Disease Diagnostics Research at Los Alamos National Laboratory

our lab is focused on the development of diagnostic assays for infectious diseases that can quickly tell you what kind of disease a person has we've drawn inspiration from nature because their immune system has actually figured out exactly how to do this it can tell self from foreign within a matter of minutes and mount an adequate immune response as well why can't you mimic this response in the laboratory and have a universal strategy for the diagnosis of all kinds of infectious diseases and that's precisely what we do in the lab and we do this by trying to look for bits and pieces of the disease-causing agent in the patient in the complex background of blood or serum or urine from the deceased patient itself and for this we need very exquisite sensitive technology and we've used a waveguide based platform an optical buy sensor that was developed by my mentor basil Swanson and his team right here at the Los Alamos National Lab we've also developed assays that can actually look at how the pathogen interacts with the host and used that for developing si various diseases like tuberculosis Salmonella staph infections so on answer

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