Disease Causing Inflammation is Caused by This!

now what happens uniformly across the board when you have a lack of antioxidants you have inflammation correct less antioxidants more inflammation that clear when you have more inflammation what happens the immune system of the body starts mobilizing it sees that there's this source of inflammation in the body and the immune systems function is to mobilize and try to neutralize and stop whatever the inflammatory process is well it's an interesting fact in the literature that the monocytes which are the larger immune cells actually have up to 80 fold more vitamin C in them than regular cells in the body now I don't have proof of this but it's my hypothesis and it fits well with the whole model is that the more information you have the more the monocytes come in to try to correct the vitamin C deficiency because they have such a high concentration but what happens is the atherosclerosis that begins to develop is a defense mechanism run amuck if you deplete all the vitamin C and you haven't initiated what you need to do to get the vitamin C levels back up again the defense mechanism the inflammation stays there the reaction of the immune system continues coming it's not really successful in restoring the vitamin C concentration in the arterial wall and then you get a whole cascade of immune cell reactions the immune cells come in after a limited period of time the body does not want a defense mechanisms to stay there unchecked so then you start developing mechanisms where the other cells inside the blood vessel try to start if you will protecting the artery from the immune system and this begins the fatty cells where the monocytes come in they're not normally present they're in high amounts but they're phagocytic cells so being present now in high amounts in the blood vessel because of the reaction to the inflammation they start gobbling up lipids and cholesterol so cholesterol and lipids yeah those are real risk factors but they're not the primary reason or not the car when they're there in high amounts these phagocytes these monocytes will start gobbling them up more and then you go from the little fatty cells to the more visual fatty streak that's one of the first known pathological stage stages of atherosclerosis and then the whole situation continues the other thing too and this is something that was put out by Pauling and I believe Rath and Cameron it is very logical in my mind is that as you deplete the vitamin C in the blood vessel wall one of the well-documented effects of vitamin C is to help you to make collagen which is one of your most important structural proteins in the body if you don't make enough collagen you get physically weak structures so as you get less and less collagen in this blood vessel wall the walls are physically weaker like a hose okay yeah as you start you start getting weak areas little aneurysms develop and it's felt that although it might be what you would say a poor substitute for vitamin C it nevertheless is a valid mechanism of compensation to start building up this plaque if you will just to keep the blood vessel stronger because it doesn't have enough collagen anymore so it's a compensatory mechanism to try to keep the vessel intact and obviously that has to be the number one mission you don't want blood vessels to rupture mmm or then you get you lead to death very quickly so if you're not getting the vitamin C in there the body's got to do something very interesting point that you're making so in other word we have come to be told and many people believe that cholesterol is really the problem that it's causing us it really isn't it's it's as you said it's a reaction to a whole cascade that begins with a with a shortage of the right amount of vitamin C begins there and actually potentially it would seem the next step maybe I'm wrong but if you if you were really good were to reduce your level of cholesterol in those situations without doing something else then you're going to worsen that initial problem that weakness is there is it cetera that's actually a very good point because it's also well-established but not well recognized in the literature is that cholesterol is a neutralizer of toxins so as you have these higher level of toxins the body makes more cholesterol to try to lessen the impact of the toxins to begin with before they start having their negative effect inside the blood vessels and it's also well established in the literature in consistency with what you just said is that all things being equal if your cholesterol just starts dropping or is forced down with prescription medication to very low levels the lower your cholesterol goes the greater your chance of cancer and this makes sense if you think of the fact that cholesterol is a natural toxin and activated if it's a natural toxin and activator and the body has been making more of it to compensate for this toxic activity and without addressing anything else you just knock the cholesterol down then you leave the body open to more toxic attack and in a lot of different cancers we can show that increase exposure to toxins in different focal areas and tissue is carcinogenic


  1. This stuff works. I got a really bad cold, did several doses and it took away the symptoms but the next day it came back so I doubled the rate of taking the vitamin, every 20 minutes 1400 mg of Liposomal Vitamin C and 36 hours into the cold I have no symptoms and have take zero OTC cold medicine. It's great for colds.

    Been taking it for a couple weeks actually, just not in high enough doses but still it helped the inflammation in my lower back and helped heal injury to joint in shoulder that was caused by taking a strong pharmaceutical antibiotic after surgery. I BELIEVE IT WILL DO EVERYTHING HE SAYS. BUT HERE'S THE THING, AND DOC SAYS THIS, TOO. IT OPERATES ON HOW MANY TOXINS IT HAS TO KILL. SO IT COULD TAKE A FEW WEEKS OR A MONTH. STOP INTAKE OF TOXINS AND YOU'LL EVENTUALLY GET CURED. I BELIEVE IT AND I'M AGE 67.

  2. this guy is truly the boss…Ive watched like 20 hours of him in the past week. Theres absolutely no corruption or falseness in his gospel. If people knew it, the pharmacratic inquisition would collapse TOMORROW

  3. I think it's time for the human race to get back in the trees…… Doctor Thomas Levy you are a great doctor thank you for your Information….

  4. After years of studying vit c and inflammation still love listening to Dr Thomas Levy ❤😎😎also interesting that statin drugs also inhibit the body's own glutathione to remove toxic exposure.

  5. for d first 30-35 yrs of their life nearly all humans live disease free, dont pay any attention to wat they eat, wen they sleep…it all ageing

  6. Very unclear message, if to take or not to take vitamin C!!!
    WHAT to do against clogging of artheries, when we become older?
    They do a long speech, BUT they do not provide a clear answer to this question!

  7. Linus pauling nobel prize winner supports this explanation, so I think this is worth a try for anyone with poor health.

  8. I feel that cholesterol reducing statins are causing the increase in Alzheimer's. The brain is made of cholesterol and other fats. Reducing available fats and cholesterol can't be good for the brain. Just my $0.02

  9. FYI: Kefir plain kefir 4 oz add the vitamin C and Viamin B1 (powder) mix and live it outside overnight, that will be the first thing you eat. I feel wonderful, my stomach feels soothing!

  10. Yes , vitamin C is very important but ascorbic acid is not equal to vitamin C . Vitamin C is more than ascorbic acid. You need WHOLE molecule vitamin C . Most supplements that are labeled "Vitamin C" is just ascorbic acid and is mostly useless. Find whole molecule via min C. Ask your health food store.

  11. you knock the cholesterol down by eating plant based food, which also raises vitamin C you dip shit, totally lost 6 minutes of my life watching this dumb ass

  12. I used to take around 8 grams of vitamin "C" per day when I had Kidney/Bladder Cancer in '96. My wife and I were also juicing 25 lbs. of carrots plus misc. veggies each week. One day she noticed the arthritis in her hands had stopped. It was attributed to the juicing, not the vitamin C, as she didn't take nearly as much as I did. Nearly twenty years later I haven't taken any supplements for 7 years and what do you know, that's when I stopped getting colds and flu. Furthermore, I rarely eat citrus, except an occasional lemon water with maple syrup, and am lucky to juice a couple times a week.
    My views on health now center more on how many times a day One finds themselves squealing with Joy for little to no reason, rather than picking apart the end results of One's own misguided creations. What did I eat!? What SHOULD I eat!? We need to pay more attention to "What did we FEEL?" Hidden anger and resentment, or forgiveness and appreciation? What We feel now is what shapes our future. The "vibes" we put out can only synch with like vibration, and indeed "as a man soweth that shall he also reap." The axiom "We are what we eat and think" is misleading. One can "think" themselves happy and healthy, but if One doesn't believe it enough to feel it, the power of positive thinking fails. The power of pure positive energy NEVER fails, but is not easy to perpetuate to our liking. Focusing on One's "lack" of health or finances will only attract more lack. I just get back up and keep plugging away at it. Sorry for the essay.

  13. Wow, I'd read most of this from separate sources, but to have it all put together like that . . . Thank you!

  14. I take vitamin C and E every day, and have done for more than thirty years. This did NOT prevent my developing arthritis (Inflammation of the joints) in the last ten years. This so called doctor is talking tripe.

  15. Try to convince a vegan that they need cholesterol and saturated fats. Somehow they think protein( high amounts of amino acids) are necessary for optimum health. The battle continues…

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