DeKalb Medical Physicians Group: Flat Shoals Office Adds Female Physician Assistant

>> Dr. Oliga:
The name of our practice is Flat Shoals Internal Medicine. It’s located in the southern part of Decatur
and we’re two internists, one family practitioner and a Physician Assistant. >> Dr. Sherrod:
Flat Shoals Internal Medicine is set apart by the people that work here. We worked very hard, we’re very diligent in
providing our patients with excellent healthcare as well as excellent customer service. >> Dr. Joseph:
Our staff here is patient oriented. We treat patients with great care and kindness. >> Dr. Sherrod:
I’d say our staff is outstanding, both in the front office and the back office. Our patients give our staff a lot of compliments
and patients leave the office very satisfied with the care they receive. The majority of our patients are hypertensive,
diabetic, but because we are generalists, we may have skin tag removal, or coughs and
colds, any number of issues that you deal with. >>Dr. Joseph:
We are very comprehensive in our treatment plan; what’s going on mentally, physically,
socially and even sometimes, spiritually. >> Dr. Oliga:
With having a PA like Telicia, she can be kind of our overflow, seeing a lot of walk-in,
same-day appointments. And some patients, especially our female patients,
some of them may want to have that female aspect that can relate to some of their conditions. So I think she’ll be a welcome addition to
kind of fill in that gap. >> Dr. Sherrod:
I’m very confident in my fellow providers. They’re very knowledgeable so anytime there’s
an issue or I have a question or what not I feel very comfortable asking them. >> Dr. Oliga:
Educating patients is probably the most important aspect of medicine, because you’re helping
to improve patients’ lives. >> Dr. Joseph:
Every day I’m very excited coming to work because I know I can make someone feel better
today. >> Dr. Sherrod:
One of the joys of primary care is that you form a relationship with your patients that
lasts for years. You share with their ups and downs, you know,
and it’s just such a great feeling to be that involved with people

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