Diabetes: Exercise as medicine

Have you ever starting an exercise plan only to find out you didn’t succeed like you
wanted to? Well, we discovered some very powerful factors that
need to be addressed in order for you to truly succeed on an exercise program that will transform your health. The Insulite insulin sensitivity exercise plan is designed in conjunction with our nutritional
plan the focus on four vital elements that are uncommon to other exercise plans. Firs,t the underlying goal of the Insulite plan is to increase your cell sensitivity to
insulin. The entire program has been uniquely developed
for that fundamental purpose. Second this plan is designed to neutralize the addictive
qualities that carbohydrates and sugars have on your brain. Third, we help you reframe your relationship
with exercise so that you can experience exercise As medicine. We do this by having you understand that the
research shows exercise increases your cells sensitivity
to insulin. We then help you recognize that each time you
engage in exercise or increase your movements throughout the day Its as if you’re getting your cells a
shot of medicine to help them become more sensitive to insulin. Forth, We provide a support systems throughout this
weekly health protocol that includes guides, tips, fresh ideas, and encouragement, giving you what you need to stay on track. Our state-of-the-art core exercise technology has been created by blending a two-stage
model. The first stage, exercise for health is structured to be creative, flexible, and gradual. You pick activities that you like at as much variety that
appeals to you then gradually increase your time and duration. You pick the exercises that you like best and that you feel you can stay with the most easily. Then you use the design slow increase the physical activity in conjunction with the Insulite nutritional
plan to balance the withdrawal symptoms associated With weaning yourself from sugars and carbohydrates which is critical to support your long-term success. The second part of this program we call Life
in Motion. It gives you numerous choices and strategies
to incorporate small changes in your everyday life to increase your body’s natural movement. They require almost no additional time. You’ll find them easy to do and they help to boost your metabolism and
increase insulin sensitivity throughout your day. For example, you might start with something
as simple as taking the stairs instead of the elevator, standing while talking on the phone, or parking fifty yards from the entrance
to the grocery store or office So you automatically walk farther. Each of the small changes add up over time
And are a way for you to further use exercise as a form of medicine continually increasing your cells sensitivity
to insulin. The Life in Motion program also makes it
easy for you to give up the guilt for missing and day or two of your regular routine knowing that each day you’re doing something healthy for your body even if you miss your regular exercise routine. Please take a few minutes to review the information
here so you can learn more about how to use The Insulite insulin sensitivity exercise plan to transform your health. We at Insulite Labs are excited to be able
to provide you with this fresh and powerful approach to exercise. So have fun with it.


  1. Some people with diabetes have misconceptions about the importance of exercise. They may think well I hate exercise, and I don't have a weight problem anyway. However, fats can be accumulating on the internal organs instead of on the outside. Diabetes or not- exercise is a must!!!

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