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welcome back and I'm glad you're here I'm Trey Warner first up a news nosh from Scotland Prince Harry was taken his fiancee on their first official visit to Scotland today Harry seemed taken with crew akin the mascot at the Royal Regiment of Scotland Megan much less so she preferred to hold on to her fiance rather than risk her own fingers in the pony's mouth that ponies got some bite Prince Harry should really watch out but tonight there's something you should watch out for and it's in your home its life crunch on Family right hmm Trey we're on the air oh right okay when we talk about addiction the first thing that comes to mind are drugs alcohol and chocolate but did you ever think addiction could come out of something as simple as your phone neither did I until candy crush came out the director of Sanford's obsessive-compulsive disorder clinic says there's increasing evidence that internet use can be addictive for some by comparing brain scans of people facing internet problems to those with addiction they found the same act of pathways light up in both cases they even saw a shrinkage in the prefrontal cortex now this doesn't mean that the internet is bad well some of it is okay most of it is but it's an interesting theory here's what Deepak Chopra had to say about digital addiction any addictive behavior will cause the same damage in the brain at the sight of receptors that a drug will do the average American spends between five and ten hours a day taking in YouTube social media and text messaging that's enough time to watch like one Lord of the Rings movie but what does a 10 hour screen day entail that's watching TV watching videos listening to music playing video games reading scrolling around the internet so it's all of that but it is 9 hours a day it's a fast-paced world online that seems to absorb all of our free time so with most of it spent looking at our devices would affect him this have at home dr. Brown had this to say dr. Ari Brown the other thing that we worry about with screens is that it reduces the talktime between parent and child by 85% when the screen is on and so that's what's so concerning because we know talk time is critical to language and social development for kids and it's not just talk time that's in danger more than 90% of people between the ages of 18 and 29 say they sleep with their smartphones in or next to their beds it's having a negative effect on their sleep patterns which I'm pretty sure as a basic biological necessity like eating or listen to Beyonce so clearly an oversaturation of media comes with developmental issues but how are we battling this here in America well turns out we only started funding research into the problem last year so while digital addiction may not be classified as official yet in America countries like China Japan and South Korea have given it a formal definition with over 2 million residents diagnosed and given help at government treatment centers or technology fasting camps for youth where they surrender all devices and replace them with meditation therapy and physical activities check out this digital detox center in South Korea in Korean this centre is known as the Internet dream village the South Korean government gave it that name to avoid scaring off teenagers with labels like rehab the take-home messages if you control your time online you can become whatever you want to be is how hot a sort of truly noble human games we can play whoa check it out cool so how do we start a digital detox with our own families first set a good example if you want them to have less screen time you should too second talk to them like they're adults explain it's important to take time out from technology no matter how old you are third create boundaries say no to phones in bed during dinner or in the bathroom also that's a good way to get pink eye similar boundaries around time also work well for example no phones after 10 p.m. fourth that's right come together and find a better activity go on a hike play a game any age relevant day out is a great way to get the family together and spend some time away from the screens I'm not here to scare you the Internet has helped communication medicine and business to a degree we couldn't even imagine and it's not going away anytime soon but with moderation and responsibility we can start solving these problems at home thanks for watching for life crunch I'm Trey Warner sharing news your family can chew or just blend it up and make a shake remember to like share subscribe and leave a comment about a digital detox you'd like to take

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