DIY DOG FIRST AID KIT and BLOAT KIT | First aid for dogs

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I’m actually gonna answer questions that a lot of you had asked
in the past.
We’ve never actually done a full video on it. Today were going to show you,
what we keep in our doggie
first aid kit. The reason I put together a new
doggie first aid kit. I thought I would share with you guys
what we put in our
doggie first aid kit. First thing we have!
We go camping a lot,
so this is extremely important. This is called the
‘Tick Twister!’
It have some instructions on the back. I actually got this at my
vet’s office and is use for
removing ticks from your pets if they get them.
We hope…
You can remove them from yourself too. We hope that we never get them.
But, in case we do
this is one of the easiest and safest way to remove ticks
from your pets. So, we have the ‘Tick Twister!’ Next thing we have,
we actually have an eye and ear
dropper. This can be used for a lot
of different things,
including like if you need to get a little bit
of medicine onto a cut,
like you can actually suck it up from the eye dropper.
You can use it for…
using eye medicine, I have eye medicine as well.
But, is always a good thing
to have it, just in case you need it. You never know!
You may need it! Nail clippers!
Doggie nail clippers!
These are good in case they crack a nail or break a nail.
Or if you just need to clip their nails
while you are camping. Always have
doggie nail clippers! Tweezers! These are brand new
and haven’t even open em yet.
You never know when, you are gonna need em. You might need em to
pull things out of their
feet or pull burps out of their fur You can use tweezers to get,
like little poking things out of them. You never known,
when you are gonna need them
and yes! A lot of this stuff in the
first aid kit, can also be used
for people. Hydrogen peroxide.
Now, before you even ever
use something like this, talk to your vet and ask them,
how to correctly use it. This can be used, if your
dog ingest something
that they shouldn’t have. You can actually use peroxide,
to make them vomit quickly.
So… Say you are at the campground and somebody leaves a ‘Hershey’s’
bar out, because you are eating
smores and your dog decides to eat the rest of the ‘Hershey’s’ bar,
which could considerably be a lot of
chocolate for one dog depending on their size. This, can help them to throw it back up.
Which means, it won’t go through their body. You always want to keep this around
and keep handy,
but again contact your vet before… before you go camping,
so you know how to use it
correctly. Another good thing to have,
that I don’t actually have on
my box. I have it on my camper, is a copy
of all your dogs health records,
their vaccinations certificates, any current medications that they
are on when you go,
whenever you go somewhere. Make sure you know all those things
and wherever you end up
going to travel, if you are taking your kit traveling,
have the local vet’s phone numbers
in your kit. Those are other good things,
I have over my camper. Antiseptic spray! They cut themselves
or step on something?
This just helps if you can put it on like
minor cuts and scrapes.
It’s supposed to help.. to stop like it being
from aggravated and help
like cool it off. So… This is actually for dogs.
I got this at ‘Meijer’. Ear cleaning pads,
because just never known,
when somebody’s gonna decide to dig like crazy and needs
to have their ears clean out.
You wanna make sure they don’t have anything crazy stucked in
on a dirt down.
Ear cleaning pads are always a good idea. Allergy relief.
Again, another product,
make sure you talk to your vet So, you know how to give this
to your dog properly,
before you end up actually having to give it to your dog.
But, this can be used
if your dog is stung by a bee, or they have something,
were they start swelling and
having an allergic reaction, Benadryl can actually help
take the swelling down. Memphis and Shelby,
had both been stung by bees before and this is actually all we
ended up giving them.
The other thing, this can be used for but, you don’t always have
to use for if, you have
a dog with high anxiety and you need to like,
calm them down.
Sometimes, the Benadryl will help calm them down.
Again, talk to your vet
before giving this to your dogs. Speaking of calming things,
I actually keep calming chews
in my kit. Again, because this stays in my
camper and I usually give these
to the dogs for their stress and anxiety and I usually, give them
to the dogs when we leave,
if the car ride is gonna be really long like it’s a six (6) hour car ride.
I usually give it to em for the longer
car rides. More actually in… at camp,
I don’t really give it to em that often. Cause they usually do pretty good at camp
but is just kind of distresses them
for the long ride. Oakley is like,
“I know what those are!” Self adhering bandage wraps,
because you never know,
when you are gonna need it! Instant cold packs, these are
nice if one of your dogs gets hurt,
falls, maybe has you know, a hurt paw or hurt shoulder,
is good to have instant cold packs. Is also good to have heat pads
as well, just in case. We actually
have an electric blanket that we use. Rolled gauze. You know, they can
cut themselves! If they cut themselves
you are gonna need gauzes. You are gonna need the water proof tape
to hold the gauze on. You are hoping that these things
never happen, but they can. If you are a little further away
from the vet, you’ll be
happy you have some of this stuff. Another good idea is,
to have a splint.
In my camper, we actually have a couple different pieces
of wood, in case they break
a leg and you need to hold their legs straight.
You can use the splint and
you can wrap the tape around so, that they’re not try to move it.
Again, hopefullly something
you’ll never need! Cotton balls, cause if they cut
themselves, you might need it! Wound cream, if they get a minor wound,
like a superficial wound,
they just scrape something, this wound cream is kind of like,
Neosporin. Kind of like triple
antibiotic ointment. Actually, I have triple antibiotic ointment
as well, but wound cream is
another good thing to have. A thermometer, so you can check
your dogs temperature, cause
you just never know when, you might need it. This is actually a solar thermometer,
so I never have to worry about
batterys going dead, which is really nice.
Again, I haven’t opened it!
The other thing, you probably wanna have because with the thermometer
you do have to take the dogs temperature
rectally with this type of thermometer. Have some ‘Vaseline Petroleum Jelly’
in case you do have, to do that. We have some!
Is in our camper. Styptic powder.
I don’t actually know how you say it.
Styptic powder, stop bleeding powder. You can buy it pretty much
at any pet store.
This is great if you cut their nails too close, you can put this
on theirs and will stop the bleeding
inmediately. Don’t use it on large cuts.
Again, talk to your vet
so you can learn more how about how to use this correctly.
Don’t use it on large cuts,
but if they have a small cut that just won’t stop bleeding.
This will help coagulate the blood
and make it stop bleeding. Mainly used on nails, when
they cut the nails too close. ‘Opticlear’. This is basically
eye wash for dogs.
If they get something in their eye like they were to get dirt
or something in their eyes,
you can actually use this to flush it out, or if they have
like a scratch in their eyes,
they got dirt in their eye and got it out, but scratch their eye?
This will help with the
irritation on their eye. Rounded tip scissors.
See? Rounded tip scissors. You can use them for like,
cutting the bandages and stuff. Or, if they have like sticky stuff
stucked in the fur and you got to cut
a chunk of their fur out, don’t think it won’t happen,
cause sap is sticky and can get
in dogs fur and cause nuts. This willl make it, so you can
cut those out if you need to,
without poking your dog. I told you!
I have triple antibiotic ointment! We also keep a couple of wash cloths
in here, just in case.
You can use em for different things. You can use em, if for some reason
if they get caught and you need to.
You can wrap these around their legs as well. But, we keep em in their, just in case
we need them. A bag of small treats,
very good thing to have,
if your dog gets hurt they make it upset and agitated
and if you can positively reward them
with food, you maybe thankfully you have treats in your
first aid kit. We also have a little syringe,
this is not a needle syringe. This is for administering medicine
if we need to, or maybe
getting water or something that we need to. Can be used to cleaning out wounds
if they have a wound and is dirty,
you can actually fill this with a little bit of water and flush
out the wound, if you need to. Now the rest of the stuff in this kit
is something that you guys also ask
us about and this is the stuff we have for emergency bloat cases. The first thing I have,
again talk to your vet before you use this. Is called ‘Phazyme.’
I talked to a lot of people who
have pets who had bloated and this has been a life saver for
many of them. This relieves gas, so if your dog
starts to bloat, you can give your dog…
Again, talk to your vet. Like for Oakley’s size, we would have
to give her two (2) and it would
help break up the bubbles in their belly. If their stomach is already twisted,
this isn’t gonna do anything,
if you do end up giving these to your dog, when you get to the vet,
if your dog is bloating,
make sure you tell your vet that you gave these to your dog. The last thing is what you guys ask
the most about in the past week or so.
Because of Oakley and her bloating. This… Has been drooled down
by Oakley, cause she thinks
there is food in the box! Is our bloat kit.
I’m gonna open it up and show you
what’s in it. Cause dogs now thinks is food,
cause is plastic.
This is actually our bloat kit. We got it from this place,
‘Para Vet’ and we bought the
deluxe bloat kit. It comes with a book that
actually gives you instructions
on how to use everything in here. Again, if you have a dog that’s
prone to bloat or has bloated before,
talk to your vet! They will explain to you,
how to use this properly.
This book will help as well. The first thing it has, is a tube.
If your dog is bloating,
you have to get this tube down in their stomach, to get the gas
and the air out of their stomach. To do that, you need a bite block.
See how, this has a hole in it? That’s because, if you try to put
this down your dog’s throat,
they are gonna bite on it and close it shot. So, what you do is put the bite block in.
Then, put the tube in and try to get it
down the dog’s throat, which isn’t easy, but can save your
dog’s life, if you need it to. It also comes with an irrigation syringe.
This, again so you can put medicine down
in the tube, if you need to. It comes with doggie enzymes
probiotics. This is supposed, to help
break air bubbles inside the dog. It comes with bloat blaster,
which is a lot like the facing pills
I showed you guys. It is supposed to take large
pockets of gas and break
them down. So, that is what our bloat kit
actually is. Hopefuly will never ever,
have to use it. But, we have seen it used before,
when Oakley bloated when we were
on ‘Drummond Island.’ That’s exactly what the vet there used.
He putted the bite block on Oakley’s
mouth, put the tube down her throat. The vaseline, you put a little bit of vaseline
or something on the end, to
make it slide a little bit easier, like lubrication. And he put it down in her throat.
Jamie held her front end along with
the vet. I held her back in and I lifted up
and the air came out the tube,
which… The last time, when that happened,
that was last year.
We believe that actually saved her life. If we weren’t able to get the air
out of her, she was over and hour (1)
and fifteen (15) minutes to the emergency vet. So… Being able to know,
how to use this in an emergency situation,
if you are far away from an emergency vet, it really could
save your dog’s life. Alright you guys!
Well, there you go.
That is what we have in our personal first aid kit
for the dogs.
Again, I have other things in the camper as well, but that’s the basic doggie
first aid kit.
You can buy pre-maded first aid kits, already made but,
I kind of like to have my own,
because I know what’s in it and I know, what I bought
and I know, what we have. We hope you guys enjoyed this video.
Sorry is a bit different
from ‘Fan Friday.’ Regular Fan Friday will return
next week, so… But I’ll pull questions from last week’s,
Actually, if you have a question
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You got a fly! Is gone elsewhere!
Is not on you, I swear! And… Hopefuly will be able to answer
them, next week.
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