Diary of a TV Addict

I hate that depressing realization you get when you finish a TV series and then you have to find new purpose in life but you'll be sitting there like what am I supposed to do now my sleep schedule gets so jacked up whenever I find a new TV show like all day I'm tired and then as soon as it's time to go to sleep I'm wide awake but I'm gonna tell you all what makes me tired no matter what reading true story not exaggerating basically what happens is whenever I find a new TV show and then I gotta try to read something it does not go well I can't say reading makes me sleepy because I can sit on Facebook and Twitter all day long and not get sleepy which made me realize it's books I'll be a colles don't putting all this vanilla Oreo deliciousness all up in my mouth like Size hot lap because I'm gonna die but not really cuz I do whatever I want and every time I look next door and see somebody sitting outside Starbucks reading I get some jello like sometimes it just amazes me I'll just sit and stare at him like I'm on a safari looking at a rare animal like oh my god actually I seriously think there's a factory somewhere where they just spray every single book with chloroform because every time I sit down to read something it's just like blah blah and then I wake up like two days later if anyone ever wants to kidnap me and sell me on the black market in Bangkok basically all I'd have to do is walk up on me and be like hey you give me a favor and just read this out loud my back yeah Harry Potter by JK Rowling true story I'm not exaggerating but you know what else I noticed I procrastinate a lot more whenever I find a new TV show I just can't pull myself away like my puppy I'll be looking at me like and I'm like Cooper relax Kim just gonna watch one more for soda heroes and then I'm gonna feed you we can go to the park and run in slow motion kay just one more episode and then Sylar kills the girl that I've had a crush on for like half the season and the episode suddenly ends and I be like know one more episode and then 15 hours later I'm still watching this stupid show and then my dog is laying next to the front door dead in a pool of his own pee pee if we had a Wednesday at 3:00 and Islands show up until three or 45 don't blame me blame lost look if you text me and I don't text you back walking dead marathon in black and white I felt as at school or I show up late for work yo it was the My Little Pony midseason finale last night son don't even try to act like you don't watch it okay brony stand up you know what it's much safer to invest your time in a youtuber than it is for TV let me tell you why because if you drop from four three million views one week seven million views the next week guess what YouTube ain't gonna be like yo your channel sucks and you want to know why they don't do that because it's not fair I think the reason why these networks are so quick to cancel shows without giving us any closure because they know there's not a whole lot of consequences you ever heard the phrase back by popular harassment we should probably take that to the next level because if these network heads cancel shows and when they're in Santa Monica walking on the street all of a sudden we're not out at a restaurant with their family and the server's start leaving little notes on the bottom of their build I'm not saying don't cancel shows just if you're gonna cancel the show and give us three or four episodes of closure don't just pull the plug 4 million viewers might be bad rating for television and not seem like a lot of people until one of them steals your Mercedes so Network heads next time you're in a meeting discussing what shows you're gonna pull the plug on and try to replace with new shows without giving us any closure just remember nowadays people take their entertainment very seriously



  2. That just happened to me I just finished super girl and the flash can someone recommend a good tv show on Netflix

  3. me and my most favoritest person are in a serious debate about where you got this song from. was it from a banjo kazooie game and if it was , which one was it from, the first, banjo tooie, the gameboy advance/sp version, or nuts and bolts from the xbox 360 version, we are currently screaming at each other and enjoy your videos. we love you keeo making vids, but that other guy is doing well too i know you know who he is xoxoxoxo

  4. Dude love me some pony’s thought did u know is end after this season u should watch some star vs the forces of evil it’s so good and it’s end soon man and that Steven universe show nice

  5. I have read the whole Harry Potter book series more than 10 times and watched the movies over 20 times I’m a Harry Potter need aka a potterhead

  6. I CANNOT relate. I LOVE reading. Once I was supposed to read 20 minutes for homework and when I stopped I had been reading for an hour and a half.

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