Der Medicus – The Physician | Ben Kingsley EXCLUSIVE Interview (2013)

What a beautiful answer!
I though so too! How is the head of our traveller from the other end of the world?
Much better! A huge part of it takes place in the
Orient and I love that the Alladin story was mentioned in it too if you would have a genie, what would you
wish for? Well you know I do have a genie, You do have a genie?
Yes, but this genie is of my own making and it’s my imagination
my ambition and I feel that if I I’m curious enough, about the world
and allow myself to be guided by my
intuition then the things that
I’m prepared for or lets say capable of living or the things that that come to me at the right time for
the right reasons do come. So I would say boys and girls if you wishing for ja genie it’s inside
you it is called your intuition What a beautiful answer!
I though so too! Thank you.
Thanks to your youth. It makes wonders possible no Medicus could. You are in Ibn Sinas physics lecture. Rob asks your character a a very interesting question in the movie. Do you ever doubt you calling do have an answer for the question? Do you mean about other people or about myself?
About yourself Not for a second I’m profoundly a storyteller It takes the form acting rather than
writing but my my function is narrative, I narrate no, my calling is unswervingly the right one. It doesn’t go that way. I have to
influence my character I have to mold and shape my character and share with the audience how
he sees things as a as a portrait artist energy doesn’t come from the
canvas to me energy comes from my to the canvas. I am the guy who has to choose the colors that go on the canvas. I’m the guy has to choose the gestures
the voice everything that makes Ibn Sina alive on the screen so the energy that goes into that is huge cause if you can imagine sometimes a take in a movie is maybe ninety
seconds long a long take is three minutes
and everything has to be focused and compressed and put into those
seconds in the purest possible form. So that when it’s recorded for ever and played back for an audience you know the part, one gesture, it is one gesture in but the film is all those gestures put
together create a portrait of Ibn Sina
that’s how I work. It doesn’t come to me, I have to put all my energy into the character. You must be exhausted after day of shooting then. You know if I go home exhausted it’s a good day
if I go home not exhausted it means that there’s unfinished
business it means that I haven’t completed the gesture I have not completed something, but if I go
home really exhausted and sleep like a baby
and get up the next morning and go to work refreshed. Yes, the right word is exhausted yes you hopefully put everything down the lens
everything is on the screen Is it easy for you to get out character after a day of shooting or does it accompany you? I think to a
certain extent it does accompany in that there’s a level of subconscious
speculation about how how best to portray him but consciously, no. Something is always going on at some
level definitely otherwise you know I would doubt my calling but I don’t
because I know it’s always cooking its always cooking at some level. Are you looking for war, your higness? They have nothing to loose but their horses. You can loose a whole civilization. Is that so? But which great artist ever adored a peaceful regent? You play this amazing teacher in the movie. Is it fun for you to teach things to
people, did you like that teaching your kids.
I do. I do sometimes hold acting classes if I’m filming in a in a big studio and nearby is an academy that I can spend two or three hours with, I do like
conducting a master class, but I realize that it’s the same as acting basically, I’m telling a story and I think the best form of teaching is through example, through storytelling, not hammering out facts but saying let
me tell you something or let me show you something, and I do
realize when I teach acting students, that is the same process that I’m telling a story to them I use different ways and means, but ultimately it’s the same process and I do enjoy it. I enjoy it, but not
nearly as much as acting because I know that to tell a story is to teach and to heal. And it’s very important. Thank you so much for this great interview. Pleasure my dear, have a good day


  1. Hay du machst echt coole videos !!
    Schaut doch mal auf meinem Kanal vorbei würde mich freue
    Farming Simulator 2014 Test und Review [German]
    Und bitte ABONIEREN!!!

  2. readin' the novel was epic- a total movie in your head.
    the book and the movie have slightly different stories, but the exact same message. 
    One of the most magnificent movies of all time for me!!

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