Discus Medication – Internal Parasites

the guy that planted discus fish tank – EFT this week I'm going to be talking about internal parasites I'm actually be warming right now the 240 as well as 75 gallon I somehow got infected with an internal parasite it could be tapeworm it could be fluke worms I don't know but the symptoms are pretty pretty clear so all bellies on a couple discs is checkerboard back here and a couple of the blue scorpion discus in 75 again swollen belly straining white poop and also there's a simple kind of a depression behind the stomach and so I've seen those before and those are sure signs of an internal parasite infection so I'm going to go ahead and talk about how I treat that but before that last week I didn't get a chance to pursue his Mother's Day as you all know but I did get a chance to go out with a family we were in Baltimore and we went to the Barnes & Noble in the Inner Harbor and there was an ice planet justice fish tank there and I'm going to show you that right now so this is one of the largest bookstores in Maryland this is Baltimore Maryland and this is the planted discus fish tank it's about 20 feet wide maybe 10 feet tall it's got hundreds of kernel touches in there and a few jumbo cobalt blue discus these guys are about I would guess seven inches in diameter pretty big heavily planted you have three feet jungle dials in there or more than three feet it's like six feet six feet jungle Val we got crypt we have Amazon swords you see there a couple of angelfish as well and there's a couple hundred Romeo's tetras they're doing around in the background beautiful tank they need to clean it a little bit but otherwise it's it's beautiful okay so moving on we're going to talk about the medication for internal parasites so this is API general cure its active ingredients are I think metronidazole I don't know if I'm saying that right I think it's natural for short in puzzle console the other active ingredients and those together killed most in Carol parasites tapeworms and flutes in plaid juleps in terms of dosing there's a stupid side this is a hundred fifty gram container you want to put one teaspoon a teaspoon that comes inside one teaspoon for every 20 gallon and so with this 240 gallon tank that's a lot of dosage and this stuff is not cheap so what I did was reduce the the water level about 3/4 of the way by changing ve the level of the overflow and so now it's at about hundred eighty gallons and 180 gallons I can get away with nine scoops of these instead of you know what is that 12 right so I'm saving the quantity or the dosage and I'll show you that right now so here I'm putting the general cure into the filter I'm choosing to put it in the filter so that it can dissolve and spread evenly into the tank and I mentioned I reduce the water level from joiner 40-gallon to about 80 gallons and so that equals about nine scoops of general cure here in the tank we can see the particles of these API general cure mixing into the fish tank so part the instruction you're supposed to dose one wait 48 hours change the water by 25% and then goes another one teaspoon for 20 gallons and then wait for another 48 hours so in total this is the 4-day treatment to make sure that all the worms and their eggs are all eradicated and also use Epsom salt this is when using sulfate which is your laxative that allows discus to absorb water in their intestines and this softens of tools or their the feces and it allows them to flush it out readily especially there's internal ones in there that die it helps them get a little so the soccer ball discus again has to use the whites ringing poop coming out so he's the guy that really was affected the most and today is the second day so they're doing much better so white checkerboard had got rid of some dough I species and his abdominal swelling has gone down so it seems to be working and with regards to with regards to the 75 gallon tank fish are now starting to eat in there is one or two that are still shy and don't have a good appetite but it looks like we get better over time so again it's been two days and it looks like one of the success and the key is to recognize the problem early and to treat early and have a have a large bottle or can with adults you're ready so after the 48 hours er do another 48 another dose so essentially it's a four day treatment but I'm going to continue for about six days and after that we're going to treat with a antibiotic I think marason I have that on order it's coming but the medicine to wilt refrain of bacterial infections that might be left in the intestines or in the stomach of the dishes so that's just a secondary treatment to make sure that everything inside the disc is treated so now I want to talk about future plans so in my fishroom you might recall the discus cares that I have so they've slowed down a bit and the the widows the female blue turquoise fire cell she's in the tank right here and I need to buy her a partner so next week I'm going to put an order in there's more discus and we'll do an unboxing thing so that's why the plans in the more term also I have another project coming up I found another sunny 5 gallon tank used on Craigslist so we're going to do a planted tank again and this time I'm going to show you the Dutch aquascape get the red plants in there highlight and even co2 those are the future videos our plan to do so we'll see we'll keep you updated on status and continue diving breeding successes definitely I'll go ahead and post that but thank you for tuning in it's been a positive experience so far it's been I think 4 months since I started this channel every joint great thank you guys for for the comments and we'll keep this going until you guys stop watching again so thanks again and we'll see you next time you


  1. Hi there thank you very much.

    Please I have a question about Epsom salt if I want to use it from time to time is it good for discus and much I can put in 240 L aquarium.

    I have 10 discus stendker
    Please advise me .


  2. I have been fighting similar symptoms since my order of discus showed up 5 months ago. I’ve tried general cure multiple times with no lasting results. I’m at odd of what to do anymore. Last night when I was cleaning the tank I see one had died and gotten sucked into the filter.

  3. I strongly recommend that you to medicate their food to treat for internal worms. There was a scientific study done at University of Florida that compared treatments for internal worms and a medicated water bath was found to have the IDENTICAL effect as simple water changes in reducing, but not completely eliminating, an internal worm infection. Only when medication was added to their food were internal worms completely eliminated. It’s very easy to medicate their food, even pellets, and pre-medicated food is readily available. It’s also very easy to make your own medicated food. It seems that it’s common for discus in the trade to maintain a low-level internal worm infection that can become overwhelming when they become stressed – be it from poor water quality, substandard water changes, bullying, etc. – and they can then quickly develop an secondary internal bacterial infection that can be the cause of their demise. (Google ‘A Comparison of Metronidazole Treatments for Hexamitiasis in Angelfish’ for the reference). Great video, BTW!

  4. Awesome video boss, I've just started my wife's journey for Discus, and this is a very explained knowledge that I've required, thank you for this video, from Houston TX

  5. Do you suggest medicating the food also? Im on day 4 of the treatment on my discus tank and i still see 2 with white poop.

  6. I bought a discus about 2 weeks ago and doesn’t eat anything. It seems like it has skinny belly by its tail. Others are active and eating well but this one dosnt eats anything since last 2 weeks. but at the first day I saw that it has eating but next day everything changed.
    Any help would be appreciated….Thamks

  7. Also when discus have those pinched looking bellies it means they arent eating or havebt eatin ina couple days.

  8. Where did you get the latge container for general cure ? i have the large furan 2 from api but all i can find online are those tiny ass packets for general cure with metronidizol

  9. Hey my discus is bloated and breathing heavy , I used prazipro and the belly has gone down but the breathing is still heavy . What to do ?

  10. I had a discus that I thought was treated succesfully for hexamita with metroplex (was eating and pooping normally again) removed from hospital tank but soon became sick again, treated again but seemed resistant to metroplex I didnt know what to do, saw this video tried the API general cure my discus had what looked to be long tapeworms come out. I then decided to treat my whole tank with API and almost all of them had tapeworms. I read prazi works good for tapeworm only.wondering if discus can have multiple worms at same time?
    Currently I have a blue diamond in hospital tank that pooped a huge pea size greyish black ball that broke apart after into what looks like tiny snail shells? is it possible to have snails as a internal parasite?

  11. I bought a discus about 2 weeks ago and doesn’t eat anything. Goes for bloodworms but spits it out same time. It seems like it has skinny belly by its tail. Other guy is active and eating well but this one like to hide and hasn’t eaten anything since last 2 weeks. Any help would be appreciated….Thx

  12. Do you remove any poly filter or pad in the filter before medicating? And did you see any effect of API general cure on beneficial bacteria? Just curious, thanks!

  13. Thank you. We have 12 discus, 2 died one after another in a span on 2 weeks and we see another one sick – all showing the same signs, bloated stomach, rapid breathing, not social and doesn't want to eat. We will isolate and introduce the epsom salt and hopefully that will work :/ thank you for this video!

  14. Love your videos kuya! You always explain stuff clearly. BTW, can I use prazi pro as a substitute to General Cure?

  15. Do think general cure can kill the good bacterias in the tank? Thank you for the video by the way! =)

  16. before you treat your fish you need to know what you are treating. Get a microscope and start taking samples 😉

  17. I'm treating my juvenile tiger turqs with general cure now… only one day in so far…I love discus… favorite fish…. angels r second….have you seen the pariba angelfish?…..beautiful fish man!

  18. Hope your Discus are better. Mine are being treated for Ich at the moment. Sucks having sick Fish. 🙁 great Video!

  19. the thing is, every discus i am seeing in shops has these, i am ordering from a hatchery and if they are having holes in their heads i am f-ed..

  20. are you experiencing the issue with discus having holes in their heads?
    i wanted to finally get some discus since i am wishing for some for 10+ years
    but those holes are frightening me the shyt out…

  21. What is the dosage of Epson Salts per gallon, I am not sure if I missed that in the video. Great informative video btw! 🙂

  22. thanks for the info. Love your videos. Who made the song and the name of it that you're playing on your video?

  23. New to your channel. I breed mostly angles but I going to try discus soon. Thanks for all your info. Ps. Been to the book store and saw that beautiful tank in Baltimore. Keep the videos coming

  24. Our club just went there Saturday. nice. We stopped by Discus Hans on the way. . check out the video.

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