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namaste welcome to food hashtag lay in
today’s video I will share cleaning cupboard organization and one DIY
kitchen countertop cleaner and a tip to save money on your dishwashing liquid
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upload any new video you will get notified so let’s get started in this
cupboard I keep all cleaning essentials to clean the house I chose this upper
cabinet to store them because cleaning products are very toxic and it should be
out of the little hands let me give you a quick before look as I’m opening the
cupboard can you tell me that it is organized just because it has a
dedicated space no things are randomly just put in there and not at all
functional so first thing we will do is declutter and clear the shelf now give
it a good wipe and put things back according to your daily accessibility
whenever you are organizing anything just follow these two simple rules know
your requirements and make it very simple and functional so it was before
organization let’s see how it turned out now here you can see everything has
contained properly but can you tell me what have been kept well like if your
family member is searching something in absence in your absence how they will
find it out now I really want to encourage you to label your space it
will help you to stay organized too in this cleaning cabinet here I am
keeping kitchen cleaner baking soda vinegar laundry products which will be
in part two kitchen towel extras and a miscellaneous basket in this basket
I keep dishwashing bar disinfectant spray in the spray bottle
I have diluted mr. muscle disinfectant cleaner and mostly I use it when I cook
non-vegetarian dishes or especially in monsoon when moles and mild eels are
there increased due to lack of sunlight although it is a toxic product then if
you wish to make a DIY version of disinfectant then the main ingredient
will be surgical spirit which is known as rubbing alcohol outside of India but
what whatever I have experienced so far if I go to buy this product in medicine
shop then shopkeeper asked so many questions and that and not willing to
sell it without prescription do let me know in the comment section below if
anyone has the other solution this DIY degreaser is so good when we first moved
into this apartment it helped me a lot to clean those stubborn grease from
kitchen counter and from appliances so easily please find the cleaner recipe in
description box down below here is the drain cleaner which I use I do use
baking soda and vinegar to unclog but sometimes four heavily clogged drain
this one which I use as alternative solution now here comes the most used
cleaning product in my kitchen vinegar and baking soda many of you asked me
which brand vinegar I use so you can use this type of a known fruit cooking
vinegar for cleaning I keep my daily kitchen cleaning products in a basket it
has safe to clean kitchen sink countertop cleaner few brushes etc and
keep it under the sink for easy access for everyday kitchen cleaning I use this
products this is a DIY kitchen countertop cleaner to make this you need
1 cup of vinegar 3 cups of water and 1/4 cup of any dishwashing liquid it’s been
3 years I’m using this DIY or homemade kitchen countertop cleaners without any
issues in our daily Indian cooking there is so much oil and grease this homemade
cleaner is perfect to clean and shine your kitchen as a we’re using it
everyday so we should avoid those harmful toxic kitchen counter cleaners
which is not at all good for our health to wash dishes I put 4 to 5 tbsp of
dishwashing liquid and add 3 cups of aprox 3 cups of water just shake it and
it’s ready to use it will save the vestige of dishwashing
liquid so as sometimes we spilt up more than what we required and by this way it
will definitely save you money I used to wipe my kitchen counter with
this vibe from scratch by plant it is so good probably all of you know about this
if you don’t then definitely go for it it’s a must-have for your kitchen other
thing which I use is safe to clean my stainless kitchen sink and gloves when
needed steel wool and kitchen towels on the upper shelf I
keep a miscellaneous basket holds a mosquito repellent which mostly we don’t
use except few occasions bathroom freshness and naphthalene balls
sandpeople which i need to restock in this basket i keep extra cleaning
products i usually don’t keep a whole lot until there is a sale or offerees
going on and lastly in that basket I keep kitchen towels here I follow a
kind of a fold and throw method it is very easy to just grab and go and very
easy to maintain a neat and clean covered I think that’s why I’m I love
baskets and when they are dirty I throw them in a separate basket here I really
want to mention try not to use chemical products at least on daily basis there
are harmful fumes can cause so many health hazard be very careful about
choosing your cleaning products try to balance between homemade and
store-bought cleaners I really hope you like this cleaning cabinet organization
video if you do so give it a thumbs up and share it with your loved ones don’t
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one till then take care bye bye you


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