Digestion Problem Solution; Ileocecal Valve Massage Energy Medicine

what I’m going to share today is frequently the cause of the I just don’t feel well syndrome this is a digestion problem solution but as well as many other types of pain and some really specific symptomatic problems this can give rise to an almost unbelievable list of distressing symptoms but the great thing is you don’t need to know specifically if you have this issue as this energy medicine technique is beneficial for everyone in the same way a massage is beneficial what I’m sharing today relates to a malfunctioning ileocecal valve it’s an extremely common condition and often times solutions can be so simple that they get overlooked the ileocecal valve massage and reset is one of those solutions ileocecal valve massage has been found to be very effective for the relief of a wide range of digestive problems if you have digestive issues then this is for you but there are also psychological aspects and this can be really powerful to support you if you’re in the midst of grief and I will explain why in this video hello my name is Nicola I’m an energy medicine coach and consultant welcome to my energy medicine channel and thank you so much for watching please subscribe and hit the bell icon to stay updated every time I post a new video my intention is to help you raise your vibration one day at a time this video is going to look at firstly what is the ileocecal valve and how does it relate to digestive issues and digestive problems what can cause the ileocecal valve to malfunction why do we work with it what does this actually mean for your energy fields then we going to talk about the actual energy medicine technique how are we going to reset this what are the benefits then we’ll set the intention and do the move so what is the ileocecal valve well this valve actually connects the large intestine to the small intestine it’s a way of creating a barrier that allows each environment to support different temperatures different pH levels microflora and digestive processes it rhythmically opens and shuts to process waste material not only from the foods that you eat but also the hormones and other chemicals that continually pour into your bloodstream and how do digestive issues relate to the ileocecal valve well problems with this valve mean toxins aren’t eliminated effectively they can back up in your system and difficulties can appear as numerous digestive issues as well as showing up as things like lower back ache kidney issues bronchitis and eczema even in some instances carpal tunnel and disc problems which seem like peripheral nerve irritation can actually be made worse by the water retention in the body that’s attempting to dilute the effect of the toxins caused by the icy valve malfunction so it really can have a wide range of symptoms and what can actually cause the ileocecal valve to malfunction well consuming insufficient nutrients a bad diet not chewing food well enough that was totally me and still is sometimes this valve is also connected to our stress response there’s a real emotional factor which appears to be connected think of the term gut reaction to stress and emotional upsets these really fact the function of the valve which is why supporting emotional times like losing someone in your life with this massage is really beneficial also things like travel and sometimes misalignment of the joints can actually affect the functioning of this valve so why do we work with this valve well this is something you can work with every day and see real results so the physical aspect is if you’re prone to diarrhea constipation irritable bowel syndrome Crohn’s disease or have any digestive issues and the psychological aspect this is interesting do you feel like you’re holding on to unwanted behaviors or ideas or wastes this exercise will help and as I mentioned before if you’re in the midst of grief this is a physical exercise which can support that psychological process and so the energy medicine technique is the ileocecal reset and massage and the benefits are it’s a huge support for the digestive processes it brings you back into balance with your rhythm it can even help headaches support the grieving process and do this regularly and you connect into and positively affect all the other crucial valves in your body it has a knock-on effect so let’s set the intention for what we’re going to do today I set my beneficial rhythm with ease let’s say that again I set my beneficial rhythm with ease and let’s do the move so you want to be standing let’s start off by connecting to our breath take a deep breath in through the nose and out through the mouth and we’ll do that again lovely and so the ileocecal valve is actually on the right hand side of your body so if you find by your hips are and then the blade edge the little finger edge of both hands we’re going to put that on the inside of the hips your fingers coming down to the top of the pubic bone so you’re making kind of a triangle here now the ileocecal valve is along this side of the body on the right hand side but for symmetry we’re going to actually do this massage on both sides and there is actually another valve called the Houston valve on the left hand side so you are actually getting a double benefit working with two valves here but our focus for this video it’s all the reasons around why we definitely need to reset a malfunctioning ileocecal valve so what we’re going to do is a really simple massage so where our hands are starting at the top of the pubic bone at that angle we’re actually going to push in and almost a scooping motion with our fingers up to where our hips are so let me just show you that move so scooping in and up to the hips and take the hands off and do that again coming to the top of the pubic bone scooping in and you almost want to push quite hard it’s not just a flat motion it’s a real scoop you want to cause that create that friction with that motion that’s what is going to powerfully reset the valve so let’s do that a few times now I’ve shown you so starting off in that triangle position blades of the hands the little finger sides where your hips are on the inside of the hip so taking a deep breath in we’ll push in and scoop up and we do that again and again once more and then we just this time we just smooth down with our thumbs the other way a couple of times and it is as simple as the hat so you can do this every time after you eat some food you can do this throughout the day I actually did this this morning because I woke up with a bit of a headache I felt like I’d eaten something that hadn’t really digested properly and it totally went I felt so much better so quickly and I totally forgot about this particular technique and I’ve just reconnected to it because I’ve prepared this information for you guys and I’ve realized how powerful it is so it’s definitely back in my daily toolkit so any questions that you have let me know with this specific move and I would love to hear from you thank you so much for watching please subscribe and hit the bell icon to stay updated every time I post a new video and also head over to my website I’ve got some special downloads and giveaways for people who sign up so any questions that you have you can find me there as well let’s go on a journey together


  1. digestive problems are real, for it is no fun to be full of s… – liked and shared 😀

  2. Thank you so much for this lesson. It really IS fascinating, and since I try and do your energy routine each morning, I will certainly add it to my routine. Thank you!

  3. I will try this every day. I have had digestive problems for a long time. Doctors cannot seem to help me. Will let you know if it helps.

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