DeJonge Associates Latest Innovative Pharmaceutical Packaging Design

DeJonge Associates brings over 40
years of experience in the development and manufacture of pharmaceutical
packaging and drug delivery systems. You’ll find our designs on the shelves
of every drug store in the US and beyond. Our packaging design provides precise,
safe delivery of pharmaceutical products, while enhancing product marketability
and improving ease-of-use for the consumer. The latest patent-pending
design from DeJonge associates is the locked, controlled time dose tablet
dispenser. This dispenser makes prescription drugs available in a
controlled, timely manner, that closely follows the doctor’s orders. The design
is also child resistant. This tablet dispenser is targeted at the growing
opioid addiction crisis. It is not, however designed for people who already
have an opioid addiction. It is designed for patients with legitimate pain relief
needs that require prescription opioids. Many people suffering from opioid
addiction have become addicted due to mis-dosing or overuse. This dispenser
design controls the availability of medication and reduces potential for
overuse. The dispenser can be custom- designed for a variety of pharmaceutical
industry needs, and will be available at the pharmacy with a deposit. A
demonstration of the locked controlled time dose tablet dispenser follows. The
design includes a simple but secure computer interface. The pharmacist
connects to the dispenser via USB or wireless connection. While completing the settings on the computer the pharmacist loads a filled cartridge into the
dispenser. Only the pharmacist can release the tablet cartridge for filling.
The patient receives the dispenser with the cartridge locked, and the toggle
unlocked for a period of one hour, to be able to take the first dose. After taking
the first dose, or the one hour time period has expired,
the dispenser will relock, in this example eight hours, and the timer will
countdown to the next available dose. When the display shows zero, zero, zero,
the patient may push the unlock button. The indicator light then turns
from red to green, and the device unlocks the toggle for a period of up to one
hour, or another time length set by the pharmacist based on the physicians
requirements. The unit is tilted to load a tablet into the dispensing slot. The
toggle switch will not operate without a tablet in this slot. The patient then
pushes the toggle to release a tablet. The timer then automatically resets to
the next available dosage time, eight hours shown here, and the toggle switch
locks. After all tablets have been used as prescribed, the patient returns the
unit to the pharmacist to receive a refill. If no refills remain on the
prescription, the unit is returned to the pharmacy and the deposit refunded. if the
unit is damaged or otherwise tampered with, the patient forfeits the deposit,
the prescription is not refilled, and the prescribing physician is notified. Note
that during the refill, only the pharmacist can release the tablet
cartridge by using the code and a computer connection. While using the
computer connection the pharmacists can also view data about how the unit was
used, including when each pill was taken, if a dose was skipped, and the remaining
battery life of the unit. The locked, controlled, time dosed tablet dispenser
is patent-pending and available for licensing, contract production, or custom
development. Learn more about this dispenser and DeJonge Associates on
our website at

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