DeKalb Medical Physicians Group: Atlanta ENT Specialists

My name is Shivan Amin. I practice head and neck surgery and facial
plastic surgery at Atlanta ENT Specialists. I’m Preston Imhof. I am an Otolaryngologist, which means I specialize
in conditions of the ear, nose and throat. We treat problems of the head and neck, everything
from nose bleeds to airway immersion, to head and neck cancer, to sinus problems. My colleague is Dr. Shivan Amin. He and I first met in 2013 and we tend to
click and have same ideas – as far as how to practice good quality medicine. Dr. Imhof is a fantastic doctor. He’s very attentive, is very detail oriented
and has a very good approach with his patients. I believe that what separates this practice
from many others is that we educate our patients on the reason why we’re doing a particular
medical therapy or why we need to do a particular surgery. I think it’s critical that the patients understand
exactly what kind of treatment they’re receiving and why they’re receiving it. Our patients walk away feeling like they’re
part of a team and not just being told what they’re receiving – in terms of care. Here, at Atlanta ENT Specialists, our focus
is patient centered high-quality care. We’ve assembled a top-tier staff and that
is just as important as the care we deliver. We also emphasize getting patients in and
out quickly to minimize their time here in the office. Being part of the Physicians Group has been
really nice and useful for us, because we have such a large group of physicians that
we can lean on to deliver rapid and effective care. Ever since I completed my Otolaryngology residency
I’ve been with DeKalb Medical Physicians Group, building this practice, Atlanta ENT Specialists,
and it’s been a great opportunity and been very fulfilling.

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