Distinction Tracks at the University of Iowa Carver College of Medicine

Upon entering medical school, you’ll be faced
with a challenge: How do you balance personal and professional interests while faced with
the rigor of a jam-packed medical curriculum? At the University of Iowa Carver College of
Medicine, we recognize that challenge and have created educational opportunities that
will help you reach your goal of becoming a well-rounded, thoughtful and active medical
professional. The Carver College of Medicine was the first school
to offer distinction tracks as part of our curriculum, beginning with our Research Distinction
Track. In response to student interests in The distinction tracks have grown over the years.It first started out with the Research Distinction Track, and then others have been added as people have developed interests other than research. So, teaching, humanities, global health, and service can all offer a distinction. Each of these tracks offers you an opportunity
to embark on a long-term, mentored, self-directed project that allows for exploration and growth. The Carver College of Medicine provides a
well-rounded, diverse and challenging medical education. But these Distinction Tracks set us apart. As the first medical school to encourage this level of scholarship and project-based learning as part of our
DNA, it’s just another unique and powerful answer to the question “Why Iowa?”

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