Defining the Certified Clinical Nurse Leader

I'm a certified cnl I am a certified cnl hi and the certified C&L I am a certified clinical nurse leader I'm a certified cnl American healthcare is at a crossroads specialization with fragmentation has produced silos of inefficient and expensive health care services never has it been more critical to provide high quality cost-effective care this requires creativity and wise healthcare resource utilization to this end the clinical nurse leader or cnl rule was developed certified by the Commission on nurse certification the cnl is at the forefront of health care innovation this advanced clinician has the knowledge and skill set necessary to bridge gaps in America's health care with a master's degree focusing on the clinical nurse leader curriculum the cnl focuses on outcome based practice and quality improvement in an effort to enhance coordination with other health care professionals the cnl role has been successfully implemented by multiple healthcare systems and individual facilities throughout the United States working at the point of care SIA Nell's coordinate with all members of the healthcare team to maximize resources and provide patient-centered evidence-based care via this team-based approach CLS in diverse settings have increased patient satisfaction practitioner collaboration and positive patient outcomes additionally they have decreased facility acquired infections Falls pressure ulcers and many other negative outcomes thereby decreasing healthcare costs while boosting patient and provider satisfaction health care systems are realizing the competencies that only a certified cnl can demonstrate I am proud to say that I'm a certified CNL I am a certified CML I am a certified cnl I'm a SIA now

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