Divya Tewari, Technical Director, Global Pharmaceutical R&D

Research is my passion because I like to
do new things. At this stage, we are coming up with new products, with new processes, new technologies and I could say that of all the products
which are new in the portfolio I have pretty much worked on most of
them, if not all of them. So that, I think, makes me feel pretty
accomplished. We can do any core application area research, whether it is a
solubility enhancement, we have got capabilities for that;
whether it is oral solid dosage form, we have capabilities for that, whether it is film coatings, we have capabilities for that. What’s so important about Divya to Asland and our customers is that
she has experience across a number of different polymers with all of the key functions needed to develop a tablet. So she can help
customers with binders, disintegrants, film coatings, all of
the things from the beginning of tablet development all the way through the end and manufacturing processes. Persistance is my core strength which enables me to innovate and
flexibility is the other thing. You have to be able to change and adapt as you are trying to
develop new products. Some of the work that
Divya has done around creating new products, custom products for some of our
customers, as well as our custom Benecelâ„¢ products, was really
breakthrough work. This is where Ashland’s solutions destination comes in. Not only are we trying to have products that meet customer needs,
but to take them to the next level. What Divya is doing with the
chemical development team is work on the next generation of
those materials. I’m actually most proud of helping customers. So the thing which makes me feel satisfied at the end of the
day is when I go back home thinking that I have
actually really solved somebody’s problem. She’s the Energizerâ„¢ bunny. She’s … it’s like, for my strategic accounts,
it’s like having two sales reps, which is tremendous.

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