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today’s video first of all I have got my blonde roast Starbucks coffee I just
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oh I’ve totally got the caffeine buzz going you guys and I am ready to dive
into today’s video which is all about dermatologist recommended products let
me check my receipts here I have got all of my dermatologist recommended products
if you’ve been following my channel for a while now you know that a couple of
months ago I went to the dermatologist I actually vlogged the entire experience
and I’ll make sure I have that down below but when I was at the
dermatologists office at my dermatologist dr. Cunningham shout-out
dr. C gave me a list of all of her dermatologist recommended products that
she picked by hand yes you guys I feel like I’m holding like a secret and MIA
documents no what it’s called mi a CI a Oh
Trevor get it together CIA I feel like I’m holding a secret CIA FBI document
full of like total dermatologist skincare secrets and all of the products
that she recommends my dermatologist said listen Trevor I have tried so many
different products and know about so many different products fragrances dyes
and how they can irritate the skin and she was like these are my favorite
products that I found that are dye free irritant free for sensitive skin people
with eczema and the best part is you can find all of these products on Walmart I
found almost all of these products on Walmart calm so all the prices that I
have are listed from Walmart which are the cheapest prices and I mean most of
these products are under 10 bucks so as you guys can see on this list that I
have here that dr. Cunningham gave me I actually went through and took a little
notes on all of the products so I can tell you the price we’re definitely
gonna talk all about these dermatologist recommended products so if you’re
someone with sensitive skin dry skin eczema or if you just have any skin
concerns definitely pay attention to today’s video because I feel like I have
total dermatologists hacks and secrets and like I’m about to spill the tea so
on my list I have everything from dermatologist recommended soaps hand
creams lotions moisturizers facial cleansers hair care sunscreen I mean dr.
Cunningham hooked me up and I’m ready to share all of these products with you
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hey hi alright guys so let’s dive right into today’s video all about
dermatologist recommended skin care products I’ve got to get this video done
before my hair dries I was kind of inspired by like that wet and wild Kim
Kardashian look that she’s been doing lately but I’m afraid by the end of this
video my hair is just gonna dry into a big frizz ball so we’re on the race of
time so let’s dive right into today’s video of dermatologists recommended
products okay so let’s just dive ahead first into all of these dermatologists
and recommended products I figured while I sat here and talked to you guys I
would actually apply a face mask so today I brought in the pure clay mask by
L’Oreal Paris this face mask is only ten bucks you guys it contains a three
different types of clays as well as yuzu I think that’s how you say it
yuzu lemon for brightening I really like this face mask because it has a little
bit of texture to it so you’re also gonna get exfoliation as well as
purification so I mean after use this your skin is just gonna look snatched I
figured we do a little multi-masking multitasking that way you guys kind of
get a two-for-one you’ll get a review of this face mask as well as learning about
all of these dermatologist recommended products so let’s just go ahead and dig
right into it I totally just realized as I sat down here to talk to you guys I
actually don’t have enough hands to hold my dermatologist recommended products
and all of the notes that I took and apply the face mask at the same time so
I’ve put my notes right in front of me so if you see me looking down I mean
just bear with me guys I have got so many notes here I didn’t want to just
list all of the products I wanted to let you know how much they were I wanted to
let you know different features and benefits so I have all these notes here
in front of me so just bear with me if I look down first category we’re gonna
talk about you guys from dermatologist recommended products straight from dr.
Cunningham herself dr. C I hope you’re watching this
comment down below dr. C I told her all about my channel you guys we’re gonna
talk all about hand soaps now she actually recommended two different hand
soaps the first one is the Aveeno moisturizing bar the Aveeno moisturizing
bar cost three dollars and 21 cents and it’s for very dry and sensitive skin
they also say that it contains colloidal oatmeal that’s really rich in protein so
if you’re someone who suffers from like really dry patches on your hands the
Aveeno moisturizing bar might be the right product for you
you also I do have to say Aveeno originated in Canada pat myself on my
back but I don’t want to get facemask on my back I am from Canada you guys and
I’m so excited and proud that Aveeno is from Canada found it almost 75 years ago
now they’re owned by Johnson & Johnson but that is one of the soaps that she
recommended the second-hand soap that she recommended is the dove moisturizing
bar now of course we know all about dove and that it contains 1/4 moisturizer
which is really ironic because I just bought a new dove body wash it’s
actually one of the ones that pump ones that come out as a foam my body has
never felt more dry than after using the Dove foaming body wash I’m actually like
when I get out of the shower before I even get out of the shower to be honest
my skin is already dry anyway that totally distracted me but the other soap
that my dermatologist recommended is the Dove motorizing bar does contain the
quarter percent moisturizer so if you are someone with dry hands in theory if
it’s nothing like the foaming Body Wash it should moisturize and hydrate your
skin now both of these bars of soap seem perfectly great especially for winter
because they would hydrate the skin and really protect your hands but I do have
to say recommending bar soap what is this 1985 who uses bar soap anymore I
have never gone into someone’s house oh that’s kind of like a gross thought – I
don’t even know oh I just can’t think about touching a gross bar of soap
especially one that’s not my own so I don’t think that I would be inclined to
buy these two bars of soap but the bars of soap that she recommended is the
Aveeno moisturizing bar as well as the Dove sensitive skin beauty bar have any
of you guys tried these bars of soap before let me know in the comments down
below do you use bar soap as anyone used by
our soap I’m just confused about bar soap altogether alright so the next
category of dermatologist recommended products that my dermatologist
recommended is hand in body moisturizers now I know you guys are probably really
excited to talk all about hand and body moisturizers I mean everyone needs a
good hand in body moisturizer so this is definitely a good category and my
dermatologist has recommended two different products the first one is
CeraVe cream now when I was googling this the only one I could find was the
bigger bottle with the pump retailed for $14.99 that’s still not a bad price for
a body moisturizer you do get quite a bit in there for the 14.99
but like all CeraVe products at their products contain hyaluronic acid as well
as a ceramides so this is really gonna hydrate the skin and protect the skin
and you know really give it that nourishing feel I have the CeraVe
hydrating cleanser also contains hyaluronic acid and
ceramides and guys I actually think that this cleanser broke me out so yes it is
for sensitive skin and for you know dermatologist recommended but I do
believe that this product broke me out nothing major but I did experience
little red bumps on my skin and by the power of deduction this is the only
product that I really changed during that period so I do believe that the
survey product did make me break out but it is one of the body moisturizers that
my dermatologist recommended survey does make great products just in my
experience with the brand it did make my skin break out so I’m a little bit on
the fence now the next body moisturizer that she recommended is that La Roche
Posay lipeh care a bomb now this body moisturizer is pretty expensive you guys
its 2250 and you only get half the value of this CeraVe body moisturizer so
you’re gonna have the product for double the price but you know La Roche Posay it
does have a great products so I’ve heard I’ve actually never tried any LA
roche-posay products if you’re out there La Roche the thing with the LA
roche-posay Olympic hair bomb is that it’s actually an anti itching bomb it’s
really soothing and it’s actually for eczema prone skin so I’m not sure about
the whole technicalities of eczema or eczema I mean I have heard that you
can’t really cure exam up especially with drugstore products but this product
is eczema safe so if you do have eczema or eczema potato potato
this would be a great soothing anti itching balm and you know what now that
I think about it the reason why it’s probably more expensive than the survey
is because it is that anti itching and soothing formula I mean you get what you
pay for I totally almost forgot to talk about this face mask as well you guys as
you can see it’s going on the skin really easily it does have a really fine
texture in it so when we rinse it off it’s also gonna help exfoliate the skin
you guys know I love a good exfoliation my skin was cleansed before I started
this process I should have said that as well but here we are I’ve just been
loving L’Oreal Paris skincare lately you guys it’s actually the brand that I
started with when I first started doing skin care back in junior high and I’ve
kind of just rediscovered it lately and I’m totally re falling in love alright
so next up we are gonna talk about hand creams I know you guys are always in the
market for a good hand cream who’s not in the market for a good hand cream
I mean winters around the corner and dry hands dry myths are just around the
corner as well also this is a total side note you guys if you wash your hands in
cold water you will never get dry hands ever
again it’s something that my doctor actually taught me and it’s actually
true total sidenote but it’s true so dr. Cunningham recommended three
different hand creams three we’ve hit the jackpot you guys the first one is
the Cetaphil barrier cream or Cetaphil barrier cream this is $8.99 and it’s
intense 24-hour hydration and it is extremely rich when I look this product
up every review every tag that it said about the product is rich very rich this
sounds like a great hand cream Cetaphil is a pretty affordable skincare
brand you can find it at almost any drugstore CVS Walmart I mean Cetaphil is
just like one of those staple products in the drugstore I’ve always thought
about them as more of like a face skincare company I don’t think I ever
would have tried a hand cream by Cetaphil but I definitely think that I’m
gonna pick this one up and try it because I have used a couple of their
products in the past I’m definitely gonna give it a try
now the second hand cream that dr. Cunningham recommended I actually think
is a joke I look this product up and I could find
like very little information on it first of all it’s called improve cream but
like iymp our UV cream I could find very little information on this hand cream
you guys I looked it up in like if you can’t find any information on the
Internet how are you ever gonna find it in the
store I could only find this hand cream on Amazon and oh my gosh you guys you
know what my hands are covered in face masks but I need to show you something
I just have to show you guys a screencap of the information that I took about
this improve hand cream yesterday I thought I’m just gonna have to read this
to you guys because it literally is so crazy listen to the description that it
gives on this hand cream are you ready a unique derma membrane
structure helps restructure lipids in the stratum corneum to maintain normal
barrier function to prevent future moisture loss that’s the only
information I could find and that is like the craziest sentence ever I was
like the normal person going to know what a derma membrane structure lipids
Straten corneum crazy anyway I can’t find any information on that hand cream
so I honestly don’t think that that’s one that I’ll be trying but the next
hand cream that she recommended actually sounds like a pretty cool one I don’t
know if it the one that I would try but if you’re someone out there who’s like
allergic to any kind of plants or like dust the next hand cream that she
recommended is called pree vex cream PR e ve X and this
actually is a protectant cream that actually goes on your hands and forms a
protective layer so if you’re someone who’s open the garden and you kind of
get irritated hands because of grass or flowers or plants food cosmetics I mean
the list here goes on and on but if you’re someone who has those really
sensitive hands and experiences flare-ups
check out this pre vex cream I mean it sounds very intense and not like your
normal everyday hand cream but if you are that someone with a really sensitive
hands check that out now the next category we’re gonna talk about guys is
facial cleansers I’m actually really excited for this category and I was
really excited to see the face washes that she would recommend something that
my dermatologist told me that I had never thought of before especially when
it comes to face washes and face creams is even though some products say
unscented if you’re someone who’s really sensitive to scents there’s actually
something called a masking scent so a lot of times when things say scent free
it’s actually because a masking scent has gone on top to cancel out that scent
but it’s actually still a scent like the masking scent is still a scent that’s
very confusing anyway they use that masking scent to
cover up the fragrance but if you’re someone who is very scent sensitive
you’re still going to react to that masking fragrance all of these products
as well has zero masking fragrances which is really cool and really
important so like I said I was so excited to check out all of these facial
cleansers that dr. Cunningham was gonna recommend and I get here and the first
two facial cleansers that she recommends is the Aveeno moisturizing bar and the
Dove sensitive skin beauty bar she is recommending using bar soap on
your face this is where you’ve lost me dr. Cunningham this is where my train
track has like derailed and I am off going east you are going west
I am say goodbye because I honestly don’t think you guys that I would ever
use bar so I mean on my face I could give it a try it actually could be a
really cool video idea could you guys imagine using a facial cleanser that was
a bar of soap that cost three dollars but I mean apparently both of these bars
of soap are for sensitive skin are really gonna hydrate the skin at the
same time as cleanse it without stripping the skin or destroying that pH
balance I guess I’ve just never thought about using a bar of soap as an actual
face wash I’ve always just associated bars of soap with washing your hands and
I would assume that your hands are a lot more tough and it skins a lot more thick
than the skin on your face and you would need something less irritating for your
face but you know what maybe it’s a cool idea to try that out I can’t believe I’m
actually saying this but you guys want me to try that let me know in the
comments down below I definitely could try that out like maybe do a 30 day
challenge of only using bar soap $3 bar soap to wash my face if that worked that
would be like revolutionary but if you don’t want to try those bars of soap as
a face wash she did recommend one more product and what she recommended is that
Cetaphil wash now the really cool thing about this Cetaphil face wash is that
not only is it ten boxes so super affordable CVS Walmart but this is
actually a soap-free cleanser that you don’t even need water for you can go
ahead and put it all over your face kind of do your rub-a-dub-dub thing if you’re
somewhere where there’s no water or you just don’t want to get your face wet rub
it around and then just wipe it off with a cloth you can actually leave that
little layer of film on your face and that’s gonna help protect and moisturize
the skin so this face wash is almost like a two in one product it’s not only
gonna cleanse your skin but it’s also gonna hydrate and work as a light
moisturizer I mean I’ve never tried this product but for ten bucks I’m actually
gonna try and pick it up at the drugstore I’m going to see how it works
I don’t let you guys know and on a side note the Cetaphil face wash is actually
one of the most best-selling and fastest selling face washes ever they say that
one is sold every minute around the world one bottle every minute I mean
that is a freaking lot of bottles okay I’m so excited to share with you guys
this next category as well this is facial moisturizers blasphemy of
facial moisturizers from the drugstore trevor is it true I don’t have to go to
Sephora to get a daily moisturizer the first product that my dermatologist
recommended is the Cetaphil moisturizing lotion and cream
$13.99 you guys $13.99 for a facial moisturizer this is for the face it’s
also great for the body because this face cream is full of humectants and
emollients it’s really gonna bind to water and plump up the skin hydrate the
skin this formula is also very light all of the descriptions that I found is said
that it was very lightweight so this kind of sounds like if you have acne
prone skin or even oily skin this lightweight formula is probably gonna
work great for your skin $13.99 I mean it’s so cheap you
basically can pick it up and give it a try why not
now the second facial moisturizer that she recommended is another product from
La Roche Posay and that is the LA roche-posay Halle rain moisturizer again
I’ve never tried any of the la roche products but this is $25 and it
contains a prebiotic formula and 48 hours of moisturizer I’ve got no idea
what a prebiotic formula is I know a lot about probiotics but I don’t really know
anything about prebiotics or if they’re even the same thing and in skincare I’m
not really sure what a prebiotic is I’m sure it’s some type of anti-aging or
antioxidant ingredient ooh de la roche-posay hollering line is for
sensitive skin so if you want to try a product that’s a little step up from
kind of like that baseline drugstore products I mean I feel like I’m gonna
have to go to the drugstore right after shooting this video to go get samples of
all of these creams and just like try them out all over my hand swatch them
feel them the people at the desk is gonna think I’m crazy
I might even bring this list with me and be like listen I have to try all of
these products ace that I’m always so interested to learn about facial
moisturizers that don’t come from Sephora or don’t come from a luxury
skincare line all right this face mask is starting to
dry down I am feeling fabulous and the next category we’re gonna talk about you
guys is haircare and my dermatologist she only recommended one product and
this one product is a not Pantene it’s not Head & Shoulders or any of the
shampoos that you would think that are on the normal drugstore shelf what my
dermatologist recommended for haircare is free and clear shampoo now this
bottle retails for 1150 so I would say it’s about double the price of a regular
shampoo but this has no parabens no sulfates no masking fragrance it has no
dyes it’s gluten free I mean there’s just so many great benefits listed of
this shampoo now the only place that I could find it is on allergy
the thing with the shampoo is it’s not very accessible I did google around and
I didn’t find that much information I could only find it on allergy
which is actually where she recommended that I get it from now realistically I
think this is a shampoo that I will never actually try because I don’t
really have any hair issues but if you’re someone out there with a dry skin
especially dry scalp if you really need that deep endorsement or if your scalp
is just very sensitive again check out free and clear shampoo on allergy alright guys we are on the last category
and just in time because this face mask is just about dried down and I’m almost
ready to wash it off now the last group of products that my dermatologist
recommended is sunscreens done tanana now you guys know that I am obsessed
with sunscreen and we dermatologist recommended two different types of
sunscreen one physical and one chemical using a chemical
sunscreen in particular is a very personal choice there’s some information
out there you guys can google that separately but she did recommend a
chemical sunscreen as well as a physical sunscreen physical sunscreens often have
a white cast which is fine if you’re going to the beach if you’re going
outside if you don’t really care that there’s a white cast if you’re not going
somewhere special so because there’s benefits to each type of sunscreen I
assume that’s why she’s listed two different kinds the first chemical
sunscreen that she recommended is the umbrella complete Lotion SPF 45 / 60
I’ve seen the on brow complete lotion at any CVS Walmart I mean it’s one of the
staple sunscreens across the country and she does recommend the SPF of 45 or 60
always shoot for that kind of 30 to 50 mark that way you’re getting complete
protection so if you’re going somewhere important or you’re just going somewhere
where you don’t want that white cast a chemical sunscreen would be perfect for
you and the ombrello complete Lotion SPF 40 to 60 is what she recommends this
summer actually used an aerosol sunscreen I don’t think I want to use
that next year I’ve read a lot of things about inhaling that aerosol spray so I
think next year I’m going to switch back to a lotion and I’m definitely going to
check this one out now the physical sunscreen that she recommended is the
event mineral ultra light hydrating sunscreen lotion SPF 50 plus Wow
that’s a mouthful I’m sure you guys have tried an event product somewhere in your
life I haven’t tried this exact sunscreen before but given that it is a
physical blocker I would assume there to be a little bit
of white cast like I said it goes on the skin and it kind of has to create that
barrier to reflect the light back off the skin which is the white cast I just
know whenever I think about physical sunscreens I always think about
lifeguards sitting on the beach with the big white nose that’s like the ultimate
representation of a physical sunscreen okay so this face mask totally dried
down I need to give my face a quick rinse I’ll meet you guys right back here
we’ll wrap this all up I’ll show you how beautiful and bougie my skin is and we
will wrap up talking about all of these turbit ologists recommended products
i’ll beat you guys right back here one sec oh my skin is snatched I’ve finished
mask you guys it’s just amazing I also got so hungry excuse me I’m talking with
my mouth full I all of a sudden got so hungry when I was washing my face off
alright that’s a little bit better I also can’t believe that my hair held in
this long it still looks like somewhat presentable in real life I don’t know if
it looks like great with that being said mice
is totally refreshed I’m so glad that we could sit down and talk about all of my
different dermatologist recommended products like I said if you didn’t watch
my vlog of going to the dermatologist I’ll have it linked down below
she really hooked me up I’ll also have those videos linked down below but I
just love this list that she gave me of all of the different products that she
recommends from the drugstore like I said most of these products are under
$10 I definitely think that I’m gonna pick up a few of these skincare products
I’m also gonna go to shoppers and Walmart and just test and try on the
back of my hand if you’ve tried any of these skincare products or are familiar
with any of these products let me know in the comments down below which ones
you use which ones I should try and if you want me to try a bar of soap as a
face cleanser and give this video a big thumbs up so that I know to go ahead
with that video I can’t believe we’ve reached the end of today’s video but
don’t fear if you want to keep hanging out with me you can watch more videos
right here and you can subscribe right here if you made it to the end of this
video I love and appreciate you so so much thank you so much for hanging out
with me thanks for coming back again and just thanks for being you until the next
video guys I can’t wait to see you then bye guys


  1. Hi Trevor a good hand cream is Hemp for The Body Shop and for the body the best is Eucerin Advanced Repair is only 10Dollars, I use the Roche Posay Toleriane Cleanser is very good for clean your face and is for dry to normal skin. Thank you for your videos!!! Kisses Lucila

  2. Trevor please can you hold the product up so we can see them for a little while if you have them? I want to see them. Also can you maybe do a review for Neutrogena Visibly Clear skincare range ? The washes and toner and moisturiser please as I hear it’s good but it has fragrance in. I want Salicylic Acid products but most have fragrance in them x

  3. Don't knock the bar soaps before you try them! They're great! Also, a lot of the skin care products that are high end or are found in Sephora have harsh, irritating, and damaging ingredients. Check out Dr Dray's channel. She's a dermatologist and explains a lot about this.

  4. Hello Trevor! So I am still using my Retin-a and due to winters dry humidity I live in LA I started to have very dry and irritated sensitive facial skin. I don’t want to stop my retin-a so I went to Target and had excuse to grab couple of items you mentioned here and decided to come back to your video and share it with you. I got the Aveeno Moisturizing with oats soap bar and tried it just now for first time , so far I love it I gotta say it doesn’t feel like any regular soap bar , it felt super natural and very moisturizing , I can tell it has oats in it 😆First impression I love it! I’m going to use that as my morning face wash everyday and see if it doesn’t break me out then I found my $3 forever best friend 😊I also got Vichy Booster Mineral 89 for face with hyaluronic acid which I’m already in love with omg it’s so super silky hydrating and best part is it has few ingredients on the list and doesn’t clog pores I only get stuff that doesn’t clog my pores. And the last item I got is La Roche Posay Lipikar Balm AP+ for face and body and OMG!!! I love it! My irritated face just thanks it! It’s perfect for my retin-a/dry irritated sensitive winter skin. So calming and moisturizing and doesn’t clog pores. I liked it so much that I went and put some on my husband and my 5 year old daughter to show off how amazing it feels on a skin! Again thanks to you my face feels a whole lot better for the winter and I hope I won’t have breakouts because this items are awesome 😎🥰Love you Trevor you helped me a few times already 🤗🤗🤗

  5. I love the foaming cervae face wash but I’m trying the hydrating one and a new neutrogena face lotion and started breaking out. Time to figure out which is the culprit

  6. Haha I use bars of soap! Dove sensitive for my lady parts and I also LOVE the dove rose bar(pink bar) of soap. I just love the smell and makes my skin feel soft:)

  7. Dove Sensitive Skin Beauty bar is honestly FANTASTIC for your face. It's not really a soap per say more like a super fatted solid cleanser but it has never left my face dry or irritated. Highly highly recommend

  8. I love dove bar soap, cerave bar soap and ethique shampoo and conditioner bar soap! Less plastics in our bin's and oceans! This is coming from a USA citizen. 😊 Love our planet and our body's. Btw my favourite deodorant it lumē doctor created and works 100 percent. No smell for up to 72 hours

  9. Hada Labo foam face wash is the best face wash not drying at all. I have very sensitive skin it doesn’t irritate or dry

  10. You should have inserted pictures of these products. Also you should check out dr. Dray on YouTube the dermatologist and I think she sounds better than yours.

  11. LaRoche Posay is awesome. Been in skincare for 25 years and an esthetician. Ive sold this product line and Cerave for a few years but had to return to high end to make money. Both of these lines are owned by Loreal but really great lines. Btw..not trying to be abrasive here but when you spoke about the description of the Impruv hand cream the description gives the scientific aspects of the cream which is great because you know its not just gimmicky. Heres my suggestion for you. If you are going to do a vlog on beauty including skincare you really need to educate yourself on ingredients and technical terminology associated with it. Good luck to you.

  12. Oh pls. Idgaf if it's dermatologist recommended or jesus recommended. I will be the judge of the ingredients to see if its gonna break. Me. Out or not. And those cerave products are full of comedogenic ingredients in one glance.

  13. You have such a positive vibe. I was just two minutes into the video when I subscribed because of your happy positive vibe!

  14. Hi Trevor can u review a ceraVe body wash for rough n bumpy skin with 3 essential ceramides n salicylic acid skin smoothing formula

  15. Lol I laughed when you took the sheet out and did that little pull, made me laugh. I also love how genuine you are. And many of the products you mention are great, keeps my skin looking clear and smooth.

  16. Watch Dr Dray. If this derm is recommending facial bars I’m guessing she’s not as into anti aging and beauty as us. Dr Dray just gets it. And she has said in last videos not to use bar soap on the face!

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