Deportees coming home addicted to pharmaceutical drugs

A former Christmas Island detainee
claims deportees are landing back in New Zealand
as ‘pharmaceutical junkies’ a habit allegedly picked up
in Australian detention centres. Ripeka Timutimu has this story. Denver Te Ahuru has been back on
New Zealand’ shores for two weeks. Before that he was stuck here
on Christmas Island, where he says
the drug problem was rife. Te Ahuru says he witnessed
the effects of drugs on some of the Maori detainees
locked up. New figures show of the 660 Kiwis
deported to New Zealand over the past two years. 218 have reoffended. Te Ahuru claims prescription
drugs is a factor. Te Tai Tokerau MP Kelvin Davis
says the government continue to turn a blind eye
to the problem. They are giving pills to prisoners, yet are leaving it to NZ
to fix the mess caused when they come back to NZ. Te Ahuru has secured
a job and home, but like other deportees,
faces an uncertain future. Ripeka Timutimu, Te Karere.


  1. Sad, really sad… Big Harmer is making $$$$ out of making people very sick, think about it… its a money spin, from GP to Pharmacy to you and back again, cos it doesnt work.. everyone is making money out of poisoning our people!! Ass holes.. Take rongoa, it works!

  2. He seems like a very respectable fellow. I was expecting murderer types. Should investigate the transtasman agreements for bona fide status in terms national sovereignty.

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