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good welcome to true help Tuesdays tonight we're talking about diabetes now if you or a family member has not been affected by this I'm surprised because this is American it's it's an epidemic now what's frustrating is we're going to cover the causes of this okay now type 1 type 2 and type 3 I know you're going to get that like like what okay but when we look at it we got to look at the cause because this is this is virtually an epidemic now but when we look at the body the body is supposed to be self healing and self regulating and this is every animal species on the planet and wearing animal species so what's broken when the body can't regulate its own blood sugar what's what's what's the defect okay when we're looking at the causes of this okay we have to look at just four basic things neurotoxins and we have neurotoxins in the food we have neurotoxins in vaccines we have neurotoxins in pesticides and packaged foods that means actual nerve poisons that can damage our ability to produce insulin and also damage the system where we require more sugar so the body's intelligent response may be to elevate glucose then we look at food toxins and these are going to be crazy things that are still recommended for people with diabetes I don't know if you've ever heard of aspartame or Splenda yeah we're going to be covering that if you're diabetic you don't want to take those neurotoxins then we're going to look at trauma and this is the physical chemical and emotional stressors do you know what a normal response is to the body under physical chemical and emotional stress you need more energy so so you're actually going to require more sugar so let's find out healthy ways to deal with it and then medications blood pressure medications elevate elevate blood sugar cholesterol medications elevate blood sugar isn't that interest I know so when we start looking at this then and I got to apologize for the small fun but we're talking one out of three Americans now if we had one out of three water buffaloes with diabetes would we go in there with medications or we want to find out the toxic effect that's causing it now 95% of all diabetics are type 2 and this is important because when we talk about curing it type 2 diabetes is is from toxic food or toxic assault on the system and you're going to find out how a lot of the pesticides are destroying our normal gut flora leading to the toxic response which is type 2 diabetes so only 5% of diabetics are the type 1 and this is an autoimmune condition where the body is literally attacking itself now you may have heard that the pancreas secretes insulin and it does and you may have heard that the brain we now discovered also secretes its own insulin have you heard that I know it's so cool because we'll still we're still learning stuff you know and if you think about it the brain is only about two and a half to three pounds it burns 25% of the body's glucose so the brain is a glucose machine so it kind of makes sense that the brain would produce its own insulin but what I want you to understand is what insulin is see insulin we need a certain amount of glucose floating around in the bloodstream now under physical chemical emotional stress or under certain metabolic processes we require more glucose so the glucose needs to get into the cell and what gets it in the cell is insulin so insulins primary role isn't to lower glucose it's to get it out of the bloodstream and into the cell so imagine this picture picture that you've got the glucose floating around of the bloodstream and it needs to get into the cell so insulin goes in there knocks on the cell the cell says oh cool insulins here there must be glucose so the cell opens up and glucose goes in well in type 1 there's not enough insulin floating around because something has damaged the cells of the pancreas or the other cells of tissue that produce insulin so there's not enough insulin so it's in its insulin there's not enough and this is why people who have type 1 diabetes will actually shoot insulin and in their body now type 2 diabetes is insulin resistant this means that there's certain type of toxins that have been elevated and elevated and elevating glucose well the cells don't need that much so insulin goes in there knocks on the cell the cell opens up and it's either glucose that it can't utilize like some type of synthetic or it's it's too much glucose and you just can't utilize it so the cell doesn't open up so glucose I mean insulin knocks on the cell that knocks on the cell the knocks on the cell the knocks on the cell the cell just says screw this I'm not going to open up anymore I'm resistant to the insulin so it's insulin resistant diabetes so the blood sugars up there but it can't go down because the insulin can't get it out because the cells are desensitized to the signal from the insulin okay does that make sense okay now Type three is a combination of one and two now here's the problem type three we're looking more has a brain problem okay there even a lot of scientists are saying that Alzheimer's disease is a combination of both one and two because it has features of insulin resistant and insulin deficient diabetes and you start looking at it you think we'll wait a second that doesn't make any sense and this was a brilliant article out of the journal of diabetes Science and Technology where where what happens why is this not working right and why is it in the brain and when you look at the brain remember the brain has two metabolic functions it's kind of like a hybrid car the brain about two-and-a-half to three pound brain burns 25% of the body's glucose if if there's a problem with glucose or a problem with insulin the brain since the brain and nervous system control every function of the body the brain can instantly switch over to a fat metabolism so this means that if the brain has been damaged from either insulin or too much glucose it can instantly ship shift its metabolic processes over that metabolic process now you may have heard that people who have an Alzheimer's disease if they increase medium chain fats or coconut oil may help Alzheimers and you may have heard that and well that's why because the brain is literally starving and it can actually switch its metabolic response from glucose to fat I know in that cool yeah so so when you look at this 25% of the body now insulin resistance occurs in the brain in non diabetics as well so it means that that's somebody who could be not diabetic is starting to develop diabetic tendencies because of toxic exposure now glucose can actually oxidize and damage cells so this means too much glucose in the body can actually damage the system and then when we look at this people with diabetes are 50% more likely to develop Alzheimer's disease what's rampant in our culture Alzheimer's disease yeah so so when we look at this when did this start when did our populations start to be toxified like this because type 2 diabetes 95% of all diabetics are from a toxic exposure well back in 1900 we're talking diabetes affected 0.002 8% of the population now by 1930 BAM a thousand percent increase now if you had a thousand percent increase in a disease would you consider that an epidemic yes or yes yeah we need to check out when we do a talk on autism okay we're talking one in 10,000 now it's one in 33 by 2023 the number of autistic kids will outnumber the kids without toss about autism so that's a greater than thousand percent increase but but let's go back to 1933 why would it increase well what they found out is that World War one okay our boys overseas needed more of our dairy so they started to develop this these synthetic fats have you ever heard of Crisco oil yeah well it's a type of vegetable fat and your body can't metabolize the fat well and so this causes certain different types of toxic response by the body or elevations and diabetes now in 1922 these fellows from Canadians they actually won the Nobel Prize developing a type an injectable insulin okay that actually saved lives now when we look at diabetes think of this some people could be like subclinical diabetic but but let's look at the causes of what this does heart failure apple toaster osis are hardening their arteries high blood pressure elevations in cholesterol and when you look at this high blood pressure and cholesterol are those diseases caused by diabetes or is this the body adapting to it and then this is important because I want you to get the distinction see if you have diabetes is the blood healthy and efficient does it carry oxygen and nutrients or is it thick and not not healthy it's thick and not healthy this is why when we look at joint problems you know what a joint is you've got two bones surrounded by a joint capsule and that joint capsule is a super filtration unit to filter blood to allow that synovial fluid and joints to heal well in diabetics they have joint problems because the blood so thick you can't filter to produce the synovial fluid if the blood is thick and it's it you know you've got this pump what do you think has to happen a blood pressure in order to move the thick sludge so it has to go up so high blood pressure is an adaptation now since glucose can oxidize and it oxidizes and changes cellular DNA it actually has an inflammatory property your body is going to require more cortisol which is an anti-inflammatory your body needs cholesterol to produce more cortisol so can you see there's like a cascade here but what's a problem is in our society we're not looking at the body's responses as intelligent we're looking at it has pathology so if you view high blood pressure high cholesterol has a pathology and not has a brilliant adaptation of the body you're going to kill the patient okay so when we look at this impotence retinopathy problems the eyes kidney failure liver failure no kidding thick toxic blood is going through the filter so so when we look at this what's the what's the solution for all of these problems it's fixed in the blood now when we look at this let's look at a normal think of an elevation and blood sugar has an intelligent response it's not pathology okay under physical chemical and emotional stress you're being chased by Tiger do you want more energy or less so the liver is going to break glycogen down a glucose it's going to have to elevate blood sugar because you need more blood sugar available in that in that area so you get that immediate energy to get away from it now what's what's frustrating is do we have a lot of stress in our society absolutely physical stress of sitting or driving or television watching or you know work then we've got the emotional stress of being lied to by the state and our state-run media wait did I just say that or you think that I'm hoping that there's a filter from my brain to the mouth okay no we have a free press in our society it's not run by the corporation's I see a lot of potential you have potential No okay so so when we look at this the cortisol gating the stress is going to elevate blood sugar physical chemical emotional but the chemical stressors wouldn't be exposed to okay when we start talking about the pesticides and how those are which we're going to get into it's like my gosh no wonder the body is going to develop it now high blood pressure there's no England Journal of Medicine 2,000 high blood pressure medications elevate diabetes why why is the body self regulating self healing yes yes doctor I'm sorry what that's a better response by gosh yes it is okay so if you need blood pressure to a certain level now should we all have the exact same blood pressure now of course not okay I'm sorry what does medical the world say we should okay yeah okay so now whatever your body requires it's self-regulating so if we take a chemical to try and second-guess the brilliance of your body to force that down what's the body going to do it's going to do everything I can to raise it back up so it's going to try and elevate that blood sugar to get more energy to get that heart to work faster and better yes or yes yeah so when you start looking at this well then yeah man if I'm trying to chemically alter my physiology to slow down the pump which is that going to help oxygen of the brain or slow it down you're slowing down the pump okay is it going to help oxygen of the brain or slow it down it's going to slow it down okay so your body's going to want to increase the energy so no wonder it's going to do it high-fructose corn syrup this is absolute complete poison in fact we're seeing this in almost every packaged product now now now it's even worse because it's genetically modified high fructose corn syrup there's no animal studies on this beyond 90 days why because at 120 days tumors start to develop so you don't want to really study stuff that's going to develop tumors okay because if the public gets a hold of this they don't want to eat it but what we're seeing now is there used to be a thing called fatty liver disease and this is it was only found in alcoholics now guess what it's found at teenagers I mean we're getting 12 13 and 14 year old kids with fatty liver disease that the the number of liver transplants they're doing in the last 10 years you're talking like a tripling of them because the liver is an enzyme Factory so everything you eat has to go in the intestinal tract and filtered through the liver so if you're filtering poisonous stuff through the liver like Tylenol or high fructose corn syrup the liver starts to break down and I mean this is not not fit for human consumption but you're going to see a rise in the utilization of high fructose corn syrup correlates with the rise of diabetes now I apologize for the blurriness of this but when we look at this back in 1915 a six and a half ounce soda was considered a serving six and a half ounce okay now grant it back then it had cocaine in it that's why it was called coca-cola okay no you did not snort it Michael don't think that okay but but then they switched okay and they use cane sugar but in that 20 ounce soda do you know what that 20 ounce soda says it says two and a half servings yeah right two and a half people are going to drink a 20 ounce soda okay now also we're talking chemical assault now when people say that vaccines don't cause autism they don't cause brain damage they cause any of that stuff understand there's countries in the world that have less than a quarter of the vaccines that we have they have less neurologic damage in their in their population but now do they have massive epidemics of diphtheria whooping cough tetanus polio or any of these other diseases no they don't they don't and in fact when we're looking at this that the vaccine manufacturers they have no liability so when somebody says well vaccines are safe and effective on men okay there's over 22 studies that show that they cause autism but what's more than that there's no studies that show that 74 doses of 17 different vaccines in a child up to 18 is effective or safe because there's no studies that you're comparing a vaccinated group with an unvaccinated group none and most of the vaccines now are made in China but don't worry the companies in China if they make a mistake if they produce a toxic substance that kills people there's no liability so there's absolutely no liability for any vaccinations as long as it's under the schedule would you buy a car from me if I said yeah there's no liability and I got it from the cheapest manufacturer there is no we wouldn't treat a seat belt like that let alone an injectable pharmaceutical product okay now it's interesting because now this was a study and the reason we're talking about vaccine vaccine damage and diabetes is because it correlates and I'm going to show you the correlation but what I also want you to see is now there's four countries represented here United States United Kingdom Denmark in Australia four countries now they noticed now this is the incident of autism they noticed right around 1990 plus or minus a few months that there is a massive spike in autism now they're thinking it can't be genetic because the DNA isn't you know the same in each country they're had they're not drinking the same water they're not eating the same food so what's the environmental stimulus that's causing this massive spike in four different countries what's the only same same thing they're doing in all four countries well it turns out that it's the vaccines but why why would the vaccines change it turns out that the MMR actually changed its manufacturing to where they're using aborted human fetal cells and it turns out that if you inject aborted human fetal cells in a human being that it tends to have a more negative response in the nervous system and the reason it hit in 1990 is because in America the sue-happy Americans that litigious society we are in 1989 the responsibility reliability for the manufactured products process was taken away so if you know you're going to create a product that's going to damage kids it's a good idea to not be liable for it okay now when you look at this and when you're google searching I don't know if anyone's ever wanted to throw a brick at their computer okay but I'm going in there and I'm seeing people are actually lied to and at first I type in vaccines cause diabetes now I know the journal articles that show and I understand the mechanism how it damages the cells in the pancreas I know how it damages the brain cells I know how it elevates the blood sugar I understand the mechanism and here this this for the first four of them on top on Google search say it's been disproven that it causes diabetes has been disproven to cause diabetes and I'm going wait a second here's the Journal of autoimmunity in 2002 overwhelming the American College for advancement in medicine overwhelmingly agree that vaccines can cause chronic diabetes such as our chronic diseases such as diabetes now is this wishy-washy do you you see may be linked to or do you see cause okay so so and this isn't the only Journal article out there I mean it's it's just the public is being lied to so when you have a population that one in three is developing diabetes and the children are being experimented on with seventy four doses of 17 different vaccines and we know that vaccines cause diabetes do you think perhaps it's time to do a study comparing vaccinated with unvaccinated may be good you know or will just lose a generation now this when you look at the history because we're not and wait are we in North Korea let me see do we have access to to the Internet and can look at other people other countries we do does our population know no if it's not on channel 4 channel 7 it can't be happening okay I mean honest-to-goodness when when I was telling some people I think oh my gosh did you know 300,000 Indian farmers have killed themselves because the genetically modified seeds are actually wiping them out economically did you know that there's there's a heat wave in southern India now that over 3,000 people have died and people are going India where no you know I mean it's it's just just work we have to start looking at other countries so here I'm looking at the vaccine rates that autism rates the neurologic damage rates of other countries and I come across Japan Times 2014 an article by this brilliant man he's an octogenarian in his eighties he used to behead former head of infectious disease and an expert on public health now this man has worked in this field for over 50 years brilliant doctor okay and Japan is actually wiped out the MMR shot they don't even offer it anymore if you really want the bezel x' and the mumps you can get them as individual vaccines but they found that it was damaging the popular and this is his insight after looking at this for 50 years now he says times have changed children don't mean to be vaccinated and go what times have changed what do you mean and in in the article he states that Japanese a pan is one of the lowest infant mortality rates according to the World Health Organization of course they do because they make a lot of the vaccines optional but what he says is that it's due to first-class sanitation levels in nutrition he says that the reason that diseases are lowered is because of sanitation and nutrition not from injecting foreign viral proteins into the system now he also says he's not opposed to vaccinations that in some third-world countries that don't have appropriate sanitation or nutrition that may be vaccinations the risk of the disease of the of the damage caused by the vaccination may outweigh the or the risk of the disease of getting that and the risk of the vaccine the risk of the disease may be greater than the risk of the vaccine in certain countries commonsense anyone anyone you make sense to me – okay medicine I'd love this quote medicine is supposed to be about healing but babies who cannot speak are being given unnecessary shots because parents are scared children are losing their ability to heal naturally oh my goodness I wonder if he's looked into America okay yeah now this one here for diabetes remember I'm looking at 95 percent of all diabetics type 2 diabetics has an intelligent adaptive response by the body we already know that if you take a chemical to lower blood pressure what happens to blood sugar it goes up and so does blood pressure okay if you take a chemical to force your insulin down or your your blood glucose down according to the British Medical Journal if you're taking a drug to fix the blood glucose and you lower at 9 percent you get a 19 percent increase in doctor what's mortality another word for it death okay anyone find death hard to recover from it's a bear okay really really hard okay if you lowered 14% you got a 43% increase in what's that last word death so it turns out the drugs do work if you have type 2 diabetes and you're taking a drug the lower and glucose does go down insulin levels remain high and it's the insulin levels that start to kill you I know let's just fix it now this is the epidemic okay and we can see from 1990 1995 2001 now what happened in the early 90s to change this genetically modified foods were added and also more vaccines have been added now these are also the obesity rates now why would obesity why would why would this start to change in our culture what's been added ok fast food genetically modified food toxic oils medication to control those ok so when we look at this diet sodas now ignorant sites are still recommending diet sodas now we know that aspartame Splenda and it's kind of fun because when you look at the two companies that make the aspartame and the one that makes Splenda Splenda will say no aspartame or neurotoxic because it turns into wood alcohol and formaldehyde and Splenda and then aspartame will counter and say well yeah Splenda is full of chlorinated sugar in the chlorine molecule blake's often damages the neurotoxin or damages the nerves so what's better for you the pink stuff or the blue stuff either one either one I know raw sugar okay yeah I mean if you're getting you know it's it's just like insane you don't take chemicals like that but this one here 2005 study University of San Antonio if you drink toxic diet soda you have an increase in weight okay and that's important because the fat ends up to be coming an endocrine producing organ okay it's leptin now leptin has only been discovered for around 1012 years and there's no drug to control it so you're not going to see this in the mainstream but when you understand if your body is taken in these calories like let's say you're taken in french fries that are soaked in genetically modified high fructose corn syrup let's say that you're taking ketchup which used to have tomatoes in it but now it's mainly genetically modified high fructose corn syrup okay if you're taking that garbage in your system it is calories but your body doesn't know what to do with it because you can't metabolize these chemicals so what's your efficient body going to do it's going to store it so there's a difference between in calories that you can utilize in calories you can't break down that you're going to store so if you store it that's called fat the fat becomes an endocrine produced an organ producing leptin and then that causes obesity rates to go up and then that causes diabetes to go up so when we look at this healthy natural oils okay are going to be coconut oil palm oil and I got to tell you we're always going to get comments on YouTube that says coconut oil raises cholesterol no cholesterol as an animal product and cholesterol is actually efficient and you need it for production of hormones saturated fats actually repair tissue damage and can lower cholesterol particularly vegetables there's no cholesterol in plant products I'm still going to get the comments so okay now this the toxic oils are going to be the soy cottonseed rapeseed or canola oil now I'm not even talking about the genetically modified the genetically modified or incredibly poisonous this is just the standard seed oils okay now it's interesting when you look at this it's not the sugar that you're taking its the toxic fats that are causing the type 2 diabetes is we used to think it's the sugar and that's 19th century now it's the failure to for the body to metabolize the fats and oil so it's totally different now the glyphosate now this is Roundup Ready one of the most toxic substances around they're still trying to argue at how bad of a carcinogen it is but when you look at this every packaged product is going to have glyphosate sent it unless it's organic in fact every wheat product is going to have glyphosate syn it even Cheerios they say is no GMO and they're right it's not genetically modified but what happens have you ever seen fields of like wheat grain or oats you know how it's like golden and then the the harvester comes in well what they're doing if it's not genetic or if it's I'm sorry if it's not organic you see when a plant dies it gives up its seeds so what they're doing right before harvest they're spraying the entire field with glyphosate or roundup ready so it kills all the plants it increases the harvest ten percent but however that gets in the food now what the glyphosate do it's a mineral key later this is why we're starting to see massive vaccine damage because these kids are the minerals are just sucked out of their body now you need minerals in the system in order to utilize vitamins if you if you have vitamins but no minerals you can't really utilize the vitamins so it's a mineral key later and many more times toxic than DDT I love this guy dr. Qbert we pretty much sacrificed an entire generation of children the longer gone the board the damage is going to accumulate but but also to this glyphosate is toxic here let me see if it's on the next slide you know obviously it's going to cause tumors but none of the studies went on beyond 90 days the tumors don't start showing up until 120 days now this is sprayed everywhere it's in the water system it's in our packaged products but but just think about it you can't avoid it if you're living in America but it's chelating the minerals out of your system now what does it do alter cholesterol synthesis altering insulin regulation so this is directly equated to to the the rise in diabetes but more important than that you're going to see people arguing well no no no glyphosate it interrupts the Shiki mate pathway or sugar my pathway and this is a pathway it kind of like the krebs cycle it's it's a pathway that only occurs in plants okay and bacteria so it can't harm humans however 80 percent of your immune systems in your gut and your gut has vital microbiomes it's got it's got this little microbiota and what they're finding out that if you're taking in the glyphosate it alters that key lates the minerals destroys the normal bacteria weakened in your immune system and increase in the cause of disease this is why you're coupling the vaccination okay with the lack of your body's ability to adapt to those neurotoxins now we're seeing a massive rise in autism from the glyphosate usage okay well cholesterol and cholesterol lowering drugs okay see the body needs cholesterol in order to produce all the hormones and anti-inflammatories and when we look at this cholesterol-lowering drugs cause mental deficiency imagine if you've got someone taking a cholesterol drug and taking a diabetes drug and they're eating fast food so they get the glyphosate do they have healthy minerals or no no because they're told that salt is bad for you okay yeah and we've got people I mean I mean it's so many seniors are suffering from hyponatremia that their hearts are just dying statin use increases diabetes eighteen to twenty-two percent you pick up okay you know those commercials where oh yeah my numbers are down with Crestor she's not talking about her blood sugar okay you're talking between 18 and 22 percent increase no kidding it has to it's foolish to chemically alter your physiology you don't lower cholesterol you find out why there's a problem here's a brilliant MD and boy you don't hear me say that that much okay okay when you're bold enough to write a book cure for diabetes and have it actually work read the book okay there's also a video called raw for 30 days it's one of the protocols that we use in our office it's one of the protocols that I'll tell people about it's pretty much you eat healthy food you're go on an organic plant based on you give up animal products and in toxic fats because the animal products have endotoxins on other poisons in there and within about five to seven days your blood sugar begins to normalize within about 30 to 45 days you're healed you have to stay on that diet though right no you can go back to being sick no no it's okay you know just just say wow this is cool you know I've got I'm not going to have amputation and I'm not impotent anymore you know but I think I'm going to go back to eating crappy food okay no ate plants okay good okay it just makes sure they're you know because since this sense everything that's not organic okay it's sprayed with glyphosate you just can't do it in it and it seems too simple to say look if you're taking drugs reduce them you know find the problem and fix I – sick people need drugs but if you follow this advice and you start to get healthy if a healthy person takes a drug what happens to them they get sick wait if a healthy person takes a drug that makes them sick how is a sick person going to get well from taking something that would make a healthy person sick oh I'm sorry this is America 2015 yeah never mind logic doesn't play here so this is what you require to get your body healthy and recover you need to get your nervous system checked I mean that's primary you need to get regular exercise and you'll see on this sheet that we have because if your body is under stress and you're producing certain it because under stress you need more energy guess what you're going to have to do you walk a half hour a day you do some type of exercise and if you're really smart and you're able to walk in an area that you can walk on grass or anything else just anything and I gotta tell you I've got a gal she is 85 years old she was hit by a car in 1979 she has one leg okay one leg in a wheelchair 85 years old guess what I have her doing exercise she can't walk okay she can roll okay but but she's actually using these weights she has one leg she's using weights on that one I mean she's in and I mean it's amazing so so don't tell me you can't walk because you're hurt okay there's something that you can do I've got paraplegics that are working I mean so so any little bit of activity is going to burn up a blood sugar proper nutrition this is vital this means that man makes it you don't eat it okay this means if it's genetically modified we start to take oh back our government and you know make sure that it's labeled at least okay and sufficient risk because if you're not sleeping good at night your blood sugar is going to be elevated okay cortisol levels going to be elevated and and you're you're not going to recover from disease as fast and prayer and meditation the more that you you pray and meditate you realize that your body's more energy the matter your body your your cell production is going to increase and diseases reverse this is only 100 out of 100 and it really doesn't matter the religion that you're praying to okay they're all the same and and so now all of these things are going to be available and owner's guide so please please get get to the owner's guide spread this message utilize the the research in the handouts will be on there everything you


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  2. Great video John; much deeper than most that are available. I love most of the comments here too. It's like the difference between a brick layer and a guy building a great cathedral to listen to you!

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    Also, Swimming in a Saltwater Pool, and Epsom Salts Baths, Also,, Greatly helped to bring down his need and amount of Insulin!!! As did seeing his Family's Chiropractor and finding out that the part of his Spine that was responsible for making his Pancreas work properly… was Totally out of Whack!!!…

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