DeKalb Medical Physicians Group: DeKalb Orthopedics and Sports Medicine

CHRIS HARASZTI, M.D. >> Our practice, DeKalb Orthopedics and Sports
Medicine, has two locations, one is here in Decatur, and we also have a location in Lithonia
at Stonecrest. We have several providers. We have myself, Dr. Christopher Haraszti,
there’s also Dr. Augustine Conduah, Dr. Paul Richen, Dr. Robert Bachner, Dr. Saif
Zaman, and we have two PA’s. We have Elizabeth Berlin and Brian Leland. SAIF ZAMAN, M.D. >> We will do anything from broken bones,
to joint replacements. Basically anything orthopedic. AUGUSTINE CONDUAH, M.D. >> Our office is a one-stop shop, if you will. Patients can get x-rays here; they can have
injections on-site, and even some physical therapy. PAUL RICHEN, M.D. >> You deal with infants on up to the elderly;
you can deal with entire families. And that’s a lot of fun, and very rewarding. DR. HARASZTI >> I actually take care of patients
lumbar spine problems, foot problems, hand problems, but my primary focus has been shoulders
and hips and knees. Dr. CONDUAH >> Our staff is definitely a team,
and we act that way. We treat each other with respect, we see eye-to-eye
on a lot of topics and issues, and that allows us to function as a team, almost seamlessly. DR. ZAMAN >> The staff here is just great. They’re really lively and they’re real
good about reaching out to patients if we need something. DR. RICHIN >> I think we have a lot of camaraderie
in this office, and the staff feels very comfortable to be themselves, which I think carries over
into taking care of patients. We have happy staff, and I think that means
happy patients. So here, it’s like a family. And it’s always been like a family. DR. CONDUAH >> We stand apart from other orthopedic
practices in Atlanta with the fact we spend time with our patients, we tend to consider
non-operative management first when it’s appropriate. DR. HARASZTI >> We have several modalities for
non-operative treatment. These include viscous supplementation, otherwise
known as gel shots, cortisone shots, bracing, and physical therapy. DR. RICHIN >> When DeKalb took over my practice
about four years ago, that left me to see my patients, and spend more time with them
without worrying about things. DR. ZAMAN >> We have this huge network of other
physicians that are kind of all intertwined and it’s like a close-knit community, which
is, really beneficial to patients and us as providers. DR. HARASZTI >> I love coming to work each day. For me, it’s really not even a job. I look forward to it, I mean, I think that
medicine, in general, should be a calling for people to come in every day and make a
difference. DR. ZAMAN >> It’s great to see different pathology,
different patients, different thought processes, you know. I just love what I do. DR. CONDUAH >> What motivates me to get up, and
come to work, and help others, is the smiles that I see on patients faces. The glory I see in them in their ability to
ambulate and walk when before they actually literally could not, I think that’s priceless.

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