DIY First Aid Kit for Cat or Dog

Today I’m going to talk about a first aid kit for your dog that you can make yourself. So what I’ve got here is our first aid kit that I pulled from under the sink and I’m going to go through it and show you what’s good and what’s bad and maybe some things to add. Band-aids are not really useful for dogs. They don’t stick to the fur very well. I like these things right here. Instant cold packs. I actually like this a lot to have in a dog first aid kit. An instant cold pack is great if the dog is getting heat stroke. You can actually start this up by banging on it. Get it nice and cold. and stick it in the armpit or groin area of your dog and help ward off heat stroke. Absorbent gauze. More gauze. Scissors. Tweezers. A thermometer. At home, if you want to know if your dog has a fever over about 102 and a half is too high for a dog. Label it. Lots of different ways of taping things up or wrapping things up. If you’re out on a hike or if you’re at home and just need the blood to stop for about ten or fifteen minutes until you can get to a vet You can put this on pretty tight and it’ll stop things up but you don’t want to leave this on for a long time. My fingers have already fallen asleep. which means they’ll be up all night. Non-stick pads. so that you don’t have anything sticking to the wound. Ladies, you know what this is. Guys, if you don’t know what this is ask your lady or a lady Or look it up. These are great because they can sop up a lot of blood. So if a dog has a cut and it’s bleeding all over the place you can slap that on there and put some wrap around it and it’ll help absorb some of that blood and stop everything up. So, sanitary pads, really useful Something to clean out wounds with. Dogs frequently tear their nails and it can bleed a whole bunch So it’s nice to have some Kwick Stop This also works for very small cuts But it’s just something that makes everything coagulate. It’s a powder like this. And if you don’t have Kwik Stop which you can buy online, or at a pharmacy or a pet store, you can actually just use cornstarch. Consider having a muzzle around as well. Not because your dog is mean but because when dogs are hurt if you’re trying to mess with a cut and clean it out Their tendency is going to be to bite. And so you need to protect yourself as well. So a soft muzzle like this can protect you and them. Or a basket muzzle such as this is nice because they can’t bite but they can still pant. So if you’re out and you don’t have a muzzle and you need to protect yourself so that you don’t get bit, you can actually use a leash to make a muzzle. Just make a loop. In it. And that goes right over the nose. and you just tie it down like this and just tie it behind their heads like this. That would be a basic at home first aid kit. Or a travel first aid kit. You’ll be fine with these things


  1. Thank you so much for making this video! I carry around cans of cat/dog food in my car in case I come across strays and this would great to make as well! I just found your channel today and I absolutely love it. I am currently a college freshman and I am having trouble deciding whether to major in biomedical sciences and pursue an orthodontist career, or major in animal sciences and become a vet. As a child I grew up wanting nothing more than to help animals, and at the same time I love math and science. The thing that has stopped me was not knowing if I could handle seeing animals in such pain, having to perform surgery on them, and knowing that euthanization is a possibility. Any advice?

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