DeKalb Medical Physicians Group: Colorectal Southeast

Dr. Angel: My name is Dr. Luz Angel and I
am a colon and rectal surgeon at Colorectal Southeast, part of the DeKalb Medical Physicians
Group. Dr. Mayer: My name is Raoul Mayer. I’m a colorectal surgeon and I’ve been
at DeKalb Medical for 23 years. Dr. Angel: Our practice offers a wide breadth
of colorectal services. We treat all sorts of anal/rectal disorders
from common things like hemorrhoids and fissures, to complex things like pellitory dysfunction. And we treat almost all ages of patients from
children, say nine and older, to adults of all ages. Dr. Mayer: I think Dr. Angel is a great addition
to the practice. She is extremely warm to her patients and
very attentive to all their needs. Dr. Angel: Dr. Mayer is a unique surgeon because
his expertise is doing the top surgeries and he is like a big brother. He’s a wonderful mentor to me. We work with wonderful staff including several
very dedicated and very friendly medical assistants that go out of their way to make patients
feel very comfortable when they come here. Dr. Mayer: Joining the DeKalb Medical Physicians
Group was probably one of the most rewarding decisions that I have made in many, many,
years. Dr. Angel: Because they offer an incredible
support system where other the doctors are very accessible to me, I am accessible to
them and we all support each other. Dr. Mayer: What makes us unique is our attention
to detail and addressing all of our patients’ needs. I’ve had patients in my practice for, many
times, over 15 to 20 years. Dr. Angel: Prevention of colorectal cancer
is really important because it is one of the few cancers that are preventable and the best
way to prevent colorectal cancer is just to get checked. Dr. Mayer: Please schedule your screening
colonoscopy since colon cancer is unfortunately prevalent in our community. Dr. Angel: I consider it a privilege treat
patients. I’m very fortunate to do what I do. Dr. Mayer and I are very diligent dedicated
surgeons that will treat everybody like family. Dr. Mayer: We take pride in our handling all
the very difficult surgical patients over the many years we’ve been in practice and
that satisfaction one gets by helping this patient population is second to none.

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