Depression and Anxiety Test? – The Issue With Self Diagnosis

so in this video I wanted to share my opinions on self diagnosis if you look on YouTube some of the most popular videos around mental health are test videos so depression tests anxiety tests bipolar tests there's a lot out there that you can see there's also a lot of articles surrounding self diagnosis when it comes to mental health now I wanted to share some of my personal opinions on it now firstly I think anyone creating videos or raising awareness around mental health is great but when it comes to self diagnosis I think it can become quite dangerous for me I personally believe that we should never use any online tests to diagnose ourselves if any illness let alone a mental illness now I'm personally not a professional and a lot of the videos I do the talks that I do are based upon personal experience and over the past year I've been okay kind of holding my hands up sometimes and not being able to answer a question that I don't feel qualified to answer now I think it's really important that we only use a professional we only use someone qualified to diagnose us with a mental illness I really can't see how answering a series of questions or looking at a series of statements and answering them in our heads can help us decide whoever or not we have a form of mental illness I think it's quite dangerous and I think self diagnosis isn't something that we should be doing now I can't stress enough how individual mental health is and we are all so different and the problem that I see a lot of people facing is there is no one-size-fits-all approach to mental health the way that I dealt with my dad's suicide the way that my dad ended his life the way that I grieve the way that I struggled maybe with depression after that as well he's gonna be very different to the way that you might or someone else might and there really is no one-size-fits-all approach that we can take to mental health so if mental health being so individual I can't see how any test that asks us a series of questions can determine what we are struggling with what we are suffering with what illness we have so as I've kind of said any awareness around mental health is great I would honestly if you're watching this maybe steer away from trying to use any of these tests to help self diagnose maybe what you're feeling more more you're going through right now I don't want us to be completely negative I mean is there any positives to these kinds of tests and for me I can understand why they're so popular I can see exactly why a lot of people watch these videos or do these tests and it's because of the shame the stigma the discrimination that still surrounds mental health how many people are still suffering in silence how many people are turning to YouTube or Google because they're afraid that they're going to go to their doctors or they're afraid of telling a family member or they're afraid of telling their boss at work because of the shame discrimination that still surrounds mental health the reason why these videos and these tests have so many views and so much attention is it's because of that we still don't feel that we can walk into a doctor surgery we still don't feel that we can open up to a family member and get them to support us with our mental health and another reason why I think these tests might be popular and I hate saying this and of course this is case by case I'm not saying that every doctor every expert is is wrong but there's still such a lack of research such a lack of understanding such a lack of support and options for treatment that sometimes as well I don't think maybe going to the doctors is even going to get you the right diagnosis now that doesn't mean that I'm saying don't go to the doctors 100% go and seek professional help if you're struggling with your mental health I can see why people are turning to these tests because of the lack of research funding support that surrounds mental health and a lot of people are going to try and seek that help now they're having to wait eight months for therapy they're having to wait a long time for suitable options for treatment but personally just to summarize this whole video I would honestly suggest that you don't use these tests to diagnose a mental illness you seek professional help you get help from the professionals also as well get help from others with experience when I know in particular when I lost my dad to suicide I feel like that I was the only one going through that and I didn't want to talk to my mom because I felt like I had burden her she just lost her husband I didn't talk to my brother the same reason and I felt very alone but looking at it now knowing what I know now there are so many people out there that have experienced the same thing and there's a huge support network out there of people that are dealing with mental health in self so definitely surround yourself with people that can help you professionally people that know how you feel that have experienced it as well and also people that are positive people that will boost you up and then lastly I would also say that recovery takes time there's no test that will cure a mental illness there's no pill that will make you automatically feel better there's no Dyer there's no one fara P session that's gonna cure all of your problems recovery definitely takes time and I think even as well just improving your overall mental health takes time it's nothing that we could just change overnight with a switch of a button and no tests no one video is going to be able to help that so honestly use it as you want that's just my personal opinion on self diagnosis and depression test anxiety test online but I'd love to know your for so please let me know in the comments below if you're watching this on youtube don't forget to subscribe feel free to engage with me at any time please share your thoughts and finally remember that you are not alone


  1. Hopefully this video helps. AGAIN, don't be afraid to seek professional support and help. You're not alone 🙂

  2. I was taking care of a cat in my neighborhood, used to feed him, got him vaccinated and stuff.. He used to stay in my for hours and sleep peacefully.. He was only 9 months old.. Yesterday afternoon he got killed by most likely a dog that might have strayed into my building.. Buried the little guy in the night but my head feels like it's gonna explode and my chest feels like someone dropped a 40kg dumbbell on it.. Any suggestions might really help.

  3. How are you feeling, Paul? Might be the lighting, but you seem quite tired. Take care of yourself, yeah?

  4. My gf can’t open up to anyone! Only her mom and I know about her anxiety and such. It’s still a challenge but like I’ve told you in person, yourself in videos and doing certain exercises for the mind helps a lot. Also being around positive in your circle helps in everyday life. Thanks for being you Paul 🙌🏼

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