Defibrillator/AED | 60 Second First Aid

(base drum) – AEDs, Automatic External Defibrillators. These are magic. They save peoples lives
alongside quality CPR. If you suspect somebody is
having a cardiac arrest, they’re unconscious and
they’re not breathing, or if you find someone you
think is having a heart attack, get hold of one of these
as quickly as you can. You see them with green hearts with a lightning flash across the middle. That is the sign for defibrillator. What these do is they
don’t jump start a heart like jump-starting a car. They reboot. So it will stop your heart
and enable the hearts backup system to put them
back in the right rhythm. You cannot do any harm. If they don’t need the shock,
it won’t let you give it. So if you suspect somebody is
unconscious and not breathing, grab one of these fast. The quicker you can use
it alongside quality CPR the better their chance of survival.

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