Disney Couples Therapy: Session Five

– What good is it being
married to a prince when I’m neck-deep in beignet batter and drowning in gumbo, feeding tourists? – You said this was your dream. – I said my dream was to get paid, okay? Not slave away in some hot kitchen while you pluck away at a toy guitar. – Oh, my god. It is a ukulele. – A ukulele, okay. Well, maybe you need to be more focused on taking care of your wife and the bills. – If it were any tighter, it’d be spandex. – I was a little nervous, but I figured, hello, I totally saved China. How hard can this be? (laughs) Yeah, this is much harder. – Do we do ritualistic suicides here, or is that only in Japan? (sighs) – We used to go to brunch, antiquing, raping, and pillaging. (chuckles) Don’t you miss that? ♪ A whole new world ♪ ♪ A more realistic point of view ♪ ♪ Someone to avoid in halls ♪ ♪ Who busts my balls ♪ ♪ And gives me crap for simply breathing ♪ – It’s not an addiction. – It’s an addiction. – It’s not an addiction. It’s a little frog porn. It’s no big deal. – Sometimes, me thinks
if I had the choice of spending time with you or getting eaten by that crocodile, I would’ve jumped into the water while wringing that damn Tinker Bell! ♪ A whole new world ♪ ♪ Disappointing fate I never knew ♪ ♪ I hate the way you chew your food ♪ ♪ Never in the mood ♪ ♪ Curse Allah, getting stuck
in this world with you ♪ – Kermit’s third cousin
Derek did one called Rainblow Connection.
(exhales) Dude is hung like a toad. ♪ To defeat the Huns ♪ – We took your advice to try and “spice it up”. So while I was on his stern, I reach around to his bow, and used me wrong hand. (shudders) He wasn’t circumcised before we started. (sighs) (sighs) – They were good times. Good times. ♪ Unremarkable sex ♪ Mm-hm. ♪ Strong detestable feelings ♪ ♪ Boring, grumbling, and screaming ♪ ♪ Through an endless joyless life ♪ ♪ A whole new world ♪
♪ I’m so dead deep inside ♪ ♪ Hundred guys I’d rather see ♪
♪ Being homeless was better ♪ – Really? – Way better. – Well, we can still make it happen.


  1. Aladin and Jasmin are really really talented
    their voices are amazing
    I wish I could hear the original version with their voices combined

  2. I want to slap every SJW complaining about Aladdin and Jasmine being portrayed by white people… on a COMEDY SKIT.

  3. Aladdin and Jasmine should not be white because the characters are simply not white. If they cast a black woman to play Cinderella everyone would lose their shit, why is this different? Just stay true to the characters that’s all

  4. Everyone’s talking about Tiana, Mulan, Jasmine and Aladdin and I’m sitting here and be like „Wow, Hook and Smee. Nailed it!“

  5. Rotfl that circumcision joke was right up there with the last segments joke about jasmine dad being 80 and still playing with toys, being declared mentally deficient lol miiiint!!!!

  6. Like my fellow commentors, I must ask…. Why the fuck are Aladdin & Jasmine white⁉️

    I mean, seriously – you got it right for EVERY OTHER COUPLE but the two Arab characters?🤔 WTF, FoD?

  7. I'm still waiting on a new "Zack Morris is Trash" & " A very special episode" & would love to see Pete Holmes do new "Badman" & "Ex-Men". Come on FunnyorDie y'all are slipping!!!

  8. 🎶A whole new woooorld
    A more realistic point of view
    Someone to avoid it all
    Who’ll bust my balls
    And give me crap for simply breathing🎶

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