DeKalb Medical Physicians Group: Toco Hills Primary Care

Dr. DiFulco:
I’m Dr. Thomas DiFulco and I am a general internist and the lead physician here at the
DeKalb Medical Toco Hills Primary Care office. Stephanie Richards:
My name is Stephanie Richards and I’m a physician assistant with DeKalb Medical and
I work at the Toco Hills Primary Care office. DiFulco:
The Toco Hills office opened in July of 2016. We see patients of all ages. My specialty is internal medicine, including
the brain, the heart, the liver, kidneys and so forth. Richards:
As a physician assistant, I see patients, come up with diagnostic treatment plans, I
consult with Dr. DiFulco pretty much about everything, if I ever have any questions or
need advice about anything. DiFulco:
I have really enjoyed working with Stephanie because she brings some youthful enthusiasm
to this medical practice. I think that she appeals, very much, to the
younger patients that we have and in fact is attracting your patients to the practice. Richards:
What really gets me excited about coming to work is the people that I work with here,
all of the front office staff, the nurses, Dr. Dufulco. It feels like a home, working here, and I
enjoy it every day. DiFulco:
One of the things we really try to do is to be very accessible to our patients. We can get patients in same day, very frequently,
because we want people to be able to come in and get taken care of. Richards:
If I do need to refer somebody to a specialist, DeKalb does a great job with their referral
department. So that way, patients, all they have to do
is worry about making the appointment. DiFulco:
I joined the DeKalb Medical Physician Group in 2011 and it’s been very good. Since I don’t have to spend a lot of time
or energy on actually running the practice, I’ve been able to use that time and energy
for patient care. Richards:
I really enjoyed my time here and getting to meet new people. I’m excited to get to know even more new patients
and grow with them over the years. DiFulco:
My patients really enjoy coming to this practice. We try very hard to get involved with each
patient’s medical problem and to get to know them as individuals. And we work with them to try and provide the
best medical care we can.

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