DeKalb Medical Physicians Group: Kirkwood OBGYN

>> Stuart Pancer, M.D.: My name is Stuart
Pancer and I’m one of the physicians here at Kirkwood OBGYN. Dr. Leslie Pope and I have been in practice
together since 1997, and so she and I have almost been like a married couple for 20 years,
almost. >> Leslie Pope, D.O.: He’s an excellent
guy, people love him, he’s a very good doctor and surgeon. The other providers that work here are Dr.
Elizabeth Kobe who has joined us from Michigan. >> SP: Dr. Andrea Dabney just joined us in
August of 2016 and has been working out beautifully. >> Elizabeth Kobe, D.O.: It’s kind of funny
to think about the typical patient, because one of the things I think I like most about
being an OBGYN is it’s such a varied day-to-day. We do a good mix of Obstetrics and Gynecology
and see patients from teens to 90. >> Andrea Dabney, M.D.: We do see a spectrum
of conditions, medical conditions, so we do quite a bit of primary care, and making sure
their thyroid has been checked, we make sure their heart has been checked, and then we
send them on to someone if they need to. >> EK: We joined the DeKalb Medical Physicians
group in 2013, I think it’s been a great move for our practice. A couple things I really appreciate about
it is the ease of getting patients in to see other specialists and/or primary care doctors. >> SP: We moved here to the Kirkwood/Decatur
area, because of where it is! The type of people around here, young, families
having children, all you see is women pushing strollers, so you know, the perfect area for
an OBGYN type of practice that wants to continue to do obstetrics. >> EK: There’s really a wealth of knowledge
from the other doctors. Dr. Dabney has been practicing for 10 years,
Dr. Pancer and I for 20 and Dr. Pope longer than that, and we often ask each other questions. >> AD: You can sidebar and ask about a patient,
a difficult patient, something unusual, and they never hesitate, and that’s wonderful. >> SP: We tell everybody the first visit,
even if it’s somebody I’ve taken care of for over a decade. You’re not just going to see me, we’re
in this together, it’s the only way to take care of people. >> AD: We’re very family centered, and we
want you to feel like family here. >> LP: We really focus on the patient from
the person who answers the phone, to who greets them at the front desk to checking out, and
of course the physician and nurses in between, is that we know that the whole emphasis is
the patient and taking care of people.

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