DHEA Benefits for Men and Women: The DHEA Hormone Really Helps with Anti-Aging!

DHEA benefits hi my name is david claussen with quick – nutrition comm where i help you to save big money on nutritional products and DHEA is a really important hormone that it’s produce or it is produced by your adrenal glands and it’s an important hormone because it supports balance for men and women and the problem is is starting in your late 20s so anybody 30 or older really wants to add DHEA into their diet because and let me start something here excuse me a second you want to add DHEA into your diet because your body doesn’t produce it anymore so when you add it studies show that you will help with the aging process the benefits include it helps your brain function it’ll boost your mood and it helps people suffering from depression some other benefits are it prevents adrenal fatigue and when your adrenal glands become fatigued you get symptoms like increased fatigue reduced mental clarity lower sex drive and reduced resistance to infections now where it helps women is that’ll ease menopausal symptoms increase bone density and strengthens the vaginal walls and DHEA for men will help them retain their testosterone levels restore muscle mass and help with erectile dysfunction now be careful with certain supplements because you can’t get DHEA from a food source so some people will say you get it from wild yams or soy but that is not correct ingesting these foods will not increase the body’s DHEA levels now daily you want to take about 50 milligrams a day of DHEA and by doing that it’s really gonna enhance your life by promoting your overall health of vitality and I got this article from Zhao nutrition which is a best-selling supplement company on Amazon they have high ratings so that’s why I talk about it over 4 points and they advertise you know a hormonal balance for both men and women it also strength by tality and healthy aging so it’s a great product to try out and just below this video I’m gonna put a link to my website and because I teach you I’ll give you a free lesson on how you can save $179 a month on all or the top nutritional brands like Zhou nutrition the vitamin shoppe GNC total tea Swanson organifi some of the biggest names in nutrition plus I’ll teach you how to save even more and other products by just doing a few extra clicks so just click on the link below this video and just put in your name and email address and I will give you the free lesson and also um don’t forget to if you haven’t already to subscribe to my youtube channel because I just do quick videos to help remind you about good health nutrition and all those things so thanks so much for your time and I wish you the best of health take care

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