Dining Out with Family For Thanksgiving! ๐Ÿฆƒ (11/23/17)

Aunt Tia Mari: Cheers Jackie: We’re here at a restaurant. Mom: Happy Thanksgiving (Theme Music) Jackie: We’re going on an adventure! Judd: Aahhh! You’ve got freezing cold hands! (laughing) (Theme Music) Good Thursday morning everyone. It is turkey day. I am technically having three Thanksgivings this year (cough) Because we had the early one with Judd’s mom and sister and today my dad and aunt are in town. (cough) Excuse me, I’m doing a little better with my sickness. um Yesterday was really bad, but today my sore throat is gone, and I just have a cough. So if I’m actually getting better that’ll be the quickest I’ve ever recovered from being sick in the history of ever, and I think we can attribute that to IVIG. Anyways, my Dad and Aunt are in town so I’m seeing those two and my mom today for Thanksgiving and then tomorrow Judd is off work and We’re going back to Orlando to spend another Thanksgiving with his mom and behind me is what I nicknamed my Thanksgiving feast cuz it came in yesterday. That’s my formula, those big three boxes I think that’s only a month supply. Gosh, I go through a lot of formulas. So, I’m gonna unpack those also I haven’t been able to wash my hair in three days, and I feel like it could use some assistance. I was gonna show you all what I do when I just haven’t been able to wash it but I need it to look better. This dry shampoo is my favorite. I have no reactions to it, and it works pretty well. (Spraying) I just rub it in. I let it sit for a little bit , then I brush it out. Hair Is tamed. I’m infusing and getting my nutrition. I’m having the hardest time opening these boxes They’re always hard for me to open so instead of getting frustrated over it I’m just gonna wait until somebody can help me with it. Harlow Happy Turkey Day ! I just got finished making her yogurt pops. I got to freeze them. We got some leftover apple pieces. You want a Thanksgiving treat ? Ohh! Look at you. She’s really good at catching things because Judd practices with her He’s done good at that Whoa Alright. Back, back. Harlow get back, get back. Ready? Ohhh! Good dog Well my foot is feeling better today. I think the most annoying thing is the boot honestly. I still don’t see why I need to wear it, but I’m going to follow my doctor’s instructions. Harlow is over there chewing a toy. Is that your chicken sandwich Harlow ? Yeah. Anyways tonight I can take off the bandaging, clean it , soak it in Epsom salts And then wrap it up again. Kind of interested to see what it looks like cuz it looked pretty nasty with the infection. I wonder if it looks better now Dad: No. You can’t steal my hat horrible dog. (laughing) Mom: Hola, mi amor. ยฟCรณmo estas? Yeah I love you so much. — Harlow, say Happy Thanksgiving. Y’all know my dad , y’all know my mom. That’s my aunt Tia Mari and Harlow’s just soaking up all the love. Really? When she gets… She’s making these noises! Tia Mari: Ella esta bella y la quiera. ยกAy dios mio! Ella es tan preciosa. (She is beautiful and I love her. Oh my gosh! She is so sweet.) Aunt Tia Mari: Cheers! Jackie: We’re here at a restaurant Mom: Happy Thanksgiving Because that would be easier than cooking at home. Hi Harlow. So I’m nibbling on some bread, Thankfully my nausea is under control-ish, it’s just I’m really dizzy and worn out but enjoying myself. They have this $30 big Thanksgiving plate, but I didn’t want to pay $30 for something I’m not gonna eat, so they let me order the kid’s portion which is much better for me , so it’s going well. yum My aunt steered away from the traditional Thanksgiving dinner, which is fine. My dad and mom got the Thanksgiving dinner, and this is the kids size. That’s huge! Chocolate milk in a wine glass. I think I’m gonna continue this tradition And I don’t mind if my food touches if I like the food. I like mashed potatoes and Turkey and green beans and stuffing all that can touch but anything touching the Sweet potatoes or the cranberry sauce I can’t eat it Which is fine because I’m just gonna nibble on this side of the plate anyway and probably bring the leftovers for Judd. Well, I had a great day with my family we hung out all day before dinner We watched the jungle book together the new live-action one which is one of my favorite movies, then we went to the restaurant unfortunately, I was just quite dizzy, and I had a headache while we were there but Thankfully my family is very understanding and the food was good. I had a few bites of mashed potatoes and some turkey And then I brought all my leftovers home So Judd can eat that when he gets off work including a slice of pumpkin pie because he loves pumpkin pie. We missed having him with us, but we just got to be flexible with his work and Don’t get me wrong. I love spending time with my family But sometimes just all the social interaction and commotion can be really draining for me And my dad is actually the same exact way since he had a stroke last year. So, after dinner my mom and my aunt wanted to go out more, and my dad, and I were just like no no we’re good. Please take us home, so they brought us home, and then my dad and I chilled here and we watched Inside Out and talked and I really enjoyed that quality time with my dad. I also did a bit of packing tonight because like I mentioned, Judd and I are going to Orlando tomorrow to see his mom for like another Thanksgiving. I took care of my foot tonight. Took the bandaging off. There was a little more blood than I expected and it’s still swollen obviously has some healing to do, but I was just really impressed with how much better it looks. I was surprised. It doesn’t look nearly as infected and Just thrilled Finally making improvements with it I have to keep it covered and clean it twice a day, soak it twice a day which I will continue to do until I see my doctor on Tuesday. I definitely expect this vlog to be shorter than usual. I didn’t pick up the camera all that much but you know I was just focused on Spending quality time with my family, which is totally ok. Whatever y’all ended up doing on this Thursday. I hope you enjoyed it and with that I will say goodnight, and thanks for joining us on our adventure. (Theme music)


  1. You sound like me right now. I hate being sick. My grandmother said that since my infusions shut down my immune system and the doctor told me to avoid the general public that I should get one of those Vog mask. What do you think?

  2. Happy Thanksgiving Jacquie! I am thankful for the support i got in the last couple of months since dealing with cancer, and I am also thankful for your uploads that have kept me company and positive throughout the year! ๐Ÿ™‚ Thank you!

  3. Happy thanksgiving to my family to yours. I am happy that everything is going good for you. I like all the good stuff you did for Jed it was very sweet of you.

  4. I was at the hospital getting blood work today and I think itโ€™s so cute that my dad have to leave the room every time (Iโ€™m 14) because heโ€™ll pass out. (Probs where I got my scaredy of needles from) xD

  5. So glad you had a good Thanksgiving! Hope your recovery from the surgery goes well! Thank you so much for sharing this saving vlog! God bless you and your family ๐Ÿ˜€

  6. Your videos always make me so happy. I'm not a chronic illness warrior, but with depression positivity is always so amazing to have. Your positive outlook on life is contagious!

  7. Jaquie – if the surgery doesn't take care of the NRSA, my best friend 's dad is a medical doctor down in the Miami, FL area and is in the midst of getting FDA approval for a topical treatment for MRSA. He has a website that gives some information, but through it you can contact him. His website is… www.BermanMedicalinc.com. Sorry it took me so long to get you this info, you move MUCH faster than I do with medical issues – it just shows that I have no comprehension of what a chronic warrior goes through. But that is why I watch your channel – it is nice that you can make an income from your daily life. Heal fast and well! Hugs, Kara

  8. I never knew about dry shampoo. I learn something new from ur vlog. When do u get rid of that boot? Glad ur feeling better and able to eat.

  9. I'm glad that you got to spend some quality time with your dad. My dad and I are the same way in that we like to stay in and talk in a quiet environment.

  10. Im glad you had a great time today the vlog was great loved it Im happy your feeling good enough to eat tbh that's how it is for me because i am sick its still there but going away I hope so soon ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. One of my cousins has an ESA and I got to meet her yesterday during thanksgiving!! She reminded me so much of Harlow!!

  12. Try using tea tree oil to clean the foot it helps get rid of infections I used it when I had mrsa and to top it off using collide sliver will get rid of mrsa I've been clear for 7 years

  13. I'm not sure, but maybe the boot is there to keep your toe as still as possible. In regular shoes, or barefoot, your big toe moves with every step you take and prevents the skin fr healing properly. That might be an explanation
    Keep going strong, would will beat that infection !

  14. I have some dry shampoo and it comes in handy. Since I'm on a week trial for a neurostimulator and can't bathe or shower until the wires are removed from my back, I'll have to use that before I head to the doctor on Tuesday! Thanks for reminding me about that shampoo. You probably have to wear the boot to protect that toe. Glad it's looking better. Have a fun and safe trip to Orlando for another Thanksgiving. We used to do that when we lived near family. Try to take it easy! ๐Ÿ’•

  15. I'm so happy you all enjoyed each other's company! Even if it was difficult and exhausting (its nice someone gets that). That's probably why I can't use dry shampoo….๐Ÿค”

  16. Watching your blogs are very comforting especially since I just got my tonsils and deviated septum surgery watching your positivity is helping

  17. Glad you were able to get out with your family….Happy Belated Thanksgiving to you,Judd,Harlow and the rest of your family…sending love and healing thoughts your way from NY!!!!โค๏ธ

  18. Have a nice Thanksgiving weekend Jaquie! Happy Thanksgiving to you and Judd and your families! We had ours last month cause I'm Canadian. Also your ASD, is it Autism or more towards the Aspberger's side?

  19. Jaquie what is the scent like on your dry shampoo? Most of them bother me because they are too heavily scented and make me sneeze. Always looking for a new kind!

  20. I wish people would boycott working on Thanksgiving. We want to be home with out families. All businesses (except hospitals) should be closed.

  21. Happy thanksgiving Jaq, I'm thankful for many things in life but I'm also thankful for your channel. I know way more about chronic illnesses and invisible illnesses then I'd ever would have known if your videos didn't exist

  22. I remember with one of your hospital stays you showed that dry shampoo and Iโ€™ve been using it ever since! I love it so much itโ€™s the best ๐Ÿ™‚

  23. That is my favorite dry shampoo! I've been looking to get some more. I use it to make my thinning hair look fuller. I've been lucky since chemo, because I was so bummed out to lose my hair…but now that it's grown in super short, I can easily wash it sitting down in the shower ๐Ÿ™‚

  24. If you have issues with white flakes from the dry shampoo, let it dry and use your hairspray that you have & brush your hair. Hairspray will help brake down the dry shampoo but still keeps your hair shiny and clean feeling unlike what water will do. I found this out from a friend who does hair when she noticed I was having a tough time getting the white out of the roots of my hair. I hope this helps someone else who didnโ€™t know

  25. Jaquie Jaquie PLEASE wear a mask ๐Ÿ˜ท when you spray aerosol products I donโ€™t want to see you hit the floor ๐Ÿค• I am a nurse btw and love you guys!

  26. Jaquie i had a boot like that for my foot operation as well, a bit more extensive than yours as it included cutting bone, but the boot is needed because it keeps you from bearing weight on your toe! โค

  27. Love your videos!! I watch every day you post! Been praying youโ€™ll feel better & start getting some relief soon!โค๏ธโค๏ธ

  28. My service dog Fred heard you telling Harlow โ€œbackโ€ and he literally fallowed your command and backed up! So funny! Thanks, I needed that. And we now know you are so good at giving commands even service dogs across the country hear you and obey!

  29. Happy Turkey Day to you hope you enjoyed yourself with family ๐Ÿ˜€ So glad you are starting to feel better praying for a quick recovery for you ๐Ÿ™‚

  30. Iโ€™m glad you had family time and Iโ€™m glad your dad and you got some quality time together esp without the camera.

  31. Yay! Good day for gastroparesas. Hardly think I spelled that right. So happy for you, but srry that your head wasnโ€™t feeling so good. So thankful for your videos. ๐Ÿ˜Š

  32. I love that dry shampoo. Life saver. Always take it to the hospital with me. That and Epic wipes. They are like a towel size wet one with a nice scent. Jacque, you must wear your boot. Can you imagine smacking your foot by accident? Ouch!

  33. Dry shampoo doesn't work for me. If I don't shower every 24 hours my hair will be so greasy and look like I haven't showered in a week.

  34. My parents have wine glasses but we don't drink. They did years ago well any way my mom wanted to get rid of them. I told her no I refuse. I have seen lately a lot of places using them for juice, water and chocolate milk ect. She agreed and I am excited to use them for the most random drinks.

  35. Glad you're having such nice Thanksgiving with all of your families. Your dad reminds me of Michael Caine, in looks and voice. ๐Ÿค— Could listen to him all day long. ๐Ÿ˜Š

  36. I have a serious question what would I do I have been to multiple doctors for my "heart" I have all of the symptoms for pots and eds and I have one main doctor that would do anything for me and we both did extensive research for for over a year now and she found pots but she thinks it's to rare for me to have she also for eds and she said the same to that but I couldn't find anything else that I fit the descriptions as well what should I do to get her to listen or to get help being diagnosed? Thanks for the help and also you should keep making videos and spread the awareness about your illnesses.

  37. I LOVE your positive outlook on life ! You always seem to find the good in everything and alway see the glass as half full.

  38. I am amazed how good is Harlow and how great her eyes look today compared to before raw feeding. Bless you for doiing what you do with Harlow and getting the support you need for it. I know our dogs eating better has cause us all to eat better. Yeah your viewers are right and I agree we can always tell by looking at your eyes how you are doing and feeling, what do they say the eyes are the windows to our souls and our health. Great idea bringing home the lefties for Judd. We loved our Thanksgiving hope yours was great too all 3 times. Blessings!

  39. Woah, that kids portion was HUGE!!! I would've ordered that too!! Are your parents divorced? Sorry if that's a personal question.

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