narcissistic" behavior… is where we opened the wrong gates or have not closed gaps, doors, gates… emotions, thoughts… "receptors"… we should have closed…
    cos we as people of god, faith, trust, respect, love, peace, bliss… we know better… we know more…
    we should not soak in pain, in victimization, in self-pity…..
    cos really god can give more than enough power for us to stand up…
    i really had to come to learn that the most self-loving act is many times to say no…
    and i still have to learn a lot about setting healthy boundaries and enforcing them….
    these people are desperate Michael…. you know…. they live very differently united with that god-self… as well as their ego is beyond boosted on steroids… they are real heroes even in their twistedness… they fight for everything they have…. and in fact it is in every one of us once we start pointing us and them as if being different….
    all the empaths crying about narc abuse… me too… still ppl say the narc traits are rubbing off on the victims…. big time…. not just rubbing of… we get immersed in it… we absorb it… fighting to transmute it when we realize weve lost our voice and all we hear is their pain directed at us…
    but we are the same… weve just externalized our inner conflict as ive learned it from you…
    so the only way to resolve it is, yes, growing in self-awareness… simultaneously… giving just as much love acceptance validation respect peace bliss joy hope to them.. it is the same as anger, thinking u drink poison and theyll die… it is the same… i know… we can not … i mean… i can not walk away thinking anything bad of them… and thinking that would help me in my future….. or anyones…

    i think if we are genuine we approach them with much more light…
    ive listened so many content on it… i wish i started here…

    i think if we hold any resentment then we are not fully genuine…. do not love fully…
    and have no right to hold them hostage in our own schizophrenic immature blame-game…
    cos i think it is just one side of the schizoid condition to see and hear things that arent there

    the bigger and much more dangerous side is rather i think when we choose … not to see and not to hear things that are right in front of us…

    the answer to all this for me is, to step more into our power – and draw closer to god, surrender more of our weaknesses, let his power come through… trust him, his power is made perfect in our weakness – developing better and better awareness and communication and relationship with the spirit of his eternal presence… the more we look to him, reflect him, trust him, the more we will understand and have faith in his guidance.. becoming more and more clear vessels, weaker in the ego, stronger in the spirit/divine/life to carry more of god's peace, joy and wisdom

    trust and choose love more
    replace bad habits and thoughts choose better
    choose better you choose better them too….
    Look to God…
    there must be a vision that pulls us…….

  22. One positive for 45 is bringing this issue front-and-center…for the healing of our mind, of course. 🙂 Good talk.

  23. I really dont mind if someone is selfish or even self absorbed thats just a boring person but it is the arrogance and manipulation and putdowns and digs and mean judging and doing mean things and mean advise and what they call constructive criticism and how they will go out of their way to treat others nice to show what a good person they are as they are going out of their way to reject and emotionally abuse you in every way. It is the emotional abuse that is so hurtful. That's when you have to decide how much time you can spend with this person if any lf you are always feeling bad when you are with this person then maybe this is not a good situation. Some people don't let this kind of stuff get to them because they are ok with themselves and refuse to let someone bring them down if that's at all possible.

  24. My sis d not mild my yungest brother could tell ya some storeys feel bad for him and yungest SIS C and mom who died at her hands

  25. So much overlap between BPD and NPD but I do think BPD (my opinion) self abuse more often, an injured Narcissist can appear to be a BPD. 🙄🙄🙄 That blowing things out of proportion because things are not about them, totally pisses off my parentified inner child. I have to heal that. It's so annoying and stupid to me.

  26. I'm not sure if my parents were Narcissist but the emotional manipulation there, the control freak, seeing me as an extension of them, kind of teaching me to doubt my reality often but it's hard to pin a diagnosis. Just think more along the lines of damaged people.

  27. You barely exist so why are you having emotions, or I haven't given you permission to have emotions! ✔✔✔ Holy crap, check and mate.

  28. Self Love … when neutralized or resolved, Narcissism can heal in a rare number of cases. Ultimately, every individual must learn to partner with their Inner Essence.

  29. Best guidance on the dynamics involved in the dance of a narcissist and a co- dependent I've seen.

  30. Thank you Michael for all your teaching and you helped me in the most difficult time of my life and I thank you for that and now your are helping me with how to cope with Co-decency 🙏🙏🙏

  31. Forgiveness and LOVE are truly superpowers.!! when the ego is attacking you you have the right to stand in your CHRIST given power and speak truth and make the demons flee, we have been given the authority by CHRIST, the only time the ego won’t flee is when your are not in your power which again is love and forgiveness.💙

  32. Thank you – this teaching has blessed my understanding – I know this will be in my file of 'go-to's' so remind me who I am and how to be with the Narcissist in my life. So many thanks

  33. "Who do you think you are?" is what my narc ex asked when I started standing up for myself after 2 years under his thumb, so I told him "I'm Elizabeth that's who!" turns out Elizabeth is a form of the Hebrew name Elisheva meaning "My God is an oath" or "My God is abundance", yet there I was, dealing with the devil himself who broke me to the point of destitution.

  34. Narcissist can’t love impossible he can admire and destroy the person after. I give my 11yrs l learned my husband is narcissist.
    No cure for it unfortunately.!!

  35. Yes! Thank you! A narcissist also manipulates, plays games and creates stories to make others bend to their demands.

  36. my ex was violent and tried to kill me when I dared to leave..its brought me to this path..he cared not for his wife or kids..everything was,,he was the golden child..his mom was a narcissist..caused a lot of trauma..still healing

  37. Narcissists are the heavier karma for the ppl around them. Especially for the family, especially for children. To have a narc parent is the supreme hell and curst. Ever. Such abuse is absolutely irreversible.

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