what's going on guys phase run here and today I'm ready guys a brand new video and today I'm actually going to be reacting to strange addictions and I've made a video like this a couple months ago and it did amazing so I decided why not do another one obviously different strange addictions and you know the last one I found like some crazy shit like a girl addicted to drinking her own pee a girl addicted to eating her dead husband's ashes or something I was really really fucked up but before I get started here I just want to say I'm not making fun of anyone in this video whatever they like to do that to them no a intended to the people in this video like if they're addicted to doing whatever they'd like to do then that's completely fine by me I just thought would be a fun video to do you know just by looking at the titles of these addictions like it's so fucking weird but you know there are people out there that like doing this stuff and I totally respect it let's get started reacting to my strange addictions actually I'm I'm excited but let's do it all right here we go guys my name is Margaret and I'm 53 years old I live in morning via Kentucky and I'm addicted to stinging myself with bees i sting myself on my hip my elbow on a finger my ankle my forehead on the tip of my nose what the most I've ever given myself was between 15 and 20 in my left hip oh my god Margaret has been addicted to bee stings for the past ten years her addiction started innocently as a way to relieve her arthritis in search of relief from the oh hell no Arden returned to the bee hives in her backyard yo can't you die from like getting stung by too many bees at once I could've swore I've seen like a video like that before but oh my god dude I hate me so much I only know when stung twice in my life and they were both in Mexico on vacation it was one of the most painful things ever comfortable how can someone be like addicted to it as in like they wake up and they're like oh time to get my daily dose of bee stings yes come on Margaret I had read how people have been using it to relieve certain pain symptoms first I mean when I stun myself it didn't hurt as bad as I thought it well I guess that's understandable got easier every time she goes like oh so relieved notch I got my bee sting I was gonna continue here my name is Heather I'm 43 the mom of two beautiful children and I'm addicted to drinking paint as it's going down your throat it feels very nice and warm almost like a thicker version of more milk only it's got that very strong chemical taste to it which is perfect to me one paint marker every day of three gallons of paint where you need to shake it up obviously it's like your standard paint you can already see that there is some white paint around the edge so I'll put that into my mouth and suck the excess off take that off that's what she said and now you have what I drink so are you actually kidding me obvious that's so nasty I can't look at that boy what I was gonna say is can't people actually die from drinking paint like do they not think about that can't you actually die from that half of these strange addictions like most like I would think you could die from them but maybe your body's like just used to it by now maybe it just like adjusted to the fact that you like drinking paint if we're okay Leslie it's not something that I can do in front of my children yeah I wouldn't either my children have seen it on my teeth or on my mouth or spelled it on my breath but no one no one knows that I don't think boy what a secret that's what I'm seeing that's what I'm saying right there like it can actually cause death but I don't know that that's just insane how can you be addicted to drinking paint she says it tastes like warm milk Nathaniel asked me to come up here basically he had something that he wanted to tell me I don't know exactly what it's about but I'd like to know what's going on in his life yeah it's something pretty important I want to talk to you about um I'm just gonna come out and say it I guess I'm in an intimate relationship with chase sexually and emotionally you're in an intimate relationship with your car yes and sexually with your car yes it's your car yes his car how does I don't how does that work how could you have sex with a car just rubbing up against him okay as well help me out when did I mean it started it mainly started when I was younger I just didn't have a lot of friends and you've always been kind of a yeah all right I don't care if you're a loner or just didn't have friends winding up you don't resort to having a relationship with your car I mean if his car makes them happy then that I can't really say anything about it but that okay I get the title of the show my strange addiction okay let's just I just started having those feelings more you get feelings for your car do you mean more and more serious after that as far as the sexual side and the emotional side don't get me wrong I mean it's not gonna lie though I catch feelings really really easily so I guess I can't blame it maybe he's just really attracted to the car but I am I catch feelings for girls I don't I don't know is that that's the normal thing to do right I mean I was close to catching feelings for my Range Rover because it's just so sexy like I fucking love it but you know our cycle you know and I like my cars you know but I mean I their cars to me not a sexual object you see them right all right no no no more of this one okay like I can't my name is Lisa I'm 43 years old I live in Detroit Michigan and I'm addicted to eating cat hair oh hell no just have a relaxing yeah it's a comforting feeling her fur is such an interesting texture it's so soft and puffy and almost sometimes they do get stuck in your teeth but you can just get him out with flossing and brushing who wouldn't really kiss a girl if she's addicted to eating cat hair oh my god that's so nice told me she was eating cat hair I was shocked it is strange I don't think she should be eating it do we a few years ago Lisa began eating cat hair 15 years closer to her pets no but it wasn't until she got a new kitten that her unusual bonding ritual turned into a full-blown addiction Brodie said if you were a cat and you see her owners she fucking combs you and she just takes the hair and just starts eating it like look at it look at the cat's reaction right there that's that wouldn't be my reaction if I was the cat and I saw my owner eating my hair dude like even the cat knows that strange now two years later Lisa's so hooked on consuming cat hair that she can't go two hours without a fix I kind of what is it a drug I'll kind of break it apart does she start like twitching and shaking if she doesn't have her daily dose of cat hair every two hours like I don't understand but I guess that's what addictions are I mean you need them in your life but dude I can't and then just put it in my mouth that's oh she's chew it up a little bit and then take it out and maybe mess with a little bit and then put it back in I guess you could say maybe like a cotton ball haze you know Lisa is that your name I I don't fucking know dude I'm just not gonna continue that one I'm Bianca and I'm addicted to eating pottery I can't live without it it's something that my body kind of just raised 150 hours a month for eating cigarette ashes what are you doing what are you doing Bianca dissolves on my tongue I don't smoke but my oh I'm sure she's smoked and that's where I get my cigarette ashes from bro I'm sure like eating the cigarette ashes is almost just as bad as smoking cigarettes do not smoke cigarettes by the way but I'm sure that's not healthy for you eating cigarette ashes what are you doing Bianca come on man imagine dude the way she looks at it she's like mine okay dude no she's not gonna eat any of those ash you're weird yeah stop Bianca what can Bianca done ask my name is Laurie I'm 31 years old I live in Austin Texas I am a mother to a beautiful little three-year-old named Andrea I'm gonna make your hair so pretty today and I am addicted to sleeping with my blow dryer I was eight years old when the first time I remember sleeping with the blow dryer I used to share a bed with my older sister tani and she one night turned on the splitter and the sound of it the warmth of it just instantly put me to sleep and from that night forward I was hooked but like how can you be addicted dude imagine her nightly routine okay she goes and brushes her teeth she flosses she fucking washes her face and then right before she goes to sleep she plugs in a fucking blow dryer and turns it on and goes to sleep listen Laurie I mean if that's what helps you sleep I don't lend you because I actually have trouble sleeping at night but I'm gonna have to give this a go I'm gonna sleep with my blow dryer tonight typically my nightly routine would just be to get up underneath my covers turn on my blow dryer on low and just curl up next to it fill it on my hands if I put it on my does it like turn her on or something my name is Linda 56 years old I live outside of Tampa Florida with my husband of three years happily married to a carnival ride called a skydiver his name is Bruce and we've known each other since 1981 she's married to a carnival ride named Bruce she named a carnival ride and she's married to it happily married to it was an airplane the last series before I met Bruce was with a locomotive some women like tall men some women like men with a colorful personality he's got all of that you know what is she doing I mean Bruce is just amazing when he stands up and and and just being spread out oh my closer to Bruce when I can spend the night being near parts of him that I can physically touch long does she get like turned on or something by an inanimate object a fucking carnival ride she gets like turned on like she's like I said not making fun of anyone if you're happy marrying a carnival ride that's honestly I'm happy for you like I wonder what the wedding was like though like was there a wedding for this or no I'm sorry I can't I just can't right now all right guys um that is going to wrap up this video all right hope you guys enjoyed that strange strange video you know it's always fun actually reacting to these videos because it's always a shocker like it's always so shocking knowing that there are people out there who are like really addicted to these things like I said no he intended towards them if they like doing whatever they were addicted to then pay so be it like that's what they like and you should never ever ever judge anyone for something that they like that's something like that I always go by because I hate hate when people judge someone for doing something that they like if that makes sense I let them live everyone is different in their own way I just had to say that all right hope you guys enjoyed drum-like if you guys did and other than that it's been wrong and I'm out peace


  1. I Accidentally Eight pet And it taste disgusting how can you eat cat hair I went straight to the bathroom wash it out

  2. I’m addicted to my basketball

  3. I’m am addicted to playing games, I can’t live without it I have to play it every time I get back from school! It started when I was a toddler

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